Interview With Kourtney Paige Van Wales

January 18, 2011

    Kourtney Paige Van Wales was born on November 26, 1970 and she’s a trans woman entertainer who’s been in the field of illusions since 1986 celebrating 20 years in the art of female impersonation/illusionist. She began her career in Galveston, TX, at Robert’s LaFette. She then moved to the Kon Tiki, where she worked until she was banned for being underage at 17 years old. She then moved to Houston with her original drag mother “Miss T”. Her first title was Ms. Harris County which was produced by Jill Jordon. When she won Ms. Houston USofA that same year at 17 years old, there was a bit of lingering controversy concerning her being underage. From there she went on to win a few regionals to Ms. USofA including Southwest and the Tri-states. While she was a regular cast member at Ms. Kittie’s in Houston, Kourtney submitted an audition tape to Norbert Aleman’s “An Evening At LaCage” starring Frank Marino.  She was hired, having the honor of being the first Madonna impersonator in Las Vegas. 

    From there, she moved to Boylesque, starring the legendary Kenny Kerr to which she credits much of her MC abilities. While in Las Vegas she further developed illusions of Madonna, Dolly Parton, and sometimes Cher when the job called for it. She loved working with the legendary Kenny Kerr and says that working with him was one of the greatest points in her personal life and career. Her most famous impersonation has since become Dolly Parton who happens to be her favorite character. Since leaving Las Vegas Kourtney has also developed the illusions of Liza, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and is working Marilyn, Boy George and Kourtney Love. After leaving Vegas with her brother (who was stationed there in the Air Force) and moved back to Texas, she pursued Ms. Gay USA (back then there was no “USofA” ) where she won numerous titles in the USofA system. In late 1999, Parliament House, in Orlando, FL, a famous gay resort, hired her on for a term. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but while there Kourtney grew more as an entertainer and make-up artist than ever before.

    When this chapter ended Kourtney moved home to TX and went on to win Miss Texas USofA & Miss Texas Continental, respectively. As first alternate to Miss Texas Continental she had the privilege of winning best talent during her first year of competition at Miss Continental. Doing what she does wonderfully, her illusion of Madonna’s Vogue. As for family, Kourtney regards her mother as the most loving woman she’s ever known and believes that’s why she’s so nurturing and caring herself. She used to say about her mom, “I want to be just like her”.  Her mom has since told her that she’s exactly like her, and that is an amazing affirmation for Kourtney. Being an honest, caring person is very important to her. She believes that the greatest gift she has is the ability to share her stories so that perhaps someone, somewhere would find blessing in them. Her family is her first priority, or as equally important her own happiness. She says that if she were to be with out the ones she loves, her life would most assuredly be less fulfilling. Her mom, sisters, kids (adopted gay kids), nieces, nephews, brother Roberto and his husband Nicky are her heart, and she cherishes the unconditional love and support she receives from the them. Kourtney appreciates and admires honest, hard-working people who are goal oriented and focused on the future. She adores having people around me who challenge her and make her think. This 5’8″ hazel-eyed beauty has had near death experiences more than once and tries never to take anything for granted. She loves to shop, cook and travel but when away, she misses the comfort of her home in Jacksonville, FL. Kourtney is an avid animal rights activist and is also a Foster Mom/Rescue Diva. She especially loves watching adorable little dogs play, chase and bark in her backyard. Kourtney is more of a spiritual person than a religious one. She prays regularly and also meditates. She’s candidly admitted to abusing the God in her life and had left her family for a period because she thought they didn’t want her. She’s certainly no stranger with hard times and an awful lot of soul searching as she suffered from a life crippling addiction with Cocaine. With Grace and faith she found the strength to face her fears and demons without chemicals.

    She’s found loneliness to be almost overwhelming at times, but refuses to allow darkness into her world or close to her home and spirit. She’s found a way to release the negativity that we all have to deal with and find peace of mind and quiet energy. When Kourtney hears “Good things happen to those who wait”, she says “Fuck that, life is what you make it!  Every moment is a chance to do it better than you did yesterday.” She will always wear the spiritual scars of her struggles but uses all the pain of her past to help those in need and those in pain.

She gets emotional when she thinks about the family and friends whose love never disappeared while she was finding her way home from her deepest turmoil. She values every moment as a chance to share love, compassion, understanding and hope with any and everyone she comes in contact with. While she knows that many may laugh at her values, she knows that those who do are not ready to receive the love of life that she’s found.  However, those who are ready, receive with open arms the love and laughter and zest for life she’s found. South Florida’s Foxy Angel is one of Kourtney’s most faithful friends and she credits her as being a huge part of her Internet success. Her most recent photo and video sets are at Shemale Yum, Interracial Tgirl Sex, Shemale-Club,  Wendy Williams XXX, and FoxyAngel.

Caramel: When you were sixteen years old, you were the project for a friend’s makeup practice. You walked the dog in drag and the neighbors thought you were a genetically born female. Guys hit on you. At this point in your life, did you already identify with being transgender?

Kourtney: No.  I knew I was different.  As a child with no one to nurture your transgender self I got lost in what everyone else told me I was. Gay. I now know that’s not the core of me.  It was my first experience as a female and the shear comfort of being female was overwhelming. I found the beginnings of myself. Although, at the time I had not clue.

Caramel: How did you prepare yourself for performing at Robert’s LaFette the following year?

Kourtney: Now when I really remember that time of my life I recall being 15. WOW. I can’t believe I actually passed for 18. The legal age at that time in TX was 18. So, my sister did my makeup.  She put a layer of liquid foundation on my face and let it dry.  We repeated the process several times until my beard was covered.  Then, using her frost makeup from, oh I don’t know TG&Y, she completed my look.  At the time I had NO wigs so we teased my short hair and made it as big as possible.  My first song to ever perform was Anne Murray’s “Snow Bird”. I’ve always loved her voice. Still love her music to this day. The show was a hit and I was immediately booked at The Kon Tiki which was the big bar on Galveston Island.

Caramel: Your original drag mother was Miss T who died of liver failure shortly after her own mother died. If you had the chance to tell her something right now, what would it be?

Kourtney: I forgive you for drinking yourself to death from a broken heart. I forgive you for showing me drugs and anonymous sex. I forgive you for letting me skip High School (and ultimately dropping out) and staying with you in Houston. I love you and I forgive you.

Caramel: Please tell me about your kids, Kourtney.

Kourtney: I have many “adopted gay kids” that I’ve nurtured and mentored through the years.  My one regret is that I have no biological children of my own.  Rian (Baby Rian, my oldest or first child) and Regine Simone (or Eric my second child) are like my actual children.  Even though logistically speaking the age difference makes it impossible.  I think they are drawn to my light as I am drawn to theirs. I would do ANYTHING for my angels.

Caramel: Are you attracted to other TS’s transsexuals and do you think you could be in a relationship with one?

Kourtney: I will be honest with you.  At one time I thought I may be a lesbian.  I was befriending many women and finding myself to be so incredibly comfortable with them I confused the joy and comfort of female companionship with my own sexuality.  Additionally, I have been a Sex Worker for so long I have, unfortunately, seen the very worst of men.  I’ve been with both women and men sexually.  Not a Transsexual.  I’ve had crushes on a few, but nothing more than flirting or kissing.  I’m very open to all things good and all loves. However, my first instinct is to be with a man.  That rarely works out in a favorable way.  If I met the right T-girl sure.  I would be okay with trying it out.  I find the older I get the more my life is about who makes it better. What they have between their legs is becoming less of an issue.

Caramel: Your father is a Vietnam veteran who was raised in what you describe as the DEEEPPP South of East Texas (riding on a red clay road, barefoot on a donkey to church). You knew you were transgender early in life. How did you two get on while you were in your teens and are you still in touch today?

Kourtney: For years my father and I were at a passive aggressive odds with one another.  Remember the time it was. The 70’s and 80’s. Being different was not so accepted in the part of Texas I grew up. There were no tools for him, my mother, or other family members (or myself for that matter) to connect with and nurture a child like me.  Now it’s so different.  There’s PFLAG in high schools now. Parents are recognizing their transgender children and helping them live their best lives. Today my father and I have an extremely loving and giving relationship. I’m so happy to have an opportunity to bless him every time I can. Not a day goes by we don’t think of each other and know our love is stronger today than ever. Not every transgender woman is so blessed.  To feel my father’s arms around me and to kiss his cheek as he tells me he misses me and loves me is something I would NEVER trade, nor give up.

Caramel: What was the most difficult obstacle in your life to overcome?

Kourtney: Living alone.  I’ve been single now for about 9 years.  It took me about 3 or 4 years to be completely comfortable with just me.  Okay, and my “Noah’s Ark” LOL.

In all seriousness, I find great peace in being alone.  Sure there are times when a warm body or another voice might be nice to have around.  With that being said, I’m older and very set in my ways now.  There’s no way in hell I will ever give someone “all of my marbles”, as they say.  If you aren’t almost like me in most respects, then I have no need for you.  Today I’m proud to say a relationship won’t complete me. It would simple brighten up my already amazing life.

Caramel: I’ve been to Metro in JAX, FL. You weren’t performing that night and I had no idea that you were doing shows there. I would have died that night if I’d seen you since I’ve been a fan for over twenty years, give or take. I’ve stayed at Parliament House in Orlando over a dozen times, but didn’t know you were a regular performer there. I first learned about you when I saw your box cover photo in a NYC adult bookstore. It was the first TS video I’d ever purchased and forgive me for dating us, but it was on VHS. I literally felt a void when you retired from adult films. Why did you quit the business?

Kourtney: Let me begin by saying how flattered I am.  I haven’t been to NYC in so long!  Okay, the first movies I was in were in fact VHS.  Obviously, since my first one was in 1990.  Yes, I’ve been in and out of the Adult Industry for almost 21 years.  I sometimes get bored of it.  I take it and I leave it.  I have more talents than just “having talents”.  I’ve left for relationships, to recover from addiction, or simply because it’s not conducive to my way of life at that time.  I am a creature who lives her best life at any given time, usually. So, kay sera sera.

Caramel: I’m a bit envious of younger transgenders about the fact that when I became of legal age, I didn’t have the Internet to assist in my issues with transition and dating as a transgender person. Eventually, I used the Web to work for me. When did you first begin to use the Internet to your advantage?

Kourtney: In my opinion the only advantage I get from the Internet is to book my traveling illusion show, and promote my blog and it’s affiliate links (18+).  I’ve tried dating sites.  I’m a member of two now, I think.  I get bored when it’s either only about sex, or “they” can’t read my requirements and I’m bombarded with unwanted emails.  Hmm.  I shouldn’t say the ONLY thing.  I do LOVE to surf Facebook. Who doesn’t?  I’ve reconnected with family and friends I’d long since lost. I’m from a different school, you know? I did everything the hard way, like everyone else my age. I suppose as with all things it’s what you do with it that defines you.

Caramel: When you first began your hormone therapy and experience the exhilaration at the slow and subtle yet definite changes to your body, were still at all frightened about being at the precipice of living as a woman for the rest of your life?

Kourtney: Of course. I think it most of us are apprehensive at first. Nerves and the lack of confidence can be very disabling.  Being raised male, how do you live female? What about my makeup, my facial hair, my body hair, etc, etc? It’s very scary AND exhilarating at once. Strange emotion.

Caramel: I love your recent work at Shemale Yum, Wendy Williams XXX, Shemale-Club and Interracial Tgirl Sex and it looks like you had a great time being photographed and filmed again. Your enormous fan base certainly appreciates your return. How was the experience of getting behind the camera for adult modeling again and what prompted you to get back in the adult scene?

Kourtney: It had been so long since I performed in front of a camera. I actually began working with Foxy Angel first just after I moved to FL for my new job at Metro in Jacksonville.  I was SO nervous, but very excited to be working as TS Kourtney again.  It wasn’t long before I rekindled my friendship with my long time producing partner, Wendy Williams.  She’s an AMAZING PR rep. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It was actually Wendy who booked and produced the entire weeks shoot with all these sites.  I’ve since gone to solo scenes for the time being. As I stated before, I do what I feel at any given time. For now, it’s only solo.  By the end of the week though I began to feel the pain.  An entire week or stills, video, behind the scenes, and webcam shows to promote the shoot will really wear you out. All in all it was a great experience. I’m scheduled to shoot another week in March. Looking forward to seeing Wendy again!

Caramel: Damn, Kourtney! I also loved your work for Shemale Strokers. If Sammy Mancini asked you to do a new shoot, would you do one and will we possible see you once again at Foxy Angel?

Kourtney: Yes, to both. Sammy is a great producer. He’s always made me feel very comfortable.  As for Foxy, she’s one of my dearest, closest friends.  I will always work with Angel.  For as long as she allows me to take over her kitchen. 🙂

Caramel: Your body is amazing. What do you do to maintain your girlish figure?

Kourtney: You mean besides silicone? I suppose you’d like the truth here. Okay. I do nothing. Honestly, nothing. My father has the body of a 35 year old and he’s 63.  It’s complete genetics. That and before a shoot or when I travel I try not to “smoke out” too much and I loose whatever I want.  I’m very very very blessed in that respect as well. Sorry girls…and thank you very much for the compliment.

Caramel: You’re welcome!  By the way, you happen to be a well-endowed girl with not only a world famous reputation as an impressionist, but you also possess a world famous fully functional penis. Have you ever seriously considered SRS through the years, Kourtney?

Kourtney: No and no.  If I wouldn’t have found drag, then maybe.  Although I could live a comfortable life with a vagina, I actually don’t mind my penis. It’s not the body part that makes me whole.  It’s me.

Caramel: I think you’re beautiful from head to toe, but I think that no one has prettier eyes or a hotter set of legs than you anywhere. What do your other fans tell you they love about your looks the most and what are your favorite attributes?

Kourtney: That is so sweet. I truly am flattered by the compliment.  As for fans: 1) my legs, 2) my eyes, 3) my lips.  As for me: I like my eyes and legs too.  I don’t like my silicone lips, tits or face.  I would love nothing more than to have it all removed.

Caramel: We’ll have to agree to disagree on that, but let me stop fawning over you before my readers think I’ve gone 100% transbian. You’ve said that you and Wendy Williams, who I adore, is your non-sexual life partner. How long have you two been friends and is it safe to assume that you’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together?

Kourtney: Wendy is my life long BFF.  As with anyone who is TRULY a friend and not just an acquaintance we share EVERY emotion.  It’s honest love and acceptance when you can tell someone “you’re pissin’ me off” and then tell them “I’m hungry let’s go eat”, and she says “me too I’m buying. Now leave me alone, Bitch”. A friendship is all things. Good, bad, up and down. Wendy is honest, truthful, and sometimes giving/trusting to a fault (just like me) and we both don’t mind throwing down. We have each other’s back. Friendship. Sisterhood. It’s more rare than not. Especially today.

Caramel: To look at your figure, one would not think of you as a “foodie” but I know you have a passion for cooking. Do you follow shows like “The Food Network” to get new ideas for your culinary repertoire?

Kourtney: Yes I sure do.  My favorite show is “Barefoot Contessa” with Ina Garten. Brilliant!!  I also use my mom’s recipes as is and sometimes revamp them. I’m so passionate about cooking I usually just start and see where it leads me.  On my fan page at Facebook you can find my own recipes under discussion.

Caramel:  I love Ina, too and I’m loving your recipes. Kourtney, My last question for you is, what do you have to say to the new generation of adults just beginning their journey with transitioning into women?

Kourtney: I have so many things I would love to say to each and every one of them/you.  I don’t, however, have all the time in the world.  I will say this. FIRST AND FOREMOST finish your laser/electrolysis hair removal FIRST. Be true to yourself.  Listening to others opinions about who and what you should be and do may lead to an unfortunate existence. You are worth great things in this life.  Always remember, it’s up to YOU to take what you want from you life. Settling will leave you feeling left out and WITHout.  Again I say, “YOU DESERVE GREAT THINGS”.  Please care for how you speak to and treat people.  You’re actions will linger for longer than anticipated. Sometimes a life time.  Finally, take your time. It takes girls YEARS to become women. You are no exception.  Love you for you are worth loving.  ~Kourt xoxo

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  1. Joe says:

    What an introduction! You can really tell you admire her because you are so enthusiastic about her story.

    Do you know anything else about the near death experiences? I’m always fascinated by that stuff.

    Another great interview tho – well done Cara 🙂

    • Thank you, Joe. I’m glad that my admiration got across. I find anything paranormal fascinating and I’ll ask Kourtney, but her experiences might have been to terrifyingly close to home and real. I’ve never even broken a bone (knock on wood).

  2. Charles says:

    Hi Kourtney, how amazing you are! My favourite! Just watched Kourtney’s beach pickup. Love it! You have all; fantastic body, long red polished nails and that dick. Amazing dick. Do you shoot movies with fans because might you, we will have a lovely time.

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