Interview with Morena Black Pt. 2

September 22, 2016

Twitter: @tsMorenaBlack

Rest In Peace, Morena 2/27/19

My first interview with Morena Black was published on February 11, 2015 on I requested an update her with her on Caramel’s TGirls because she’s done a lot of incredible work since then and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Morena since then.  I even shot some photos of her with our mutual friend Kiersten Bunnz who did an interview with me on  

 I thought she was absolutely gorgeous on webcam and in major studio performances.  In person, she’s even more striking.  

Morena with @TSKierstenBunnz Photo by @tscaramel Artwok by @thesupermentrap

Morena Black with @TSKierstenBunnz Photo by @tscaramel Artwork by @thesupermentrap

I hope you’ll enjoy my follow-up interview with Morena Black.


Caramel: One of the things we discussed was your interest in queer porn and working with sites like CrashPad Series and  How did this interest develop?

Morena: Filming so much with other tgirls really got me into watching more porn like that, and every now and then the term ‘queer porn’ gets thrown about and it’s like ‘hey, this is the indie scene of the porn world’.  It’s something you’ve got to pay attention to because quite a few models that cross over between both scenes, and cam stars too.


Caramel: Ten years ago if you’d told me you wanted to stay in Florida and have a successful adult industry career, would have thought you were delusional.  However, it seems that there’s a strong resurgence of all-inclusive porn in the Sunshine State.  Are you feeling a stronger adult industry presence building here?

Morena: I want to say I do, but it’s still so very limited.  However, I do feel like the potential is here, and that’s also a piece of what I see from smaller entities putting out content through unconventional channels.  The area above the Okeechobee is still really underdeveloped in a sense that it’s a different Florida.  I don’t blame people for moving away.  Doing business here is a different ball game than say, being in California, Seattle, or Texas.  The amount of cool places to film in, though?  The possibilities are endless, with enough bug spray and sunscreen! That I’ll fully exploit to my advantage.

Caramel: I couldn’t help notice that you have no problem traveling to other states for work however. You flew out to Las Vegas to shoot with Christian XXX of Pure-TS who you also worked with around the 2016 TEA (Transgender Erotica Awards) ceremony.  



You also had an intense foursome with Nikki Montero, Tiffany Starr and Trixxy Von Tease in your first T-Orgy which is shot annually by Ecstatic (Ernie).




You recently worked in Pennsylvania for webcam shows on Chaturbate with, @MissKokoBeans, @AmySpacekitten, and @jittanybrane.  You also did a killer Shemale Strokers set.

Caramel: Aside from the obvious; horny people wanting to see them, how did these shoots develop?

Morena: Porn magic is a real thing, because that’s what caused all those shoots to happen!  Every time I look at the results from a shoot, I say ‘wow this is even better than the last one’.  Shooting so much has enabled me to get years’ worth of experience in a short time.  I really hope these shoots are happening because I’m doing something right!

Caramel: You’re definitely doing something right, plus you’re stunning in person. Can you tell us about how that bukkake ending in the T-Orgy went down?

Morena: Omg, so that was really intense and unplanned.  I just got done being plowed and spit roasted by everyone in the room, basically, and we couldn’t decide how to end it.  I personally couldn’t think much because I was in the middle of a fantasy being played out there and was in dreamland but the facial destruction ending came about and everyone agreed it was a good idea but when the time came for a volunteer I only let one beat skip before I was like, “I’ll do it!”  The perfect way to break in the new girl!

Caramel: I love that story. Who are some of the stars you met during the 2016 TEA’s that you didn’t get to work with, but blew you away. Who did you fan out over?

Morena: Venus Lux, Honey Foxx, Jane Marie, Kylie Maria, I mean I could go on!  Every single time I turned my head, someone I recognized was right there.  The extremely popular folks have this aura, it’s like the energy everyone gives them reflects back out, it’s very amazing.  I got to co-present an award with Stefani Special, and I handed the award to Eddie Wood!  I have such a schoolgirl crush on him.  I’m glad Grooby throws the TEA’s because it really puts a face on the entire scene.


Caramel: Imagine that you get to set up your next video shoot and can pick any performers you want to work with – as many as you like. Who would you contact?

Morena: A birthday train where forty tgirls line up and each take me!  Alas, a dream scenario.  I can say the foursome’s I’ve been in have felt just as close to that!

Caramel: Without telling us more about them than they’d like us to know, what can you tell us about some of the most mysterious producers you’ve met and worked with?

Morena: I’ve got to say, I was actually surprised in the most pleasant way with everyone I’ve met,  The guys I put on a pedestal, though?  Everything I imagined!  Definitely left permanent impressions on me.


Caramel: Your background is Brazilian and Puerto Rican and you claim Native American officially because you have a very large percentage of Taino heritage. But you seem to have been branded as a “black tgirl” which must be pretty annoying since it doesn’t aptly describe the totality of who you are.

Morena: That is actually one of my largest pet peeves, however a reality I’ve taken creative approach to. Spanish is my first language, but I’m embarrassingly bad at it from disuse.  I’ve warmed up to people having a fantasy of me, the mixed girl with a huge black she cock, and that’s okay.  In the end, maybe I’m just all American and anyone can interpret my race however they’d like.  Who knows?  It could actually be a gift if wielded correctly, appeal to almost everyone because they all can see something they like in me.

Caramel: When we did our first interview, you were involved in a polyamorous relationship with another trans girl, Chelsea Marie, and a man.  As far as porn couples go, the transbian part of the relationship was highly publicized on various websites including AllTGirls.XXX, TGirls.Porn, Scene #01 of Rogue Adventures #43 and live on Chaturbate.  I don’t wish to go into private details about the breakup, but have you found that the phrase “time heals all wounds” applies to this situation?

Morena: Everyone only gets half of a story, and that’s real unfortunate because only one part of the dynamic was publicized, because I keep a fierce self-preservation of my private life.  I actually had a blast and feel like it was amicable in a sense, just two gals being pals. 😉


Caramel: What do you prefer more, shooting content for your site or camming with your fans?

Morena: Camming in fact very often has its moments, like when everyone is interacting and I get to feed off the energy going on.  Shooting has a personal excitement to it.  It always feels like a real life interaction, that’s the way I like to have it.  It’s just like acting, easy to lose myself with a camera in front of me.  Everything I do now prepares me for that.  Feeling natural.


Caramel: We met one another in Orlando shortly after the horrible Pulse shooting.  On Twitter you stated that you weren’t going to comment on the tragedy until it became too close to home both figuratively and literally. What was it that happened that affected you most personally?

Morena: It was so weird because it hit a lot of Puerto Rican families.  The whole island seemed to take notice.  It’s such a small place in reality, even though it is it’s own world down there.  I have seen that they erected a memorial for the Orlando victims in Puerto Rico, and considering the grudging attitude that the mainly Catholic island has towards its LGBT(especially the T, trust me) it made Orlando very close to home.

Caramel: Do you have anything to say about the raging trans bathroom debate?

Morena: On my Twitter feed, I actually posted a photo of me outside a public North Carolina rest stop bathroom (which, to no one’s harm, I was able to use), right after it was decided they’d just outlaw it there.  To live in an era where it’s okay to change your gender marker to the federal government, but are discouraged from using the bathroom in your town, just makes the whole ‘visibility’ thing the very trouble those who preceded us were trying so hard to prevent.

Caramel: How does it make you feel when a mainstream network puts their trans content in the fetish category?

Morena: It’s tough.  It really is tough.  I get that the demographic that watches trans porn is much larger than the actual trans demographic, but I feel like since porn usually decides the direction of public opinion, why not just normalize trans?  Perhaps the word that trans people are years behind the rest of the LGB acronym is a true thing.  I don’t want to fault the companies, though, in general it’s still a very risky move.  The public is still super hostile towards trans people, no matter how much we get in the media.

Caramel: There’s a popular porn star activist who used to annoy me with her ranting over the term “shemale” until I recently began to understand and embrace her way of thinking.  I couldn’t help notice that one of the studios she works with frequently uses the keyword on their website.  I saw that as a conflict of interest, but realized it’s more about inclusion and exclusion now, and not the language as much.  I also happen to love that porn star to bits now after a brief yet wonderful chat. Do you think that slurs are the most important thing trans actors should be worried about?

Morena: I had seen this transformation of porn terms being formed into ‘slurs’ and I can get why these words upset people.  Used by the wrong person in the wrong context, it’s degrading.  Is it what’s keeping us in the fetish categories?  I can’t say with full honesty it’s super important.  In dirty talk, I’d like to be called some things, as long as there is an undertone to respect for my gender.  I think what the words mean in that sense get drowned out in people using them as slurs against us.  I guess all positions have merit there.

Caramel: Describe the best way to turn you on.

Morena: I like sensual touching. The kind you get after sharing a bottle of wine with some Netflix in the background! Folks would call it ‘heavy petting’ which I think is such a cute term for it! I speak with my eyes too, I can’t help it. I love being in that moment, because where else am I, anyway?

Caramel: The five things within touching distance of your bed are…?

Morena: Lube, a lamp, my PS3 controller, clock, and my drawer full of big toys. I moonlight as as anal acrobat 😉

Caramel: Ha! What’s the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Morena: The Supermen @thesupermentrap have been so nice to me, even using me as their banner for their Twitter page! To call them “fans” is the wrong word, but ‘friends’ fit better! Things being bought off my wishlist have warmed my heart, as well. There is such a down-to-earth vibe between the interaction I have with those who like what I do.

Caramel: You’re given $10.,000 under one condition: You cannot keep the money for yourself. Who or what charity would you give it to?

Morena: I’d throw a raffle and get a few lucky trans girls a boob job! I think we’re the only piece of the population where some plastic surgery can save our life.

Caramel: We cracked each other up discussing sissy porn, while neither of us are offended by it. However, we agreed that there is an overstepping of boundaries between sissies and trans women. For instance, one of my pet peeves is seeing trans in sissy captions and memes in my Twitter feed. I love feminization, but I don’t like seeing trans and sissies categorized together unless it involves something I might do in my free time. Is this social media trend getting on your nerves, too?

Morena: You know you’ve hit the big time when one of your porn pictures gets used as a sissy caption! The stuff they say over the pictures is sometimes downright harmful and could directly hurt a trans person. I know on more than one time I’ve looked at one and just been like, ‘wow do (insert number or reblogs) people think of me like this?” So it just goes to show normalization is still a ways off.

Caramel: If you had to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Morena: I wish I could go back to being a kid and having a bit more balls to be a girl, as ironic as that sounds. Seeing these trans kids, I can see where I should have just stuck to my guns and woman’d up.

Caramel: You and me both! While we were with Kiersten and my trans friend Kimberly, who helped me shoot our photos, she thought you were so charming and gorgeous. She doesn’t follow porn so most of our shop talk went over her head. But she loved your energy and spirit as much as I did. The four of us ended up hanging out and shooting for hours. When you and Kiersten were about to leave, we suddenly got a second wind and began shooting all over again! Kim and I aren’t pros yet, but we were fortunate to have all night to do some of our best work through trial and error. Thank you again for that. Do you think that porn sets would be better produced if the models and producers weren’t so pressed for time?



Morena: I loved Kim! It was awesome having you all there. I was just a willing participant! It’s always hard to know what to bring to a shoot, I think. Everyone brings something different, it gets me going when new ideas flow and the camera keeps clicking. It’s getting to be more the style to have both model and producer collaborate on the spot or a little beforehand. I feel like setting that mood is important!




Caramel: It’s awesome how comfortable you are with your body. I think the proportions are just right. You’re not planning on changing anything, are you? I mean, it’s your body and no one should tell you what you should or do. But…. are you? Please forgive me if I just totally contradicted myself by injecting my opinion.

Morena: In the sense where I feel like I’m not done in my transition, ideas float around where I can see enhancing parts of myself. If I do, I’m sure I will be pleased, but for now I don’t feel like I have much to do but waist train. When I think of my statistical average lifespan, though, I think maybe I should just go all out and do whatever. I hope to balance between there to find happiness.




Caramel: Do you have any projects that you’re working on currently or can you give us a teaser about upcoming projects?

Morena: My website is gaining some cool content which are as of yet even unreleased, so that’s exciting. I’m on the Internet on and off all day putting things together from the country side of Florida, but I’m putting the finishing touches on the next stage of Morena, getting some broader attention, pushing my limits. As you’ve seen, you never know where I might pop up.



mbkb12 @tsMorenaBlack & @TSKierstenBunnz Photos by @tscaramel

Morena Black & @TSKierstenBunnz photos by @tscaramel

Caramel: Yes, I’m always like, “She’s over there now?!” You’ve got several years ahead of you before you need to worry about retiring. But what are your hopes, dreams and goals for a career after your adult industry career is over? Would you consider going into production?

Morena: Oh, sure, if the industry would have me, I’d love to produce some.  I have a real eye, or so I think I do.  I’m just studiously watching those with whom I work with to see if I can catch any pointers along the way.  I come from a heavy DIY skate-punk background, so there’s some of that brewing in the back of my thoughts.  I’m always hoping I can just balance easy, laid back living with the pace the Internet and porn movies.  Events get measured in blinks of eyes.


R.I.P. Morena. <3 <3 <3