Interview With Michelle Austin

November 15, 2011

Caramel: When you were growing up in a small, conservative Baptist town near Houston, Texas, the oldest of five kids, you came out as a teen as gay. However, at 18, while watching the world famous drag MC Erica Andrews perform at Toyz Disco, you had the chance to meet her and drum up a conversation. Erica was the first transsexual you’d ever met. When you found that you identified with her strongly, was that the beginning of your realization that you were not gay but a transsexual as well?

Michelle: Yes, I did see that I was trans and not gay at that time. I know a lot of girls said they knew they were girls from a young age. It never hit me like that. Now that I am older, I see that as a kid I felt like a girl because I was always playing with the girls, hated boy toys and sports. I was always feminine as a boy but growing up and during puberty I tried to cover that up.

Caramel: You grew up in a small conservative town near Houston, Texas. I’ve lived in the South for almost a decade and can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to come out as gay as a youth, let alone as a transsexual. You were raised by your father until your stepmother joined in to help raise you. How did they take the news about both revelations?

Michelle: Well, I didn’t transition in Texas, I moved away from my family to transition. I didn’t see them for three years of my transition and I think it was about a year into my transition that I told my grandma. She took it good, I guess but what really helped my family through my coming out as gay and then as a transsexual was the pastor of our church. He had been a psychologist before he went into ministry, so he helped them to understand I was born this way. I will say if it was not for him I don’t know how close my family would be with me now. He showed them that I was very special and changed my life. It’s so sad he is no longer with us, but up till he passed away he would email me and tell me all the time how special I was and that God had made me this way for a reason. So, from then on I have lived my life knowing I am special in all my flaws!

My father took some time to come around but it was not until he was transferring our home movies to DVDs that he realized I was born this way. I am very close with my whole immediate family. I visit as much as I can and spend holidays with them.

Caramel: When you began performing as a drag artist, did you have support from others with your transition or were you pretty much on your own?

Michelle: I had tons of support. So many helped me that I feel blessed and to this day I try to help anyone I can in their transition, why I teach seminars at transgendered conventions, and am working on a memories of my life and advice.

Caramel: Were you a licensed hairstylist back then or did that come later?

Michelle: When I realized it was going to be hard for me to get work after being trans, I said I would go back to school for a profession that would accept my transition. It was the greatest thing for me and I thrived at it. I went to the Aveda Institute of Houston and after I graduated moved to Chicago where I worked in a salon for 8 years before they shut down. I worked at another Aveda salon before I retired from that industry due to medical issues.

Caramel: I read that you did Brittany St Jordan‘s makeup for Shemale Pornstar during the past summer. Are you still doing hair and makeup for others?

Michelle: I love doing hair and makeup. I do all my own stuff, I never let producers pay for that because I do it just fine. But this past year I worked on a lot of shoots for Hazel Tucker’s site and then with Brittany. I love doing it and plan on doing it more with girls on my site. I did Belle Minet who is a new girl featured on my site.

Caramel: Very impressive work. What influenced you to move to Chicago?

Michelle: I love the city, it’s one of the most beautiful places to live. If it was not for the snow and winters I’d still be there!

Caramel: You must have had a blast hosting last year’s 3rd Annual Tranny Awards. I’ve heard nothing but raves about how well you did. Did you have fun with it?

Michelle: I felt honored and blessed to have done Tranny Awards. Steven Grooby has been a huge supporter of all I do and I think I impressed him and so many others. I am an entertainer, I have been MCing events for a long time. I love doing it, I love interacting with the audience! I must say though that the Tranny Awards were very intimidating, no one really knew who I was in the industry but they sure did after! I hope to be the host at 4th Annual Tranny Awards so we will see!

Caramel: I’ll be rooting for you. You’d only moved permanently to Los Angeles a short while before you hosted the ceremony. Was Texas really a dead end for you as far as your adult career was concerned?

Michelle: Yes, it was! If I wanted to do this I had to go into all in or nothing. I had moved only weeks before the Tranny Awards.

Caramel: Your February 2011 Shemale Yum debut shot by the amazing JP Ewing in Austin, Texas created quit a stir. But when you were 22, you declined the offer to model for the site. What made you change your mind several years later?

Michelle: I was ready I guess you could say. I had found myself, I was comfortable in my body and accepting of myself as a trans woman. At 22 I was facing so many things in my life to even consider this industry. I am glad I am now into the biz at 31 and not 22. I don’t know how barely legal girls come into this industry; they have not found themselves and here they are exposing themselves to the world. And in the end I see that they are mostly jaded and have this hate towards men, which I find sad. I encourage girls to do this when they are at least 21 and even then I would say wait till you are ready. I know so many of my girlfriends who have shot for Yum and years later want that all taken down and never want to be known from that. They were young and not knowing what they wanted and did it and then regretted it. Where as I have no regrets now, I accept the industry!

Caramel: You then appeared at Shemale Strokers. Who shot you for that appearance?

Michelle: Josh shot me for Strokers. It was so much fun, I got to show an edgy side of me with Strokers. I don’t think it went well with Stroker fans but I get guys to this day telling me its one of the hottest solo scenes they have seen. I also know being the body size that I am not everyone is going to want to watch me, and will post hateful things, instead of just not watching!

Caramel: Who did your amazing sets for TGirl Pinups?

Michelle: The amazing Nick Milo from SMC Productions. Wow, what an honor to work with such an amazing artist. He just made me feel great and was so professional. We had fun shooting that set! They took a chance with having me on there, it took a lot of talks to get them to shoot me.

Caramel: What sort of scenes do you enjoy doing more, solo or hardcore?

Michelle: I love both a lot. Solos I am great at because I have no problems talking to the camera and turning people on! That can be seen in my Strokers video. Hardcores are fun because I can interact with another person and I get to show off my amazing dick sucking skills!

Caramel: Yummy! So, when did you begin actually dating boys and when did you have your first sexual experience?

Michelle: I had sex with a boy at 12, he was the same age as me. I started dating guys at 16, I have never been attracted enough to women to date them. My first experience with a woman was with Delilah Black on my website. It was fun and I plan on doing more with women on my site.

Caramel: It’s hot seeing you swimming in the “lady pond” from time to time. But when it comes to relationships, would you consider yourself a versatile girl who prefers versatile guys?

Michelle: I would totally say that! I love a man that likes to switch as much as I do! It’s more fun that way, why be secluded to just one preference!!!

Caramel: Keep as many options open as possible, I always say. Some transsexuals don’t like men to pay attention to their penis. Do you mind it?

Michelle: I love it!!! It turns me on to look down and see a man sucking my cock!

Caramel: I turns me on to see anyone sucking my cock! But, I digress. Many transsexuals can’t undergo female hormones due to health reasons. I understand that you’re not on a hormone regime. Is that because of physical conflict with the drugs?

Michelle: It has to do with my doctor’s concern with my family’s medical history. My grandmother on my Mom’s side passed away to breast cancer and my grandmother on my Dad’s side is a survivor. Now that I am in my 30’s, I am at a high risk to get it with hormones enhancing those chances. So, I chose to get off them. We are looking for other options but as of right now I have been off a year and half.

Caramel: A lot of people think that one must be on hormone regime to be a transsexual and don’t realize that taking hormones can be not only dangerous to some, but in some cases lethal. Now there’s something I consider quite wonderful about a MTF transsexual who is not on hormones. You’re fully functional I see.

Michelle: Yes, I am!

Caramel: I’m a tall girl at 5’10” and must admit that I’m envious that you’re only 5’6″. When you first began your transition, do your height made it a bit easier to “pass” in public than it might be for taller transsexuals?

Michelle: Oh, I think it did. I also think since I never was skinny and had natural curves as a male it made it easy to transition too. I had a body of majority of women in America.

Caramel: You and I already know there’s a big market for BBWTS’s but not everyone in the industry or who follows it does. Do you think it working other BBWTS’s and with genetic BBW’s in the industry as you’re doing at The Official Michelle Austin Website will help get the word out to a broader range of people?

Michelle: I hope so. I see it more and more everyday on BBW Support sites and forums that their is a want for it. I plan on changing that, and making it something that makes me lots of money! I have been told “NO” a lot in this biz and I am tired of “NO!” I feel like I am a beautiful trans woman and my size does not make that any different. I will be the first BBWTS to win an AVN and XBiz, I promise you that! I am doing this for the other girls who have been told “NO” too!

Caramel: Did you ever consider undergoing SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery)?

Michelle: Nope, I have no desire for SRS. I know who I am and what’s between my legs make me no less of a person. I am a transsexual woman, you either take it or leave it. Just like being BBW, you either take it or you leave it!

Caramel: Do you have any particular kinks and are you into BDSM at all?

Michelle: I love Watersports and Cum Swapping but not into the BDSM world that much.

Caramel: I saw a photo of you with Chaz Bono. How did you meet Chaz and was he as nice in person as he seems to be?

Michelle: He was at a transgendered convention I was teaching at in Chicago. He was their keynote speaker. He is an amazing person and truly a kind person. I am happy for him and it’s nice to see a transgendered person in the spotlight to shine more light on our lives.

Caramel: Me too. Alright now, back to porn. How can fans purchase your DVD?

Michelle: Right now they can only purchase my DVD through my site. I am planning on getting distributor to release my next DVDs. Since, I produce all my own content.

Caramel: You seem to be a blend of country girl and city girl. What kind of music do you listen to?

Michelle: I listen to everything! I grew up on country music and loved Dolly Parton and Reba. Then as a teen I became a punk and ska kid, and as an adult was big into pop. So if you listen to my iTunes it’s all over the place. Lately, on rotation is Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Caramel: You launched Sister Dick Radio in November of 2010 to interview tgirls in the adult industry, to help them promote their work and to review DVDs and products. It’s been on hiatus, but will you be bringing it back in full force someday?

Michelle: Yes, I have been so focused on my site that I had to set SDR on the side but it will be coming back. I am in process of getting new equipment to make it better and have girls lined up and ready to do interviews. Girls are coming to me and wanting to be on my show, so I feel honored. I think the Tranny Awards helped me in that sense of gaining the respect of the girls in the industry, that they want to come interview with me. I know Morgan tells me all the time I am great at it and should be doing interview on MTV or something!

Caramel: You were in a relationship before you went into adult work. How did your guy take it when you told him you didn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship?

Michelle: Oh we were in a non-monogamous relationship before I went into adult work. We have been that way since we first started dating.

Caramel: Prior to relocating to California, you were based in Texas and Chicago. Concerning escorting, what are some of the notable differences in regards to cultural acceptances, income and laws?

Michelle: When I lived in Chicago I escorted very little and was out of my element at that time. I really started doing it as a profession when I moved to Austin, which was only months before I shot my first shoot for Shemale Yum. I think everywhere laws are pretty much the same but income was better at first in L.A. But after a few mouths it wore off. I now do more touring.

Caramel: In regards to sex, are your clients seeking your services as a top or bottom? Maybe I should tell people what that means. I’m not using BDSM terminology, but describing the aggressive/passive roles in this case. A top is a person who is doing what a male would normally do. A bottom is a person who does what a woman would normally do.

Michelle: I am going to say 80 percent of my clients are oral only. But I find that it’s a mix and I dont mind either or.

Caramel: My estimate is way off! I’d have thought 80 percent would want to go all the way. At any rate, many clients who hire the services of a transsexual consider themselves to be 100% straight and I have no arguments there. We know that gay men don’t like us “that way”. What are your thoughts on this?

Michelle: I think labels are labels. When you let labels run your life you will never be happy. I tell people all the time don’t let your sex life be determined by a label. Sex should be a feeling you enjoy, not a gay or straight thing.

Caramel: What are some of the common services you offer that clients simply adore?

Michelle: My oral skills, I think surprises a lot of guys. Also, I never rush and I give them the girlfriend experience.

Caramel: Let’s say you’re with a new client and it’s his first time with a transsexual. How do you put his mind at ease?

Michelle: We talk and have conversation. Eventually I will touch his leg and tell him to relax, nine times out of ten that works!

Caramel: Why did you become an escort and what was the process of weighing the pros and cons like for you?

Michelle: Why not? I had a real job, I worked my ass off in the hair industry and never got the money I make now. Once I got comfortable doing it, I realized I can do this!

Caramel: Have you ever felt threatened by a client?

Michelle: Yes, but it’s very rare. I think they are scared of me more! I am teasing.

Caramel: What would readers be surprised to learn about the business?

Michelle: That if you are not in it because you like doing it, then don’t do it.

Caramel: Did a client ever fall for you or vice versa?

Michelle: I have never fallen because I have someone I love, but I have had a client fall for me. I had to cut him off, I felt bad, but I am not what he wants and I can’t keep leading him on with my services.

Caramel: Are people often openly judgmental about your adult work?

Michelle: Well the majority of people in my life don’t know. To my family and friends I am a makeup artist.

Caramel: What’s the biggest misconception about the business?

Michelle:  About film: That you will make millions of dollars. You won’t don’t do it for the money. Escorting: That we see 20 clients a day.

Caramel: Are clients expected to tip?

Michelle: No, it’s rare that I get a tip. Usually that only comes from big ballers. The majority of my clients are average Joes wanting some attention from a beautiful transsexual.

Caramel: The following question took awhile to develop because I don’t want to get into detail about how much money you make. This is an interview, but I don’t want to ge all up in your business. Is the money good? I mean, really good? Let’s say you stopped. Would it have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle if you quit?

Michelle: It’s not amazing for me. The more that my porn career gets bigger the increase in work I get, but I don’t make a lot. I make enough to live comfortably.

Caramel: Any regrets?

Michelle: No. I never live in regret. I look at everything as learning experiences.

Caramel: You’re a girl after my own heart. So, are you working on any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Michelle: Lots of stuff for my site and touring and shooting new BBWTS for my site. I am really wanting to do a BBWTS Parody DVD in 2012, so that is in the works!

Caramel: I’m looking forward to seeing it!

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  1. Tom says:

    Wonderful interview! You see the side of Michelle that I’ve been so fortunate to get to know over the past several months. She is truly a sweetheart and one of the most open and honest people I know. She’s like a little sister to me, love her so much! Kick ass babygirl!

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