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May 23, 2011

On May 17, 2011, Nicole Montero of Latina Tranny announced the launch of her new project Nikki Ladyboys and it’s on fire! I knew  she hit Thailand this year, but I had no idea what she was up to. What a sweet, sexy surprise.

I’m still amazed that I was able to catch Nicole for an interview this year because she’s so busy. But she was more accommodating than I could have hoped for.

In Nicole Montero: Transsexual Superstars, Nicole takes us on her adventures in Brazil, where she hunts down genetic females and other hot transsexuals in the streets and takes them to her home to have raunchy hardcore sex with them. I’ve been looking forward to learning about Nicole’s creative process for a multitude of reasons. *wink*

I think of the webmaster, Nicole Montero as an enigma; not a contradictory lady, but a multi-faceted one. This transsexual who runs Latina Tranny is as beautiful as the models she features in her websites. She’s also a musician with a great rock group named Edonis and her band has played at the most important rock festivals in Chile. She left home to study at the university and then began taking hormones at 18. She then dedicated her life to working in the porn industry and has since become an icon in the adult entertainment industry at large.

Nicole first posted a free website at Geocities in her spare time while taking photos for fun in college. Soon the site started to get thousands of hits and after about two years, she began selling photos to other websites. She stars in both softcore and hardcore episodes with other transsexuals and genetic girls at her own sites and at those of a few other select webmasters. Nicole likes being the one in control of her productions and she gets what she wants every time.

She currently resides in Santiago de Chile and has been shooting extensively in the UK and Asia this year, producing smoking hot films and exquisite photo galleries. She’s highly regarded in the world transgendered community even as the same bias about the adult entertainment industry found in the U.S. exists in her country. Nicole is outspoken about her likes and dislikes. That’s one of my main reasons for requesting this interview.

Caramel: I’m fascinated by the way a great website is built. I’m interested in learning how the webmaster developed their skills, found their models and managed the overhead to keep it running successfully. It’s my understanding that you first started a free website at Geocities in your spare time while taking photos for fun in college. How did you develop enough content to launch Latina Tranny in 2003?

Nicole: I had enough content on queue to launch a website by then. Remember I started shooting photos in the late 90´s, got my first digital camera on Y2K, (if I remember ok hehe), and then I start shooting for from year 2000 till 2003 when we decided to open 🙂

Caramel: How did you promote Latina Tranny to spread the word about it?

Nicole: At the beginning, in 2003, TGPs (Thumbnail Gallery Posts) were pretty popular, so I made loads of promo galleries and also on free sites like Remember by then they were no blogs or tubes. Also I remember I spread the word on Yahoo groups back in the day when they were popular, but TGP and MPG (MPEG Video Files) galleries were the most popular. Also I was trading links with other website owners and TGP owners 🙂

Caramel: You’ve always had a great business mind. Were you also able to sell some of the content you shot to other websites?

Nicole: Yes, I sold some of my content to some other websites 🙂

Caramel: So when did you begin talking with SMC Productions about adding Latina Tranny to their network?

Nicole: I’ve know SMC since be4 the company started, (good people, hello there :), was a sister site of Then when the network started, was the first site to be included.

Caramel: I know that you love being in control, not only in the films you appear in, but also in your professional life. Did you have to sacrifice any of that control to work productively with SMC and did you have to make any profound changes to your website?

Nicole: Nope, no changes, all ok.

Caramel: Excellent. I understand that in addition to distributing TS adult entertainment porn worldwide, you plan to someday run a corporation that distributes magazines, dolls, DVDs and the whole works. Do you consider yourself a workaholic?

Nicole: No I don´t, I enjoy doing it, especially when I have to travel for photoshoots and movies :), I already have a DVD for sale worldwide with an US distribution company and planning to have more in the future. About magazines and dolls, I think that will have to wait for a while unless I get some biz proposals soon 🙂

Caramel: What makes the content at Latina Tranny most special is that it’s very candid and 100% real. It’s obvious that you enjoy interacting with the camera and the fans and encourage your  models to do the same, giving us more of a personal experience.

I find great satisfaction interviewing and meeting people in the adult industry I’ve only seen at websites and have read about. Is it safe to assume that you get the same rush when you get the opportunity to work with someone you’ve admired?

Nicole: Yes, members love the candids shots and real life stuff, at least that is what I think. That gives it a personal touch and guys love it. I do a lot of this other than porn. Of course porn is important haha, and yes is great to meet people that I admire in the past and to see them in real life is awesome 🙂

Caramel: I understand that you’re as attracted to guys as the next girl, but you only appear in her videos with other transsexuals, part-time girls transvetites and genetic females. Is there any particular reason we don’t see you performing with masculine men?

Nicole: Yes, it is a personal choice; no porn with men for now, never say never….

Caramel: Most everyone dreams of traveling the world and being financially secure, but not everyone achieves your level of success that enables one to do this so freely. Is your current lifestyle the more a result of the success of your group Edonis or from your work as a webmaster and model?

Nicole: Yes, my rock band Edonis. Hehe not really, I still need to make it with the music. MP3 killed us. Guys help Edonis to be famous now! :)))), By traveling of course I do it as a model and with my webmaster work, I wish I cud rock the world some day like Shakira does ho ho.

Caramel: Hell, I wish I could rock Shakira, but I digress. You’ve met peers and fans at adult conventions from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam. How many conventions do you think you’ve attended and where did some of your favorites take place?

Nicole: I think about 4 conventions, my favourite one, NO DOUBT, in Costa Rica, the Costa Risa Bash. That show is not going anymore due of lack of sponsors .In Costa Rica, I met good and nice people, like Claudia Marie (the pornstar), so much fun 🙂

I love Claudia Marie! That must have been a blast. Are you still touring with Edonis and producing new music?

Nicole: Of course, we still do rehearsal once a week, but we’re still trying to schedule some new shows in the city and want to record new songs as well 🙂

Caramel: How old were you when you fell in love with music and was hard rock always your main passion?

Nicole: I remember when I had my first electric guitar and a small amp when I was at school. The sound of the overdrive, honestly, that sounds makes me feel butterflies in my stomach, it is a weird feeling, It is the same feeling u have when u jump from a 20m cliff to a river, weird shit. I had a band at school, be4 Edonis. Was awesome, good times 🙂

Caramel: Over the years, you’ve posed for Latina Tranny with hundreds of ‘amateur’ style photos and webcam shows, done with a great sense of humor. I love that stuff but I’ve been hoping that you’d someday take yourself more seriously as a model. You work out religiously and train with boxing and over the course of this past year, I’ve seen more professional glamour images of you. Did it take a lot of coaxing from others to take yourself more seriously as a model?Nicole: I have only been serious, I can use you as my sparring partner if you think I am not serious hehehe. Those pro photos u have seen (more to come) were taken in Amsterdam by SMC productions on their photo studio. Good shit, very professional, makeup and hair and wardrobe as well, all by SMC in Holland, good pics 🙂Caramel: Oh I know you’re serious about boxing. Jiu-Jitsu is my love but I wouldn’t be excited about jumping into a ring with you. I know you can throw down. I’ve seen Nikki VS. Vakero at YouTube! Can you tell me something about what was it like for you growing up as a transgender youth in Chile?Nicole: It was very hard. This is a very Catholic country, much taboo on here. I was discriminated against many times for no reason, once had to run away from neo nazis that wanted to beat me up. As a transsexual, I was discriminated against some gay clubs (can u believe this shit?) gay clubs discriminate trannies…

Caramel: I can believe it. There’s a myth that all gay clubs are trans-friendly and I know first hand, that’s not always th case. I must admit I was surprised to learn that, though. I get the impression that you’re very close to your parents. Were they supportive during your teens while in the first stages of your transition?

Nicole: Actually I am writing this right now using my dad´s laptop while listening the speech of our President for day. May 21st is a holiday here. In 1879 there was a war Chile-Peru and no, they were not supportive at all. There was a huge internal war here, many fights and shit, but time heals everything and we are here now well having breakfast together 🙂

Caramel: I’m really glad you were able to smooth things out. One last question. Are you a Bhuddist?

Nicole: No I am not, but while in Thailand I did some prayers to Bhudda. I am a little disappointed at religion in general.

Caramel: Well, from the looks of your new site Nikki Ladyboys, some sort of power seems to have been working in your favor. Thank you so much, Nikki.

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