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Saturday, July 22 2011

Twitter: @kitty_Kaiti

Caramel: Hi, Kaiti. I’ve been a fan of yours perhaps since you first hit the Internet a few ears ago. I’m really glad about the way your career has developed. We’re also both from the metro NYC area and I had a pretty good feeling we’d click if we ever bumped into each other online. Congratulations on your debut at debut. I have to ask about your producer and how things went down for with shoots from your perspective. I’ve been fond of Tony Vee’s work for several years. What was it like to work with Tony an how did it feel working for such a popular website?

Kitty’s Grooby Girls Profile

Kaiti: Thanks so much for interviewing me first of all, I’ve been interested in being interviewed by you for some time now. Also, as I’ve said to you before, it’s awesome to have fans who are famous and it’s flattering that this interview is so special to you. And also thanks for the congrats on my shoots! Working with Tony is great and while I’m always nervous around new people, it was a fun experience both during the first time I met him, where I did my solo scene and when I went to do my hardcore scene. Tony and me both have a common fetish, which is bukkake and him and me have attempted and hopefully at some point, will be able to do a shoot involving bukkake.  I’m really happy to have worked for Grooby Girls and definitely have plans to continue shooting for them.

Caramel: I’m all for bukkake in tgirl porn so thank you and thank Tony for me, too. I would have been going nuts waiting for my content to appear on Grooby Girls. Were you anxious as hell to finally see it published?

Kaiti: I was very excited and had a hard time waiting for my shoots to go up on Grooby Girls, most especially my hardcore scene. I know a lot of my fans were also excited and kept begging me for an idea of when my scenes would go up. I’m quite happy about how the hardcore scene came out though I’m kind of embarrassed about my little part in acting during that scene, lol.

Caramel: You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I thought your acting debut was great. I like to avoid labels as often as possible, but would you consider yourself a trans lesbian or are you also attracted to genetically born females?

Kaiti: I am not actually a full lesbian/transbian… I am definitely attracted to women including transwomen but I also find myself attracted to certain types of men. I’m a BBC lover so I have a huge attraction to black men but I also do have a thing, maybe more of a fetish, to men twice my age. I view myself as like a bicurious-lesbian I suppose, having full attraction to women of all sorts yet a curiosity and growing interest in men.

Kitty’s TGirl Pornstar Profile

Caramel: I wasn’t sure that you were into both guys and other girls. Your recently released hardcore scenes with Christian on and   with Toro on Grooby Girls was incredibly hot, but throughout the whole movie, I was wondering what your mental state was while fucking a guy. I saw that he was so turned on that he came on your hot little ass instead of holding out for an intended facial. I was wondering when I saw the film if you ever thought to yourself  during the session that you’d rather be with another transsexual?

Kaiti: Not at all, I completely enjoyed my scene with Toro and had no problem fucking a guy. I’m open to just about everything in porn and that includes scenes with men. While I personally don’t enjoy my genitals being sucked by a guy, as done in the scene, I’ll do it anyway. I still would love to do a scene with a transsexual and in fact, by the time this interview goes up, I’ll have returned from a new shoot in LA where I will be performing along another famous TS star. I’m excited for that.

Note: On February 26, 2012, the mystery star Kitty hinted about in our interview turned out to be the incredible hostess of! They co-starred together in Jay Sin’s TS Playground movie on

Caramel: I’m not going to ask you who she is although the suspense is killing me. Hopefully I’ll be one of the first to find out. So when did you begin your transition and did you find a vast difference between buying hormones online and finding and endocrinologist and going a regime with prescription medication?

Kaiti: I officially started my transition in June 2007. A few months before that time, I had never heard of a transsexual and wasn’t aware it was possible for me to actually transition and change. I had wanted to be a girl since I was about 5 years old… that’s as far back as I can remember. But after learning things were possible I came out to my sister, who supported me and then made my mother aware of my intentions. She hated the idea, even after I explained all the information I had researched. She is a Jehovah’s Witness, so you get the idea. I started Internet hormones in summer 2008 and acquired an endocrinologist this year. During the time I was on Internet hormones, I mostly experienced the reduction in body hair, cease of loss of hair on my head, regrowth of the hairline on my forehead, smoother skin, no more acne/pimples, death of sperm production and slight development under the nipples, but at no point did I develop breasts. Even now on prescription medications I am developing slowly in the chest area so I have begun contemplating breast augmentation.

Caramel: You have an amazing figure so I was surprised to learn that you feel too thin at times. You’ve got a fast metabolism and I know you’re less than thrilled about that. Did your hormone regime slow it down any?

Kaiti: I had started a random severe loss in weight around 2008 where I dropped from 145 pounds to 109 last year. No matter what I ate and how much, I kept losing. The hormones saved my ass. I had become quite skinny but going on the hormones slowed the loss of weight and now since being on prescription hormones, I have gained 20 pounds. I’m about ~130 pounds now and everything has started to fill out in all the right places. I’m still capable of eating all the foods I love and not gain significant weight. I’m a big fan of BBQ ribs, wings, hot dogs, burgers, pizza and deep fried foods lol.

Caramel: So you were a young child when you first began to realize the quality of your life might be better if you’d been born a GG (genetic girl)?

Kaiti: I had felt I was supposed to be a girl and had a strong desire to become one since as far back as I can remember. Around 5 years old I wanted to be a girl and the desires grew as I got older. I had at one point tried to tell my parents I wanted to be a girl around 9 or 10 years old and they laughed it off and ignored it. The religion my family was involved in also kept me afraid of pushing it further. Since beginning transition and every year that has gone by since then, I am much happier with my life and a lot of suffering and depression has been lifted.

Caramel: I would love to get back to what happened after your sister told your parents. My parents are very religious too and didn’t take the news well at all. I lost a few friends during my initial transition process, too.

Kaiti: I told my sister I had decided to start living as a woman in June 2007. A few weeks later I had informed my dad and a few friends. My father was not sure what to think about it but last year, before his death, he had grown to accept it quite well, referred to me as his daughter, called me by my name, Kaitlyn, and used terms of endearment such as sweetie, etc, which made me feel really great. My mother on the other hand did not accept it at all when I confronted her with the support of my sister in November 2007. Immediately and obviously, the first words of opposition were religious bias, ignorance and her reading scriptures from the Bible, pointing out all the parts where God bashes homosexuality. After informing her the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, she went on a search for trans-related scriptures and pointed out the “crossdressing is an abomination” scripture. The same night we called my grandma and told her and she stated that if a doctor can prove I really am supposed to be this way, she will accept it. Over the next few years my mother adjusted, while still not believing I’m supposed to be a woman, she no longer harasses me about it and has stopped calling me by my male name, instead calling me M/K, which are the first letters of my male and female names. She still uses male pronouns when referring to me, such as “he”, “him”, “his” and “son”. My grandma and aunt have adjusted as well, maybe better than my mother and call me Kaitlyn and “she”, sometimes slipping out a “he”.

Caramel: God bless your family and my belated condolences on your dad’s passing away. I find it interesting that your grandma and aunt seem to be more open-minded than your mom. Your father was accepting from the beginning?

Kaiti: My father was unsure what to think but around 2010 he had adjusted completely and was probably the most accepting, understanding and loving of all my family in regards to treating me as Kaitlyn. I was really happy to have a new connection with my father. He’s had a lot of problems and I frequently lost contact with him. Unfortunately, after finally coming around and supporting me in full, he was killed in a motorcycle accident in Texas. As said in the earlier question, my mother was very angry and refused to accept me but over the years has adjusted and now I think, in a few more years, she will start calling me Kaitlyn instead of M/K and use female pronouns. My friends overall supported me and a lot of the girls I was friends with were either bi or lesbian and seeing me becoming a hot chick, they always hit on me. My closest and best friend was okay with it and supported me. He was like my brother, but I’m not sure he seriously accepts who I am now. I’ve lost contact with him frequently and he always says he’s too busy to hang out.

Caramel: I feel for you about your best friend. Mine became a celebrity fitness instructor who simply couldn’t deal with his best friend becoming a trans woman. But we never had a real conversation about it and I hope you’ll get to have one with your friend. I hope that “I’m too busy to hang out” is just his way of saying “I’m not sure how to deal with this yet”. So are you really considering ditching  your KittyKaiti moniker? I think it’s so cute, original and uncharacteristically porn-like.

Kaiti: KittyKaiti is definitely a cutesy type name and uncharacteristic of porn which is why I was contemplating coming up with a new, more pornstar like name. I’ll probably keep and use both KittyKaiti and the new name, when I find a name I like. The new name will definitely keep the Kaiti or Kaitlyn part but with a sexy sounding last name, different from the last name I’ve chosen.

Caramel: How and when did you discover W&M (Wet and Messy Fetishism)?

Kaiti: I first gained an interest in Wet & Messy fetishism when I was a child. I used to watch Nickelodeon and they had that Nick Slime Time thing where they’d dump the green slime all over people. I wanted to get slimed for a while and then I saw a Jerry Springer episode which turned the whole thing sexual. The show had two hot chicks and they were dumping like marshmallow, butter, creams, etc, on each other and I thought it was hot so I tried it out and enjoyed it. Since then I’ve done a variety of nasty things from foods to mud to more recently slimes and gunges. I really can’t explain why it’s hot to me, maybe the idea of me and a girl or girls food fighting with ice cream toppings and eating it off each other is just sexy. The slime fetish is more like being all slippery, wet and shiny and my desire to be slimed turned into my bukkake fetish which is why I love facials and desire a large bukkake. The idea of being covered in either TONS of cum or slime itself is sexy. I mostly prefer getting messy with ice cream toppings, slime or mud.

Caramel: We first got in contact with each other on Fetlife and neither of us are strangers to BDSM. How did you get introduced to the S&M lifestyle?

Kaiti: I’ve liked being tied up and restrained since childhood. We always would tie each other up and see how we can escape and from there I got interested in self bondage and later on bondage with Tia Tizzianni. I also started trying out a few other BDSM things I saw in porn like paddles, whips and hot wax play.

Caramel: You were into BDSM much longer than me! At first, I was only into the fashion and props. Today, I love being a lifestyle BDSM TS and also enjoy it online. I’ve messed around with Second Life but discovered Utherverse Red Light through you and it seems far more interesting to me. It’s more sexual, so that’s the main reason I like it more. What’s your favorite thing about it?

Kaiti: Utherverse is great on so many levels. It’s all adults so dramatic bullshit is significant lesser than what you would find on Second Life or Playstation Home or other massive multiplayer worlds. I also like the ability to edit and customize the avatar, build your own apartments or homes and the sex feature is very fun. They’ve made significant improvements over the past few years I’ve been a member there including the recent addition of transgender avatars, enhanced clothing design programs for custom clothes and new sex features. I also like that Utherverse is both an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) open world and an adult social networking site. The only downside is the expensive monthly fees which cost about $20 a month to gain VIP access to the extra features such as building your own private apartments and having sex.

Caramel: If I got hooked on it, which I may, I wouldn’t much mind paying for it. I’ve found that the best entertainment mediums don’t come for free. Can you tell me more about Playstation Home and about your particular brand of gaming and is Playstation TG/TS friendly?

Kaiti: Playstation Home is very fun. Like Utherverse, it’s an open world full of different places to visit and lots of mini games to play. You can meet new friends, play games and launch online gaming from Home. You can create an avatar which clothing, facial features and purchase items for your character or play mini games to win tons of free items. You also get to have apartments and houses which you can fill with items you either win or buy. Home is addictive and I can spend hours on it with friends. Besides Home, I play mostly shooters and if a decent racing game is out, I’ll play that. I also like open world games like Grand Theft Auto. Playstation’s TS/TG policies specifically state protections for gender identity and that’s right on the Sony website. The users who play are another issue. There is a good amount of trans people who play home and I’m friends with quite a few and one of the major issues is users harassing transwomen or making fun of us. There is also a large population of LGB people and they also are harassed by users for being homosexual. Moderator presence is very poor and most harassment can go on for a long time before Sony authorities respond to complaints submitted on the report system. I’ve also had one incident with a Sony Home moderator who was actually present to me being harassed and discriminated against by a user. I called for the Mods help and he proceeded to lock my avatar in a corner of a gaming space (which is a method of punishing offensive users) and then transported me to another space and threatened to ban me. Friends were present and confirmed that the guy harassing me was never punished for his cursing and hate speech. I tried to report the moderator to Sony but all I got in response was “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Caramel: Oh what a satisfying response! So what are your thoughts on why Myspace sucks so badly right now. I used to love it, but since I’ve been at Facebook, I forget to visit Myspace for week long stretches sometimes.

Kaiti: I think Myspace sucks because they have been switching around the site a lot, trying to emulate Facebook which at the same time has made the site no longer as user friendly as it used to be. I used to have three profiles on Myspace in which I abandoned two of them and connected the third to my Twitter so that my Twitter posts appear in view of the thousands of “friends” I’ve collected on Myspace. So basically I use Myspace to promote my porn work and other things and just add everyone that requests an add. I like Facebook a lot better but I reserve it to friends and family only. Another problem with Myspace is the massive amount of false profiles, whether it be spam or phishing profiles or people pretending to be celebrities or people stealing each others photos.

Caramel: I wish more transgenders in the industry recognized the great marketing capabilities of Twitter, Facebook and also with cam shows. When did you start out with Cam4?

Kaiti: I started on Cam for in late 2007 and that’s the first time I had used the stage name “KittyKaiti”. I use Cam4 for frequently to do little shows and promote porn work, etc., and keep in contact with friends and fans. I’ve made a good amount of friends on Cam4 and they are always regulars to my shows. Cam4 is great because its so easy to use and it’s free. The recent changes to the site though suck, including the tokens system which is just a big scam. I tell people not to give me tokens lol and then link them to my Amazon wish list.

Caramel: Ah, that’s a great tip. Do you still do cam shows on ImLive and Skype too?

Kaiti: I’ve stopped working on ImLive due to the corrupt charge back issues on that site. It frequently happens to me where a guy will watch my shows and then call his credit card company and claim fraud on his credit cards so he doesn’t have to pay the $200 bill he racked up watching me on cam. As a result, ImLive takes all my earned money away, fucking me over and in some cases, after being paid a check, a chargeback hits and now I OWE ImLive money, forcing me to work on cam just to pay back the money. I don’t know how much I owe them, I know a chargeback hit me again and ImLive isn’t going to get that money. Now I do private shows on Skype at $50 every half hour and the viewer gets to see me do just about anything he wants. The viewer sends money to my PayPal and I can earn a good amount of money each day, working a few hours on cam.

Caramel: You’ve mentioned having the privilege of working with Tia Tizzianni and I’ve been in contact with him since I first went online, as far back as when Yahoo Groups were Yahoo Clubs. Where can we find the work you’ve done with Tia?

Kaiti: Tia usually posts the videos and photos we shoot to Birchplace where people can buy them. He also has a couple websites where I believe he has videos available. I first met Tia when he still dressed up as Tia around me and we used to shoot short amateur videos. Most recently him and me shoot scenes with him as a regular man and the scenes have become much better quality and longer. I just met him a week ago and we shot several scenes over a couple days, staying at a great hotel. I’ve known him now for about 4 or 5 years and we are really good friends. He has plans to work with me on a new site for his productions, so we will continue working together.

Caramel: I didn’t know that Tia stopped dressing but I’d recognize that big microphone cock just as easily through a men’s slacks zipper as through a pair of pantyhose. En femme or en homme, he’s been a great influence to me. Do you have any influences in TG/TS adult entertainment?

Kaiti: I don’t really have any specific influences, but some of my favorite stars are Bailey Jay, Kimber James, Liberty Harkness, Danielle Foxxx, Mandy Mitchell, Domino Presley and I’m interested in seeing how a few on the newer girls will turn out like Candi McBride.

Caramel: I think that Candi could be as successful as the heavy hitters you’ve mentioned and I hope she sticks with it.

What sort of music do you listen to, Kaiti?

Kaiti: I listen to a variety of music like hard rock, metal, pop, hip hop, rap and instrumental. I like Disturbed, the older Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Eminem, DMX, Evanescence, Scars of Life, Ill Nino, Mudvayne, P.O.D., Papa Roach, Saliva, t.A.t.U, Static X and I secretly enjoy listening to instrumental musicians like Yanni.

Caramel: I love those artists and I have some secret New Age favorites, too. Does music have big an impact on your dancing, or is it just something in the background to enhance your performances?

Kaiti: I’ve just recently started pole dancing and I usually listen to strip club type music when I dance on it. I can dance with or without music but if I put on a dirty song, it enhances a more sexual mood.

Caramel: You’ve installed a pole for dancing in the privacy of your bedroom and your fans can see you working it. Was that hard to do? If not, can you provide some instruction for us who’d like to do the same?

Kaiti: The pole I bought cost about $150 and basically it uses the pressure of being tightened into place and then bolted to the ceiling to support your weight. The pole I got was from a porn shop not far from where I live and it works great. They have different pole colors, from silver, gold and pink and some of them have the feature of spinning to make spinning around easier but it’s not really necessary. The pole is easy to put up and easy to take down and it can go in any room with a 7’11” to 8’6″ ceiling height and can break down into smaller pieces to fit in a carrying bag for transporting it around. I wanted a pink pole but the porn shop didn’t have one available, only silver and gold. I could have gone to Spencer Gifts in the mall but I didn’t want to buy a pole there and walk around the mall with a big stripper pole box LOL.

Caramel: I’ve bought some embarrassing toys at Spencer, but luckily they fit into a small shopping bag LOL.

Are you still considering moving to Orlando, FL? I live only two hours away in Gainesville so I know it well and I could show you around. I know you love guns and you’ll fit right in with a lot of us, girl. I’m in gun country!

Kaiti: I have decided against moving to Florida and have chosen Las Vegas instead. Vegas is closer to my line of work, being driving distance from LA and Nevada has great gun laws like Florida. I’d go to California if they didn’t have such pussy politicians who do everything in their power to stomp out the Second Amendment.

Caramel: Awww, that makes perfect sense. Not too long ago, some asshole informed your family about your porn career will probably read this interview. Is there anything you’d like to say to them?

Kaiti: Yes, the asshole who informed my family of my porn work was actually a family member who has a history with starting drama and problems with other members of the family. This person had actually found my Encyclopedia Dramatica article and showed that article to my aunt who then told my uncle and this person then deliberately opened the page up and left it in view of everyone on my cousin’s family computer. My grandma had then seen it who then informed my mother. My message to said person is the same I said on my trapgirlfriend blog: “You can’t ruin my life because my family will always love me and as much as your spoiled, whiny bitch ass tries to ruin my life and my sister’s life and relationships with my mother and the rest of the family, know that you will always be the black sheep of the family and your annoying dramatic bullshit is going to come to an end. Nobody likes you because you treat everyone like shit including your own parents and it’s surprising anyone tolerates your crap. You don’t scare me, even if you weigh three times my weight lol. Also, Nostersaurus LOLOLOLOLOL

Thank you so much for reading. Follow Kaiti @kitty_Kaiti on Twitter and check out KaitilynKeyes: My Transsexual Surgery!  

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  1. Joe says:

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    She seems completely lovely too (and normal). I’ll have to become her newest fan!

    Best question you should always ask (IMO) : ‘what music do you like’

    Thanks for another great interview 🙂

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