Interview with Miss KoKo Beans

December 29, 2016

    In November of 2016, I presented an interview with KoKo’s wife Amy Spacekitten. At that time, KoKo granted me an interview as well. Since then, they were nominated Best Cam Couple by the AVN Awards. I wasn’t at all surprised about that nomination as I’m a huge fan of and

    I also wasn’t surprised about KoKo’s Transgender Erotica Awards ( nomination for Ms. Unique or about Amy’s Best Scene Producer nomination. Voting is now closed for the TEA nominees but is still open.   

Caramel: Since this interview is starting on a very special day (December 12, 2016), Happy Birthday! More congratulations are do because of last week’s AVN Awards nomination for Best Cam Couple with Amy Spacekitten! How excited are you about that?

KoKo: I’m feeling pretty excited. I’m really excited to meet more porn stars and other SW attending the event!

Caramel: In my interview with Amy Spacekitten, she told us about her surprise proposal to you. What can you tell me about it that I don’t know? I’m in the mood to hear something romantic and even funny.

KoKo: She caught me off guard during the party. I was in disbelief when she got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. Quick fact about the party. I have never seen that many types of cheese in one house before. All of our friends brought varies array of cheese and I couldn’t have been happier!

Caramel: I’ve often raved about and you’ve been featured sites including Black-TGirls five times including a hardcore scene with a lucky and cute male star named Morgan:

On Shemale.XXX six times including hardcore scenes with Vance White and Vivian:

And with Amy on TGirls.Porn.

With Bailey Jay in 2014, and several other incredible independent performers.

In what medium of work do you feel most comfortable?

KoKo: I feel most comfortable on camshows. I feel it is the platform where I have the most control on artistic expression. Amy and I can bring in other models and can give an awesome performance to live audience and get immediate feedback.

Caramel: Were you born and raised in Philly?

KoKo: I was born in Lancaster, PA. When I met Amy I decided to move in with her and I never looked back.

Caramel: When did you first begin to realize that you might be trans?

KoKo: What is trans? I have always been a female goddess.

Caramel: Well, alright. Who did you first tell and what were the reactions like?

KoKo: Told my Dad and he told me I’d never be beautiful and I was ruining my life.

Caramel: Damn. No support from mine either. Did you lose any friends or family relationships because of your transition?

KoKo: Yes.

Caramel: Ditto. What sort of kid were you like in school? What was your schooling and childhood like?

KoKo: Went to a Mennonite school. I was a very quiet and awkward kid. I didn’t have many friends growing up.

Caramel: As an experienced Dominatrix, why do you think some men get pleasure from feeling powerless, seek out being blackmailed, or just in need someone else to control their lives?

KoKo: Some men have a void in their life they’re trying to fill with a feminine presence or some guilt they feel they need to give back.

Caramel: Is the level of difficulty much harder as a Dominatrix in real life as it is online and which is more financially rewarding? Which is more emotionally rewarding?

KoKo: Only comment I will make on this is screen people prior to meeting them and always protect yourself. A lot of these are secrets between Amy and I about how we conduct business online and in person. Emotional rewards have no place in business.

Caramel: What did you do for a living before getting into the adult industry?

KoKo: I was a seasonal Target employee.

Caramel: I did that overnight many moons ago. Where can we find all of your independent adult work?

KoKo: On and GalPal productions.

We are reformatting TDC right now and most of our work is down momentarily. There will be new content soon!

Caramel: Let me know when and I’ll help get the word out. What came first for you, independent films or webcam performances?

KoKo: Webcam performances.

Caramel: I saw a 21 speed bike on your wish list. I just started biking again recently and I’m hooked on it. Do you have a bike now and ride a lot?

KoKo: No, it was stolen in North Philly. 

Caramel: I’m sorry to hear that. I also saw both iPhone and Samsung brands on your wish list. You like both? With most people I know, unlike myself, it’s usually one or the other.

KoKo: No preferences on phones. I’ve accidentally destroyed both.

Caramel: What games do you like playing?

KoKo: Right now I’m playing through the Special edition of Skyrim. I like RPGs, Sandbox. and Shooters!

Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to?

KoKo: Amy has me hooked on electro swing. I like Mac Demarco, Wavves, Little Dragon, Caravan Palace, and Dance Gavin Dance!

Caramel: Do you have any favorite books or movies?

KoKo: American Psycho and David Lynch films.

Caramel: What else do you like doing for fun off camera?

KoKo: Trying new foods, meeting new people and playing video games!

Caramel: Are you going to be attending both the AVN Awards and the TEA Awards this year?

KoKo: Both Amy and I are trying to attend both events this year. The AVN didn’t even tell us we were nominated (we found out from another model congratulating us). Going to do our best to make it out to both!

Caramel: Describe yourself in five words.

KoKo: Black Cat Black Cat Black

Thank you for reading my interview with Miss KoKo Beans. You can see more of her on Twitter at @MissKoKobeans, on,, and in an upcoming TGirls.Porn video and photo set with Envy Devereaux Seven!