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I first learned about Felicia Katt about eight years ago and have been following her online activity online ever since. Therefore, I had a pretty good frame of reference to resort to when I asked her to do this interview with me. All I knew about Felicia was what I’d read via the Internet and I was anxious to to get up close and personal with her in a candid conversation and this is how it went:

Caramel: Hi, Felicia. Thanks for doing this interview with me. My first question for you is, when did your transgender identity begin?

Felicia: Does anyone ever ask for a lifeline on the first question?  :) I think there were two different times for me, first when I defended myself against it and then when I finally defined myself with it.  I knew at a very early age that I was different, but it scared and overwhelmed me.  I didn’t ever deny it completely or overcompensate for it, but I did my best to confine it. And to conceal it. I wasn’t very successful at either, but I managed to mostly keep it at arms length (though my elbows bent a lot, especially around Halloween) and I always had a female presence/personna online.

A few years ago, I was in a car accident, and the initial x-rays at the ER suggested I had broken my back. While I lay very still waiting for them to review the second set of films (which, thankfully, were negative), I was trying very hard not to think about how scared I was and I realized or recognized I had kinda felt that way all my life and that life was too short and too capricious to live it in fear or not at full measure. So I went from arm’s length to embracing it, and was reaching out and going out within a few months of recovering.

Caramel: No lifelines, Felicia ;) I don’t really think you’d ask for one, especially knowing something about what you’ve been through. When did you first begin acting on your feelings and begin dressing as a female?

Felicia: I had always done it on some level, since I was a small child, but it wasn’t until I had my ER epiphany that I really stopped rehearsing and started acting. At first it was once a month, shyly at the Queen Mary and it segued (or snowballed, depending on your point of view) to my present infamous omnipresent status of the LA TS Gossip girl, going out all the time. (By the way, I’m being completely facetious here, someone gave me that title I don’t claim it at all. I’m just trying to have fun and be with friends, and I never ever gossip about them. There is so much negativity online, I try to make my blog one area where only nice things are said. :)

Caramel: I know exactly what you mean about the negativity and do my best to keep things on a more positive level, too. Thankfully, so do most of our readers. Do you plan on ever undergoing SRS?

Felicia: If you are asking about Supplement Restraint Systems, then I already did in my car accident.  If you are talking about Sexual Reassignment Surgery, then no. I have many very good friends who have done so, and have the utmost respect for them, but it’s not for everyone and it’s not for me. It’s the last step of a long journey, or the first step of a new one, and I’m still trying to get a GPS signal to find my way.

Caramel: LOL the one time I forget to explain SRS and it’s with an interview with Felicia Katt. I  walked right into that one. Priceless. Some of your closest friends are transsexual adult stars For example, you were so instrumental in editing my interview with Danielle Foxxx. You’ve also introduced Jesse Flores to Amy Daly. You’re close friends with Buddy Wood and many other leading industry models, performers, photographers and producers in the TS adult industry. I could go on and on about your friends and connections. Please tell me why you’re a “behind the scenes” transwoman who promotes your friends so well and not modeling yourself.

Felicia: If you could see how painful it has been for me to talk about myself in this interview, you would have most of the answer to that question. I’m just not that big on myself, at all. I think of myself more as an asterisk than a star. Anyone can take a good picture now and then, but a star is someone who can’t really take a bad one. I only put up the good pics, but there are an awful lot of bad ones composting on my hard drive.

As far as all my friends, I think they are my friends because I know them and support them for who they are, not what they do for a living. I don’t watch porn and not being part of the industry, I don’t know people by their body, or their body of work, but by their character. I think that I am not really in the business gives me the distance to see past the hype and hubris to the real people involved. If I were a model, I’m not sure it would be the same. But that’s a pretty academic consideration because no one is beating down my door (or anything else LOL) for more of my pictures. I get some attention and some compliments now and then but my only real fans are ceiling mounted :)

Caramel: Hmmm…that’s what you think. I think you’ve got more fans than you know and would be surprised to find out what they’d really like to see. But we’ll somehow get through this interview without you having to get nekkid. So, what are your favorite greater L.A. area haunts now and in the past and which ones are those you may have liked visiting in the past but no longer visit?

Felicia: The Queen Mary was my first haunt ( and I was pretty scary at it) and it was really sad when it closed. It had been open for more than 30 years, and it closed over a weekend without any advance notice, not even to the employees. That was rough. Peanuts was my favorite place after that. I used to joke I was at that club so much, I got mail there. ( I often had to spell it M A I L to be sure the joke took)  :)

It closed for remodeling, but when it reopened, the new business model didn’t include a transgender nite at all. That was harsh. We are lucky to have the Palms on the same night with the same crowd and crew, but it’s not the same venue and it’s not the same vibe.

I used to love the Lodge, which opened, and closed after Queen Mary, and Encounters in Pasadena, which was a great Wednesday place while it was open. Cobra was a great club while it was open too. New clubs like Blue Moon and MJ’s and Oxwood and Hamburger Mary’s  have risen to take their place and I go to and support all of them, so whatever one I am at is my favorite at the time. I just hope no one figures out that the one thing all the clubs that have closed have in common was my attendance at them :)

Caramel: How long have you been writing parodies, Christmas stories and fake news, all of which we can find at your blog? ?

Felicia: I’ve always loved playing with words and making light of them or with them. Mightier than the sword or hopefully at least as sharp as one. My friends are always telling me, “Use a pun, go to prison” or that I own them an apology for that analogy. I have done some ” real writing” and have actually been published in the past and I will still occasionally wax in-eloquently on one of the boards on a serious topic. But mostly I just want to make people smile and funny songs or articles or jokes are much better for that.  For a while, people were calling me ‘Kitten with a Quip’, which I really liked, but if you want to pay  the ultimate compliment, call me Wierd Gal Yankovich :) (for the songs not the occasionally spiral perm do)

Caramel: You always seem to be in such good company. Are you currently attached?

Felicia: No, I have a complicated enough personal life as is so I am just trying to have fun and not really looking for anyone, though if a billionaire or a Premiere League striker were to ask… :)

Caramel: What is your sexual orientation anyway and do you have a particular type?

Felicia: I don’t think I ever belong on a pedestal, but I will get on a soapbox now and then and I’m going to now and trust no one will look up my skirt.  For years I have been giving this monologue  Everyone is so consumed by labels, by what makes a male a male, and a female, a female, and what it means to be attracted to one or the other or both.  I think rather than worrying about labels, that you should love who you love, or lust for those who you lust for, and do so proudly, and openly and shrug off those who would try to define or confine you. Sexuality is nothing if not fluid, and too many people are swimming against its current instead of going with the flow.  I hate labels but if I were pressed to provide one, I would say I was heteroflexible.  Others might just call me easy  LOL  I don’t have a type but I’m attracted to people who are bright and engaged and attractive and who are easily amused.  with good abs LOL

Caramel: How did you get involved with online forums like Hung Angels and Hung Devils?

Felicia: The better question is how to get uninvolved LOL  they are like the Hotel Calfornia, check out anytime but you can never leave.  My checking in, like it seems to be for me to most hotels was on the downlow and  was how I chose the name Felicia Katt.  A lot of my friends had a negative perception about the boards, so I needed a pseudonym, and FK was born.  I had no idea it would take hold or take over my identity.  I’m probably better know as FK now than my real name.  I only joined the boards at the requests of my friends Danielle Foxx and Vicki Richter and only posted my picture and became more open when I was attacked for being anonymous.  Turns out, though, being attacked is pretty much the standard way a lot of people interact on there.  I’ve left a few times because of that and all the negativity, but I always seem to come back, though there is less reason to anymore and I really limit my participation when I do return..  They used to be a lively place for some real discussions and arguments and now they more of a place for discord and disagreement.  Some of the fake news stories you mentioned were my way of making a point without making myself a target.  Sadly, I’m no longer as friendly with Vicki because of that disconnect between how people act online and how they are in person.  Maybe it would be better if was different online than I am in real life, but that’s not how I am.  Good or bad, I’m always just me.

Caramel: What are your pet peeves?

Felicia: Any peeves a Katt has would be pet ones LOL  I think the thing that ruffles my fur the most are some of the questions I get asked.  One I hate is how tall are you?  I mean, I’m right there in front of you, can’t you tell?  Unless you are scouting for the WNBA, do you really need to know exactly how tall I am.  I usually reply that I am life size or am to scale and leave it at that.  To a tall girl, asking height is like asking any other girl her age or her weight, it just shouldn’t be done.

The other question I really hate is are you full time?  If you have to ask, does it really matter?  if a girl is either so attractive or so unattractive you can’t tell, you should let your instincts guide you and not some arbitrary status.  Like I said above, like who you like, lust for whom you lust for and get laid not labeled.

Caramel: I couldn’t have said it better myself, Felicia. That’s yet another reason why I requested this interview with you.

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  1. Joe says:

    I like that view of labels. It’s got to be the healthiest attitude to sexuality I’ve seen written anywhere! 🙂

    Enjoyed reading that interview – Felicia seems really smart and funny.

    • I love Felicia’s whip smart brand of humor too, Joe and her healthy sexual attitude. I’m glad you enjoyed it. xoxo Cara

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