Interview With Roxy Red

December 6, 2011

Caramel: Hi, Roxy. Thanks for doing this interview with me. I’ve been following your adult work for a about year now and you’ve became my #1 favorite star in a genre I wasn’t too familiar with. As far as adult entertainment goes, I first learned about mainstream porn, then transgender porn. When I began to get into gay porn, what lead me to it was what is usually classified as “twink” and “femboi” content. That said, you became my favorite star in the arena of gay adult films. I’ve been attracted to a few muscular men and older bears in my time, but I’m really into more feminine guys.  I imagined what you’d look like dressed as a female. Ironically, when I saw your Facebook, my visual image of the way I’d love to see you was realized with your recent photos. I wanted to know why you’re presenting yourself in a much more feminine manner these days. I know that Jeffree Starr is one of your favorite performers and was wondering if you were inspired by his gender bending proclivities to explore your femininity deeper, or if it was based on something you’ve discovered about yourself with no real influences from anyone else.

Roxy: I’ve always been a bit feminine as far back as i can remember. I’d usually wrap my blankie around myself like a dress and walk around on my toes like I was in heels, and that was at the age of 4. And my entire life I felt more girl than boy, but I really didn’t care much to explore the woman inside till about two years ago. That’s when I began thinking more about my feminine nature, and I will say that Jeffree Star did have a big part to play in it. I found his gender bending appearance to be fascinating, and I had some odd sense of relating to him in that way. So, I began experimenting with more feminine appearances two years ago, but it was subtle. I think it was when I moved to Phoenix that I began to explore it more, and it was because I was doing a lot more porn then, so I could afford it. lol

It was also because I had tranny friends when I lived there, and they really helped me to open up, because everyone already knew I was a girl in the wrong body. I knew it. lol. Also, being feminine has just always felt and come natural to me, so my transition into my appearance today came about from the fact I’ve always felt that way inside. I just didn’t have the means or freedom to express and explore it. My mother also had a lot to do with it. She was a very classy, well dressed and beautiful woman. From living with and watching her for much of my younger life, I learned how to do it from her, even though i was a boy. lol

Caramel: It might seem ridiculous that I’d ask about what you you’d like to do when you retire when you’re at the height of your popularity, but I know that you’re pretty serious about architecture. Is that what you’d like to do for a living when you retire from porn?

Roxy: Architecture is more something I just enjoy doing, rather than something I want to do. I do love architecture, and it started when my parents and I started getting into the housing and real estate world. Though, I have no plans of ever pursuing a career in architecture or anything like that.

Caramel: When it comes to dating, would you rather be with a celebrity or a regular non-extravagant person?

Roxy: When it comes to dating, I’d rather have a normal person. lol  I don’t see myself as famous or anything special, just some kid who’s done a lot of porn. Though, I prefer down to earth people. Anyone who thinks that they are all that annoy me.  😛

Caramel: You have this original personal style of fashion with something I’d describe as original yet with goth-indie influences. Where do you shop for your clothing at mostly?

Roxy: My fashion sense is an interesting topic. My friends and I have coined the follow phrase for my fashion sense: Gothic High Fashion Hookeresque. lol. In all honesty, my fashion is my own personal taste. It’s a blend of: Victorian gothic, high Victorian, indie, punk, emo, scene, raver, but balanced with high fashion, 20’s and 30’s era Hollywood glam, artistic asymmetry, abstract fashion, Soho fashion, and other variations of classy elegant wear. Though, my biggest inspiration, fashionably, would be 20’s and 30’s era glam with a hint of Victorian and gothic, as i find them to be some of the most elegant and formal fashions. High fashion plays a big role in all of it, as I take them all and roll them in a big blunt of high fashion.  😛

Caramel: Who’s your favorite poet and are you still writing?

Roxy: I’m not sure who my favorite poet is, but i do still write, bits and pieces here and there. On my Facebook, I’m currently working with my friend in NJ on a short story she and I are doing. I’ll post a paragraph on my wall, and she’ll continue it in a comment.

Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to?

Roxy: My musical taste is broad. I grew up with 80’s pop and punk, with ‘Hotel California’, Cher, Celine Dion, and the divas from the 90’s. I lived my teen years listening to metal, gothic, rock, and anything like that, punk too, and emo.  As I got into high school, I was more into dance, party, indie, and music like Jeffree Star’s.  as I got older and graduated, I moved to industrial, electro beats, and still rock and metal. When I began doing ecstasy, pot, and other fun things, I got into trance and house music and more electronic music.  Lately, I’ve gone more rave, house, trance, pop, 80’s glam metal, and all the others combined. At my roots, classical music, opera, theatre, have always been my favorite. I’ve played the piano for 16 years, and I took lessons for 11 years. Now I compose my own pieces on the piano, as well as a couple house songs, which I can gladly send you mp3 files of for your entertainment.  🙂  I’d have to say my favorite artists/musicians would be: Lady Gaga, Madonna, Benny Benassi, David Guetta, though my musical preferences changes with mood throughout the day.  lol

Caramel: I’d love a custom mp3 of your music! So what’s an average day like for you?

Roxy: My days are boring, honestly.  haha.  well, I suppose I’ll just say it to you as it happened today. I usually wake up around 11am, then I go and smoke a couple cigarettes and check all my shit on my phone, go in, do the bathroom morning ritual we all do, then I go on my mac and check all my Internet shit, eat, then do random nonsense online and on my phone.  I usually don’t go out that much, unless I need to get something.  I don’t like clubs, bars, or anything most people would.  I’m more of a stay at home and amuse myself by others means person, very old fashioned.  I usually start smoking pot around 4 or 5pm to chill, then I just go and do whatever comes to mind from then on till i go to bed around 2 or 3 am.  😛 

Caramel: You are so down to earth it’s ridiculous. That’s so refreshing.

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40 thoughts on “Interview With Roxy Red

  1. says:

    You are so beautiful. This pics are absolutely amazing. Please stay so , you are very gorgeous as a woman and hope to see videos w/t you as a woman !! Beautiful !!

    • I don’t know how I managed to get through my interview with Roxy without flirting my ass off, Annie. Also, thank you for getting me started with Lisa Heart. She’s such a doll. And of course, so are you.

  2. john s says:

    I had no idea that Roxy did anything other than gay porn, but so glad that he has. I fell in love the very first time I saw him and often thought how feminine looking he is and what a wonderful woman he would make. Glad to see that what I knew all along turned out to be true. Hope to see so much more of Roxy in feminine mode!

    • Gold Star Gay Brave Boy says:

      I hope he stays non-op. He will have more energy and there is no reason any guy should him to change.

  3. A Gold Star Brave Gay Boy says:

    I love Roxy…he is a great example of a gay who can be more beautiful and feminine than most ladies and still have a cock. The very best oral is always with someone who has genitals like us. It is possible to get a boy’s bottom completely clean, something very difficult for a vagina. Cute boys are for cute boys! Gay Boys tend to be brighter and more sensitive than some straight ones.

    • I adore Roxy. On another note, have you watched the video trailers on Enigmatic Boys? I’ve joined the site and I love the cuties there, too! Some are a bit too masculine for my tate, but there are some stunning femboys there.

  4. A Gold Star Brave Gay Boy says:

    thanks….I will check that out. My personal preference is also for feminine gays. They are almost all 100 percent gay – gold star gay, something I admire as a goal.

    • I adore ultra-feminine gays, the more submissive the better. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that trans women and gays don’t mix. I have the receipts. 😉

  5. A Gold Star Brave Gay Boy says:

    I knew a vey pretty lesbian. I think she knew before I was sure about myself. She s a gold star lesbian and that is important to her. As homosexuality is more accepted as a good reality and a gift, I think more and more people will only be with the same sex, something the knew was right from the beginning for them.

    • I don’t find it uncommon for women, especially bi and lesbian women to be the first ones to pick up on these kinds of things. In my experience, they’ve been the most supportive, much more so than straight women.

  6. A Gold Star Brave Gay Boy says:

    Yes, lesbians have been my special sisters who support gays and lesbians…We have to keep working for more acceptance because if we do not, the dark forces will try to take away any of the gains we gays have made.

  7. A Gold Star Brave Gay Boy says:

    The only ones who know how to suck a cock properly, also have a cock. I like anyone and I understand anyone who appreciates gay sex. I wish I had started doing that when I was 10, maybe 11 at the latest. I suspected by age 11. I liked to look at boys and have them look at me. I was on the swim team, with small speedo suits, a good place to be looked at and to look.

    • I either didn’t know what was going on with my sexuality at that age, or I was in denial. I didn’t even suck my first cock until I was in my late teens and that was with a transsexual. Later on, I started having sex with crossdressers and transvestites. When one of my CD partners began dressing less frequently, he was beautiful to me as a man also. I was in a relationship with him for quite some time until he moved across the country for work. I continued to date genetic females and I’m not sure I agree that they can’t suck cock as well as those of us who have them. Some women instinctively know exactly what they do. But then, these women really, really adore sucking cock. But I will agree 100% that men and trans do it far better on a scale. A lot of women won’t even do it.

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  9. Brave Gold Star Gay Boy says:

    I talked to a gay male friend once and he said that since I like fem gay guys, why did I not just settle for a girl. (He did not have the same taste that we do). I told him I liked the fem look but I wanted a guy to be with in different ways. For me only a gay fem guy is right for me. I hope to commit to the right lady boy and maybe that person and I could do 3 ways sometime with a similar person. Honesty is the key I think.

    • Brave Gold Star Gay Boy says:

      The lesbian friend I knew in college is happy and so is her parents. She is honest about different partners. She came out right after college, though other girls and a lot of guy hit on her back in college. She knew I was not pushy in that way though I certainly think she is pretty. A counselor told me that sometimes a gay male and lesbian pair up and have a good arrangement and sometimes it takes a while for them to understand. Hopefully people are coming out to themselves and others sooner. Some homophobes cannot accept that they themselves are gay and so they work out their confusion in ways that are hurtful to those gays who are honest about who they are.

    • Cisgender girls are nothing like even the most feminine guy on the planet. A lot of gay men who aren’t attracted to femmes will never quite get it.

  10. Brave Gold Star Gay Boy says:

    I have heard the term “latent homosexuality.” Frankly I think homosexual feelings are there by age 10 and either one suppresses them or expresses them. You may not know your feelings at 10 were gay until you look back years later. Suppressing those gay feelings is wrong since being gay is an important part of who you are. I have seen gays marry straight partners or even a lesbian without knowing it. The truth comes out no matter what and that is a beautiful feeling. In these years of great over population, homosexuality can lessen the birth rate. Global warming, famine and so many other problems would be lessened if a large part of the population was exclusively gay or lesbian.

    • When I was very young and struggling with the thought that I might be trans, I didn’t even know what that meant. There was no Internet and I had to learn about myself from reading in the library. I tried to be a straight boy for so many years. Even at 18, if you told me I’d live as a woman, develop a strong compulsion to suck cock (which continues today) and to relentlessly fuck other trans women and feminine gay males, I would have sworn you were dead wrong.

  11. Gold Star Gay Brave Boy says:

    One has a lot of guts to be trans, maintaining mutual respect with family and close friends. I think it is great. I think if someone is strong enough to go through hormone treatment that is great, if that is what they want. Not all gay guys do. I do not but respect trans and like to admire some. As we have said before, a cock needs to be sucked and our looking at a cute boy or trans sucking, is a big part of the sensation.

    • It’s the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But one of the rewards is getting to have a range of people to have fun with. One of my favorite things to do is training a young part-time girl or twink to please me. I’m mainly dominant but one of my favorite things and at the top of my list is sucking a hard cock – no matter what size.

  12. Gold Star Gay Brave Boy says:

    Right now I am in the Southern USA. I wish we could meet. It is funny but the only way I ever imagined being with a girl was having her suck my cock. But lips around my cock seem to create the most normal type of sex. As we have discussed gays and trans suck better. You are brave to go through all that adjustment.

    • Stop wishing. But thanks for doing so. I’m doing the same and definitely interested. I’ve just sent you an email. Perhaps we can make it happen. xoxo

  13. Blue says:

    Have you heard how Roxy is doing these days? Loved keeping up with him on his twitter. He was always chocked full of personality.

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  15. Jeffrey Engle says:

    Bradley (Roxy) was a good friend. On his birthday, since black was his favorite color, I got 4 dozen black long stem roses, a bunch of silk ones to. Made flower vases, took him to Baby cakes in Hillcrest in San Diego. The time I spent with Bradley and Wilson we’re the best. No matter where I go or how much time passes, I will always remember my dear friend. The picnic for his birthday at the organ pavilion in Balboa Park. The dress he wore was perfect. He is as beautiful outside as inside. I will always love him. I never watched his DVDs till long after we were apart. To make our friendship more real and not a part of the sex DVDs. God bless you Bradley, be happy wherever you are, know that I have never stop loving you as my friend and I hope that we meet again.

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