Interview with Jacquie Blu

August 6, 2015


This interview is extra-special because I know Jacquie Blu personally. I met her in Orlando when she lived in Florida awhile back. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she’s incredibly easy to get along with. I felt like I could talk with Jacquie about anything under the sun and I probably did, knowing that she has a reputation of being trustworthy and discreet. That goes a long way with someone who doesn’t talk about themselves a lot like me. I’ve also met some of Jacquie’s close friends and saw the way they interacted with one another. They simply adore her. She makes it easy. I missed my friend terribly when she moved away. I’m looking forward to when the time comes that I’ll relocate to the West. Meanwhile, it’s great to be able to continue to keep in touch and to present my interview with Jacquie Blu (@TSJacquie) of



Caramel: Hey, girl. I’ve lived in Florida for 15 years now and I’ve never had more fun with anyone than I had with you. Your presence is sorely missed, but I’m so glad you’ve found the right place to live. How do you like living in Cali. so far?

Jacquie: First off, I wanna tell you how happy I am to be back in contact with you again. I must say that you left quite an impression on me as well. I was totally comfortable around you and felt like I could just let it all hang out. That was fun too, by the way. 😉 Living in Cali has been interesting, to say the least. It’s a totally different culture out here than the what I’ve always been used to on the east coast. I have had to overcome a whole new set of challenges since I have been here, but there are also more opportunities for me out here than back east. There are still things I wanna do and a lot of that is happening around here.

Caramel: I love your recent sets of photos. You’ve developed a great modeling portfolio. Are you interested in working with major studios and independent websites and producers as well?

Jacquie: Absolutely! I want it all! At the moment, a web site is under construction for fans to check out all my latest photo sessions. I have been contacted by a couple of Producers who have expressed interest in using me for a video shoot. This is exactly what I want to do. I want to be known for doing what I do best. I can’t tell you why, but this kind of thing has gone way beyond something I just want to do. Now, I feel like it’s something I must do.

Caramel: You have an intense passion and that’s going make the process easier than for those who just do it for fun. Do you feel that your look and style fits into any particular niche in adult transgender entertainment?

Jacquie: I may be the wrong person to ask about my look and style. No one sees us in the same way that we see ourselves. I admit that I’m no longer in my twenties, but I believe I have a certain exotic look and a free style that’s bringing in a lot very positive feedback. As for a particular niche, I really don’t know. I am my own niche.

Caramel: I might have to borrow that last sentence from you sometime. Are you interested in mainly glamour shoots, or are you also into fetish and BDSM?

Jacquie: All of the above. I was once heavily involved in the BDSM world while I lived in Ohio a few years back. I frequented several dungeons and lived the lifestyle 24/7 as a submissive. I find a lot of eroticism in fetish photography and video. I would be very comfortable doing it.

Caramel: You’re not a fan of being labeled anymore than I am, but would you consider yourself bisexual, straight, gender queer, pansexual?

Jacquie: Since you put it that way, I would have to say that I consider myself to be pansexual. I’m pretty much a “anything goes” kinda girl. Life is too short to to limit oneself very much. I have always been a Hedonist and I suppose I always shall be.

Caramel: That’s another indication of why we hit it off so well. Did you feel that you should have been born female when you were very young, Jacquie?

Jacquie: I have known I was a girl ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was being led around in one direction while my heart and spirit was going someplace else. Even though it presented a whole new set of challenges, the best decision I ever made was to allow myself to be myself. I have never looked back.


Caramel: When did you begin dressing as a girl?

Jacquie: I never “dressed” before I made my decision to transition. It always seemed to me to be a method of self torture, knowing that it is only going to be a temporary costume. It’s never been a dressing issue for me anyway. I don’t live life as a woman because of the clothes. I wear the clothes because I’m a woman.

Caramel: What happened when your friends and family found out? Were you ever punished or bullied by other kids?

Jacquie: I was pushed around and bullied all the time in grade school. I have always been very petite and girly looking which made me an easy target. Life wasn’t easy. When I told my mom that I had already started transitioning, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. There was that brief moment of silence where you start to think “OMG, here it comes.” But she finally came back with… “What took you so long?” Out of all the people, family and friends I’ve known throughout my life, no one was ever taken by surprise at the news. I never lost anyone because of it.


Caramel: That last part is quite a blessing. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?

Jacquie: I was a bit of a late bloomer. I was not far from graduating high school. I took my usual late night stroll over to my local convenience store for coffee. I knew the girl behind the counter, so we would usually spend some time shooting the shit. No one else was in the store when 3 of her girl friends came bursting in. My friend behind the counter introduced me to her friends and through some very fancy teamwork, had all succeeded in removing my t-shirt. They dragged me into the back room and proceeded to take advantage of me. Two of the girls grabbed me, one on each arm, while the 3rd girl dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants. The girls on each arm started nuzzling, kissing and nibbling my neck while the girl on her knees gave me a most wonderful blowjob. I came in her mouth and she swallowed. When she stood, I noticed a trickle of cum still on her lips. She looked me in the eyes, said thank you and gave me a very deep kiss sharing what little bit of cum she still had in her mouth. She gave my t-shirt back and they left. I never saw them again. Not too bad for a first experience.

Caramel: Oh my God, a first blowjob sealed with a cummy kiss! I think it’s time for another serious question now that I’m getting all hot and bothered. When did you begin to transition full-time?

Jacquie: I have been living as a woman full-time for 11 years as of July 2015. It wasn’t a gradual thing. It happened, literally, overnight. There came a day when I realized I could no longer go on the way I had been. I could no longer play the game. I could no longer wear the mask. I could no longer keep trying to pretend to be someone I never was. I had to allow myself to be myself or I was going to die. I made the right decision.

Caramel: I must admit when I learned that you were escorting, I worried about you. I have friends who are quite successful as well as others who weren’t quite ready for it. Things didn’t turn out the way they expected. I’m hoping you haven’t had any terrible experiences.

Jacquie: Above all else, you have to be ready for it and all that comes with it. You have to learn how to work it and work it safely. I am extremely happy and proud to say that I have never had one bad experience in my career as an Escort and Companion. My clientele are gentlemen who are polite, genuine and are all about discretion. It’s been very good for me.

Caramel: How do you primarily choose your clients and do you have a method of screening them in some way?

Jacquie: In the beginning, I started working through agencies. I learned a lot from them and their screening processes and they have served me well to this day. Now I use sites like Eros or Backpage to advertise and rely on my clients to contact me by voice. This gives me the opportunity to ask questions and find out where the guy is coming from. I should also know whether or not I should accept this person as a client or not during this phone call.

Caramel: Have you had issues with law enforcement? What types of fines or jail or other punishments are there for being caught?

Jacquie: I have never had any issues with law enforcement. I have never been arrested or ever seen the inside of a jail cell. In California, you are required to have a license to do Escort work. It all varies from state to state. I advise anyone to find out what their local laws are concerning sex work.

Caramel: Are your clients only men and do they only want sex? Or are there other elements involved?

Jacquie: Most of my clients are straight men, but on occasion I get to work with couples. I love working with couples. I sometimes get requests to work parties too, which are usually a lot of fun. I have also had clients who just wanted some company, someone to talk to who will listen or a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes just being there for someone can make all the difference in the world. I love my job.

Caramel: What is the age range of clients?

Jacquie: I believe the age range for most of my clients are anywhere between 35 and 60ish. They are usually very sweet, polite gentlemen who enjoy my companionship and all the attention I give them.


Caramel: Do you have to travel often to see clients? If so, how far?

Jacquie: Not very often. I don’t like to stray too far from home most of the time, but there are also times when I like to travel. I have been asked to travel as far away as Dubai, but none of those have ever materialized. I suppose the farthest I have actually traveled for a client is around 400 miles.

Caramel: How long do sessions last on average?

Jacquie: My sessions are normally by the hour unless more time is arranged for. I believe my average session time is around 45 minutes, give or take. Having said that, however, I’m not a clock watcher and I never rush. My client’s satisfaction is my priority and if it happens to take a little more than an hour, so what?

Caramel: An escort never knows how much money he or she will make in any day, week or month, but they still need to budget and manage their time. Did you have to budget carefully, or was your income good as things progressed?

Jacquie: It varies. Some months can be pretty good and some months can be so-so. Business isn’t what it used to be before the economy went belly up, so I always try to budget myself to make sure the important things are taken care of first. I’m not getting rich, but I’m not starving.

Caramel: Have you or do you currently have many opportunities to unwind with other escorts who know what you’re talking about in certain situations?

Jacquie: I’m pretty much a lone wolf at present. I used to have a couple of female Escort friends back on the east coast. I have been bouncing around various places in California and I have now been in Long Beach for 3 months, so I don’t know all that many people here yet.

Caramel: Obviously there’s a lot more physical pressure on a transsexual escort than for a genetic female escort. How do you perform if you’re not physically attracted to a client, or actually repelled by them?

Jacquie: Of course it’s nice to get a client that you are attracted to, but that’s not always going to happen. A person that provides massage can’t always have a gorgeous body to work on, and the same goes for sex workers. I still have a job to perform and I give all my clients my utmost care and attention, whether I am attracted to them or not. My clients are very important to me and I want them to keep coming back to see me. If I happen to be repelled by any potential client or any red flags pop up, that will more than likely occur during the initial phone call. In that case, I have the power to say “No thank you.”

Caramel: How do you handle a client who is polite and clean, but are shy, inexperienced and/or is a poor communicator when it comes to what they want? How do you help them relax feel comfortable discussing their most intimate desires?

Jacquie: I get a lot of first timers who can be shy or nervous. I help them feel at ease by spending a little time talking with them and using my sense of humor. I find if I can make someone laugh, they begin to feel more comfortable. Once they feel relaxed, I can then help them realize their dreams.

Caramel: When a client isn’t physically abusive, but thinks because he has paid you that he can insult you and treat you badly? How do you set a client like that straight?

Jacquie: I am happy to say that has never happened with any of my clients. I make no secret of the fact that I am a bottom and a submissive. If a client is interested in bondage or playing a little rough, that is usually negotiated during our initial appointment set-up. I certainly don’t need any surprises of that nature. Everything must be by mutual consent.


Caramel: I know from personal experience that you have a unique calming effect and that you have a quick sense of humor. So what types of men are you attracted to and are you still attracted to genetic females also?

Jacquie: Physically, I like a toned body with nice abs, a big dick and a sense of humor. He should be able to carry on an intelligent conversation and know how to treat a lady. Having said that, I refer to myself as being a “bisexual lesbian.” After you stop laughing, I’ll explain that.

Caramel: I probably would be laughing if I didn’t feel the same way about myself!

Jacquie: Even though I love having sex with men, I could never really have a serious relationship with one. I love cocks and I love getting fucked, but after that, they can go home. For a serious relationship, I prefer a genetic female or a sane trans girl. I am more attracted to females and trans girls and have a lot more in common with them. I just love snuggling with a female body.

Caramel: Have you ever been with a client that you like so much, you wanted them to be more than just a client? I mean as actual close friends?

Jacquie: I’ve had some clients that I really like. They’re sweet, thoughtful, have a sense of humor and pleasant to be with. However, I like to keep our relationships just as they are. If it’s not broken, why try to fix it?

Caramel: Would you advise someone who has problems with rejection or low self-esteem not to get into escorting?

Jacquie: Yes, I would advise against it. If you are not secure within yourself to know that you’re the hottest thing in heels and the sexiest thing on two legs, then you might want to consider another line of work. I’m good at what I do because, not only do I love what I do, I have enough confidence in myself to know that my client will be leaving a very happy man.

Caramel: Some former escorts say that once you’ve stepped into the world of escorting and then stepped back out of it again, you can’t fully step out. Some say it’s like being an alcoholic in that you get the label for life and people will still judge you for it. Do you think you’ll ever look back and regret escorting?

Jacquie: No, I don’t think I will ever regret it. How can you feel bad for helping people relieve their tensions and stress, thus helping them to live healthier and happier lives? I provide a much needed service that has been in demand since the dawn of time. I will forever support Sex Worker rights and maybe even one day speak on the subject.

Caramel: When you do, remind me so I can support you and help get your word out. Does being an escort make one cynical? Every action has a reaction. Do these professions change you in many ways?

Jacquie: I was cynical long before I started Escorting, but that’s beside the point. I think this profession made me a lot more aware of my sexual appetite and prowess. My sexual appetites and skills have increased over time. Sex is a huge part of my everyday life and I love it.


Caramel: Being an escort and an adult entertainer are two different lifestyles with different sets of circumstances. Do you think each career will compliment each other and lead to more business opportunities than just focusing on one field?

Jacquie: Oh, absolutely! It’s almost like an acting job, anyway. The more talents you have to offer, the wider your client base. I don’t plan on doing Escort work exclusively. I have done a few no-name amateur videos, but I have been checking into getting into more mainstream Transsexual Porn. Nothing is written in stone as of this very moment, but I have three porn producers who have contacted me about shooting video with them. As soon as deals are made and I get a green light, I’m there. I’ll be one of the hardest working girls in the biz.

Caramel: I’ve been living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle for the past couple of years, but I was a pretty big partier when we first met. I found that you didn’t drink much or do any drugs that I knew about when we first met. That’s stark contrast to the stereotype that you must be a swinging from the chandeliers type of person. Do you think that perception of an escort or adult entertainer is dissolving any these days?

Jacquie: To this day, I still drink very little. About the only times I ever drink is when I go out to a club or bar, and even then it’s rare if I have any more than 2 drinks. As far as drugs, really about the only thing I do is Medical Marijuana. I can acquire it legally here in California, and in fact it even comes delivered to my front door. I seriously doubt perceptions have been changing, largely due to the fact that Sex Worker’s rights are not really a hot topic for discussion and education is relativity non-existent. Until that happens, I doubt we will see much change or awareness at all.

Caramel: Has your recent shooting shown you a side of yourself that even you didn’t know about?

Jacquie: You know, I never really thought about it until you asked. Yes, I believe it has. I have a wonderful photographer who has been able to show me a side of myself that I have never seen before. For once, I can look at a photograph of myself and not hate it. He knows how to work with me to create a nice image. I have learned that maybe I’m more attractive than I believed. These photos have helped boost my self confidence quite a bit. I’m very happy about that.


Caramel: Will you be attending the Annual TEA awards ceremony in 2016?

Jacquie: Yes, I most definitely plan on being there. It’s being held the day after my birthday, so it’s going to be a party weekend. I hope I will get to see you there. It’s been 5 years, girlfriend!

Caramel: Five years?! Time flies and I will see you there! Are you currently looking for other models and performers to film with?

Jacquie: Actually, I am. I may have to shoot some of my own stuff for a while so, yeah, I’m looking for a few well hung guys to shoot with. I have a few projects in mind such as a gangbang, some interracial and other stuff. I already have a Pro Videographer and a great location here in Long Beach. I hope to get some balls rolling on this within the next 3 months. From there, it’s Clips4Sale. Wish me luck.

Caramel: You know I will. Are you interested in making webcam performances?

Jacquie: I used to do a bit of webcam work a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it. I had a nice fan base going and there’s a couple I’m still in contact with. I realized pretty quickly that as a solo act, what I can do on cam is fairly limiting. What more can I really do other than rub myself and stuff things up my butt. If I go back to cam work, I’d rather have a cam partner. The possibilities are vastly broadened if I could do that.

Caramel: Lots of fun, too I’m sure. You have to promote yourself and work your ass off to get to reach a certain level of popularity. It’s awfully hard doing it all on your own as you well know. Do you have any sort of support system and are you interested in finding a PR agent?

Jacquie: As far as getting some kind of an agent, I’ll need to be making more money than I am at the moment. I do have a couple of people I want to thank for their support and extra exposure. I’m not sure if I can name them here, but they know who they are. One of them has even dubbed me as a High Priestess. Support is something I’ve never had much of in my life. It’s nice to be loved and I love it.


Caramel: Would you like to launch a official adult website?

Jacquie: Oh, you bet I would! Especially now that I have decent photographs to put up and a large portion of them are beyond an R rating. If everything works out the way I want it to, I’ll have that website with lots more photos and even video for viewing and downloading. Since I’m doing all the grunt work and foot work all by myself, it will take a little time. I tend to be a bit persistent when there’s something I want and, even though it may take a little longer, I usually get it.

Caramel: You certainly do, Jacquie.

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  1. donnadogood says:

    Jacquie You are very special. I only began following you but most of your ideas ring true with me. I am just getting out of the closet and bisexual crossdressers. Thanks for your openness

    • I wish we were on the same coast myself. Jacquie is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met and even hotter in person. Love her to bits. 🙂

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