Interview With Mallory of Mallory’s Feet

September 9, 2009


Mallory is a 21 year old blue-eyed blonde American tgirl standing at 5’6″, 125lbs, 34-29-34 and her dress size is 5. She wears a size 9 women’s shoe on her perfect high-arched feet and her focus is on turning us on as America’s premier foot fetish princess. She listens mostly to 90′s alternative, hip-hop and top 40 hits and likes horror movies, comedy, porn and trashy reality tv. If you took her out to eat, she’d most likely love you to treat her to seafood and she also loves ice cream, candy and Red Bull and likes getting her drink and smoke on, too.

Caramel: Hi, Mallory. When I first found out about you, you hadn’t started the website ventures. You told me you were going to do it and you did it!. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment and do you now earn enough money from your web presence to make a good living and make it your sole means of income?

Mallory: Yeah I *FINALLY* did it! Feels great to be doing what I had originally planned to do. I’m not rich at all–but the site certainly does help me out!

Caramel: When did you first start dressing?

Mallory: I was always curious about women’s clothing and fashion. I remember being 5 and going through my mom’s hamper and putting on her pantyhose haha.

Caramel: I was about the same age and I always got found out. At any rate, What kind of guys are you into, or are you into girls also?

Mallory: I like both. I prefer men who are more mature than me, that have an insatiable fetish for feet and/or hosiery. Not into young “buff” guys who think they can get whatever they want. Ew. As for girls, you just have to be as hot (or HOTTER) than me…head to toes. I go for the total package with ladies!

Caramel: What is it about feet that turns you on?

Mallory: They’re just fun, and off limits usually. It’s an erogenous zone…if you ever had a stranger accidentally touch your feet, it’s a very invasive feeling isn’t it? That invasive feeling turns to pleasure with me.

Caramel: I know the feeling and love it too. There’s a fantastic natural moisturizer I know you like to use as much as I do. So, what’s your favorite thing about foot play? What do you like to have done to your feet the most?

Mallory: ANYTHING. haha, come up with it, i will probably like it!

Caramel: Well, I’ve recently had a foot fetishist worship my feet and I patted myself on the back for all those pedicures and sleeping alone in cotton socks and lotion many nights. What do you prefer more; your toes sucked on or your soles licked?

Mallory: Can I say both? LOL a mix of both.

Caramel: What’s your favorite color pantyhose?

Mallory: Black sheer to waist pantyhose!

Caramel: They contrast well with you skin tone. What’s your ethnic background, Mallory?

Mallory: German/White

Caramel: How do you keep so fit and thin? Do you have some sort of diet or workout?

Mallory: HELL no. :)

Caramel: How do you keep your skin so smooth?

Mallory: I am blessed with minimal body hair anyway, I just shave very carefully every 2 days and use lotion. I don’t bother with the expensive shit, because honestly, it doesn’t matter.

Caramel: Another question specifically for the premier tgirl foot fetish princess; What are your favorite kind of shoes to wear?

Mallory: Flip flops, or clear platforms =)

Caramel: What’s your favorite nail polish?

Mallory: OPI makes the best nail polish in the best colors. I prefer bright/girly/funky colors over the generic red. But red always works well too =)

Caramel: Younger foot fetishists seem to prefer the funkier colors while older ones prefer vampy red. Are you ticklish?

Mallory: YES…like EVERYWHERE haha.

Caramel: Do you smoke cigarettes?

Mallory: Yes I do. Currently Marlboro reds cuz I don’t give a fuck. Obviously haha.

Caramel: Weed too?

Mallory: Hay hay hay, smoke weed, everyday.

Caramel: You’re great with HTML and CSS. How did you learn your website building skills?

Mallory: Well I did a lot of fan sites for bands I liked in middle school. I was that nerdy kid that spent the summers updating/producing fan sites for rock bands. LOL.

Caramel: Your geek time payed off well. I know you can’t stand being labeled but do you consider yourself transgendered?

Mallory: No, honestly I don’t want to be affiliated with the culture. I want to stand out. I’m just a boy that is pretty, and I make no other excuses for my feminine look.

Caramel: Thanks for being so candid with me. Last question; what turns you on the most?

Mallory: FEEEEEET. hahaha. and hosiery.

Caramel: That’s what your fans will get plenty of. Your photo sets and videos are incredibly hot!  Thanks again, Mallory. My blog here has tons of foot fetishists and I hope our interview will bring more traffic to Mallory’s  Feet.

Mallory: Thanks for the interview, Cara. It was a blast!

13 thoughts on “Interview With Mallory of Mallory’s Feet

    • Not necessarily. As gorgeous as Mallory is, I don’t think she has gay guys going after her. As friends maybe, but it probably ends there.

  1. matej says:

    A cd from Croatia,Europe here. Oh,I sooooo wish I was as self-confident as Mallory. I’m pretty much into the same stuff yet not confident enough.
    I have been thinking of doing some amateur modelling as a crossdresser a long while back but got it on hold for now…but it still lingers there in the back of my mind and I think Mallory might just be that inspiration I’ve been waiting for. Mallory,never change for anyone/thing and keep inspiring us who would like to become just like you 🙂
    Greetings from Croatia to Cara and Mallory 🙂 xoxo

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