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Wednesday December 3, 2014

I’ve been friends with stunning pre-op transsexual Isabella Villalobos of Colorado for well over a decade, so this interview is long overdue. I always thought she should be working professionally in the adult industry. When Isabella began doing webcam shows on Chaturbate, I knew it was time to tell my friends more about her.

Caramel: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Isabella. You’d think that after all this time, this interview would be easy for me, but it’s not. I’m challenging myself to learn more about you that I didn’t already know. For instance, hold old where you when you first learned that you were different from your peers who were born male?

Isabella: Well I was 12 when I started exploring my feminine side. I wasn’t comfortable with it at first because I was a boy who was very active in sports and loved girls and fapped to magazines such as Playboy, Swank, Penthouse, etc. It wasn’t until I saw ads for transgender porn at the end of those magazines that I realized that I wasn’t so strange.

Caramel: I think I discovered TS porn from the same magazines you did, doing exactly the same thing. When did you begin experimenting with female clothing?

Isabella: It started when I would go to my aunt’s house to do landscaping and feed and take her dog on walks. There was a lot of down-time since she worked long hours and it was only about a 20 minute bike ride to her house from mine, it was a perfect opportunity to start crossdressing since no one was home and I had free access to whatever I felt like doing.

My aunt was tall but somewhat petite. For the most part she dressed conservatively however under the professional look. She has very provocative lingerie that I would wear and she had heels to die for! I would dress in her clothes and put on her makeup. I was horrible at first however I learned how to blend and figured out what foundation best suited my complexion by watching my aunt and my cousin who was an expert at makeup for a teenager!

Caramel: How old were you when you first told someone you identified as transgender?

Isabella: The first time I told someone I wanted to transition was my mother when I was 28. She told me that she always knew that I was not happy with what God gave me, and that we would have this conversation at some time. She always supported me in my decision to transition, however my father was not so supporting. Surprisingly my aunt was also very supportive. She told me that she actually had an idea that I was wearing her clothes and wearing her makeup back when I first started. She said that she actually saw me in her clothes a few times when she came home to have lunch. After she saw me, she decided to go somewhere else for lunch and let me have my personal time.

Unfortunately my mother passed away 7 years ago. My aunt still talks to me to ensure that I am doing fine. I talk to my father about twice a year. Mostly just to exchange pleasantries on the phone and let me know how the family is doing.

Caramel: That’s got to be hard. My father and I don’t even speak anymore. When did you begin going to transgender friendly clubs in Colorado?

Isabella: I started when I was 29 going to a place called Choice City. It catered to the LGBT community. At this time, there really wasn’t a large transgender community, so I befriended the few M to F transgender women who helped me accept me for who I wanted to be.

A few years later, I moved to Denver and opened me up to a new world where I can be Isabella and met some great people at places such as Hamburger Mary’s, Charlies, BJ’s, and especially Tracks where I met some great ladies that I am good friends with to this day.

Caramel: Your mom was a beauty queen in her day. Was she one of your major inspirations and what was her reaction when she learned about your “T”?

Isabella: She was my biggest supporter and loved me for who I was. She said to me once that it was more important to her that I was happy and if it was being a woman, then so be it. This was huge since my mother’s side of the family was very big. My mother had 6 brothers and sisters and they all had at least 3 children and my cousins all have children as well. I am the only one that doesn’t have any kids as of today. I was crushed when I found out she had cancer. I would go see her during off hours at the hospital because I was not welcome because I would see her as Isabella, not as her son. When she died, I did not attend the funeral. My aunt gave me her ashes to spread over an area where she used to take me as a child to picnic in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.

Caramel: I’m sorry, babe. God bless.

Caramel: No transgender from any ethnic background has it easy and since you’re Latina and I’m African-American, we both know a lot about homophobia and transphobia from an “of color” point of view. Did you have many problems with discrimination and/bullying?

Isabella: Well, most of my family don’t really talk to me. I do still keep in touch with my aunt who knew of my “differences” when I was a kid and surprisingly two of my girl cousins that I talk to on a bi-weekly basis.

Isabella Villalobos 10-28d2

Caramel: What’s your ethnic background precisely, Isabella?

Isabella: My ethnic background is mainly Hispanic. My mother is half Spanish and Apache Indian while my father is mostly Spanish. 

Caramel: I know that you’re primarily and deliciously submissive, but does the term “sissy” offend you?

Isabella: Well, I do prefer to play submissive role with the few men that I have been with, however I like to be versatile when it comes to being intimate with other transsexuals and genetic females. With regards of my feelings with the term “sissy”, I am impartial to this label. I mean it is what it is and to focus my energy on deciding whether or not this term is offensive is a waste of time. If you want to consider yourself a “sissy” more power to you. Some people may need this label to justify their need for acceptance. The most important to not only those who live this lifestyle, whether out in the open or in the closet is to be happy and live the life they always wanted to live.

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Caramel: Well said. Are you offended by the “shemale” term?

Isabella: This term I have some issues with. Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to do some professional photo and video shoots for websites such as Shemale Yum, Shemale Club, etc., however this is a porn industry term that label transsexuals that are in this industry. When I go out, I always get propositioned by those who don’t know the difference between transsexual and shemale. I always get asked if I am a shemale which I always answer “NO”. The confused look on people’s faces is classic which always follows with a question of “so you are female then?” This question I answer as “NO” also. To me, does it really matter if I am male or female? When it comes to relationships, it all depends on what you are attracted to. Does sex really matter? To me, its a 100% NO! If you find a person attractive both physically and mentally, what is or isn’t in their pants shouldn’t matter.

Caramel: Identifying as pansexual is one of the many things we have in common. But we both tend to lean toward intimate sex with other transsexuals and genetic women because of our strong attraction to feminine beauty. When did you first realize you had an attraction to men too? Was it a truly masculine male who spun your propeller, or a a femboy type?

Isabella: I like men for the purpose of playing the submissive role. I think of men as dominant and I am comfortable with this. I am not really into playing the dominant role with men. I know that a lot of men like the idea of being mounted by a beautiful transsexual, however this isn’t my cup of teak. It’s just too odd for me.

Caramel: I know we both admire so many adult entertainers, it’s almost impossible to narrow them down. But can you tell me who some of your biggest influences and role models are?

Isabella: I would say my first was Sulka. She was the first transgender model that I saw and based on her beauty and how she carried herself as a woman make me realize that someone like me could live as a woman even though I was born male. As I matured, models such as Kim Divine, Allanah Starr, Anna Alexandre, Bailey Jay, Sarina Valentina, Barbie Woods, and Danielle Foxx. Each one has a big part in my transition into being Isabella.

Caramel: Sulka was the first one for me, too. I think I can say she actually changed my life. People still underestimate the power of transwomen and transmen in the adult industry.

Isabella: Out of all these models that influence me, the one that stands out is Anna Alexandra. Like her, I much prefer laughs and lightheartedness to confrontation. Unfortunately her death came all too soon. However it made me realize that we are on this plant for a short period of time so make the best of it and live the life that you want, not what others tell you.

Caramel: I adored Anna. She took porn to a whole new level and I always heard she was incredibly sweet. On to one of my favorite subject, do you have any fetishes?

Isabella: I have an interest in BDSM and roleplaying. Some of the lovers I have the pleasure to be with like me to play the role of either the babysitter or the dominant female boss. I love playing the babysitter role because it caters to my submissive preference however the role of being the boss, takes me out of my comfort zone which can be challenging. I would like to get more involved in the BDSM community. There really isn’t a big BDSM following here in Colorado that I know of however it’s something I would like to do more of but as the submissive.

Caramel: I’m all the way across the country now, but I’m sure I can help you with that.

Caramel: After all these years, I’ve never known much about what you do for a living. I guess I must have been distracted by other great things about you. What does your work as an Interface Support professional entail?
Isabella: Actually I have a new position and that is being a Certification Analyst. Working for a electronic payment processing company, my job entails certifying 3rd party software process electronic payment through our systems. It is a LOT of code translation and user acceptance testing to ensure proper data is being transferred and compliant! With all the security breaches that have been in the news lately, my job is to ensure that security is not compromised while being able to send and receive credit card/electronic check information for proper processing.

Caramel:  What sort of music is on your playlist?

Isabella: I like a wide range of music such as classic rock groups like the Eagles, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, etc to techno/electronica/got metal groups such as Negative Format, Neurotic Fish, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, and Razed in Black. However one of my favorite group right now is Aesthetic Perfection. 

Caramel: You’re popular on YouTube. Have you ever uploaded a video to your channel that was considered too risque and had your account deleted?

Isabella: Although I have had my account deleted from other sites for posting content that is considered too “risque”, I have been able to keep my YouTube page active.

Caramel: As you know, I was so excited to learn that you were doing webcam shows on Chaturbate (isabellacots).  Are you available to work for major adult studios for photo shoots and videos too?

Isabella: Yes if given the opportunity to do professional shoots and videos, I would delight to do so.

Caramel: I’m glad you’re ready and you’re going to be fantastic for whatever studio you decide to work with! Follow Isabella Villalobos on Chaturbate under isabellacots, Tumblr, YouTube and isabellacots on kik! 

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