Interview with Sasha De Sade

June 5, 2017

I’m proud to present my interview with Sasha De Sade from London, England and now in Bangkok, Thailand. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Caramel: What I appreciate the most about your website is that you take chances with your content.  You could have just presented a strictly glamorous image yet you chose to include content that some producers would consider to be too risky i.e., erotic humiliation, bondage, petticoating, cuckoldry, leather, latex/PVC, infantilism, corporal punishment, etc.  How did you know the time was right to present things that were more personal and often controversial?

Sasha: Honestly, it was a bit of a gamble, but it seems to have paid off so far.  Since I have a background in kink scenes and experience with lots of fetishes, I figured it makes sense to include them as part of my image and content.  All of my indie work is produced alongside Mistress Murmur, and since we try to only make content that genuinely excites us, I’ve found myself making almost exclusively fetish content, with some vanilla stuff thrown in for people who just want to see me looking glam and sexy.  The porn I consume personally is even more kinky than what I produce, and my off-screen sex life has involved a lot of stuff I haven’t done on camera, so I’m hoping to escalate the level of kink in my own content eventually, but I think it’s good to have a degree of gradual progression involved.  I think by adulthood we have little control over what turns us on; we’ve already developed our preferences and fantasies and censoring porn content isn’t going to change that with all that’s already out there.  Ultimately I want to enjoy making porn, and incorporating fetish elements is an essential part of that for me.

Caramel: I love “Strapon Fucked By Mistress Murmer” with it’s explosive Domination/submission content.  You’re wearing a killer BDSM body harness and spreader bar affixed to your ankles.  It features you and your Mistress yet we never actually get a good look at her during the digital and toy penetration sequences and to your powerful cum shooting climax.  Will Mistress Murmer’s identity always remain a secret?

Sasha: Thanks!  Mistress Murmur doesn’t want her face/image to be a part of our videos; there’s a certain power to her dominance being conveyed primarily via her voice, and I think she relishes maintaining control of scenes verbally.

Caramel: I find the mysterious aspect very intriguing.  “Sasha’s Bedtime” opens like a beautifully colorful glamour scene until we see that you’re wearing a CBT (cock and ball) device and the large blue dildo fucking takes things to a high level of eroticism and the title is explained as the solo video plays on.  Then we get to hear your sexy voice in your “Get Wet With Me” nude masturbation scene in a shower stall.  There’s big sex toy fucking and stiff cock stroking that ends with yet another tremendous cum shot.  How long do you go without cumming on average before shooting a new scene?

Sasha: The “Sasha’s Bedtime” video was the first thing Mistress Murmur and I ever filmed, so I was too shy to even talk on camera…  For some reason that shyness didn’t prevent me from playing with a dildo etc. 🙂  I’m not sure if it’s standard for models to abstain from cumming before shooting a new scene, but I’ve never tried doing that personally.  I’ve been on full hormone replacement therapy for a few years (with occasional breaks for shoots), but fortunately I’m still able to get hard and cum without much preparation (as anyone who’s seen my near-daily cumshows on could attest…).

Caramel: Very fortunate indeed.  “Bimbo Boss” is filmed at your apartment by the sea in Spain.  It’s a solo scene that starts out with you fully dressed in a blue frock with patterned hosiery and boots.  Then you’re fucking a sex toy that looks like a vaping atomizer.  You jerk off to what I’ve come to think of as a trademark Sash De Sade creamy white climax.  Where did you find that toy you’re fucking in this scene?

Sasha: That’s one of the attachments that came with my ‘robofuk’ sex machine – it’s basically a weird-looking Fleshlight but I like the idea of it being a vaping atomiser better. 🙂

Caramel: Vaping made it possible for me to quit smoking and you’re the first person I’ve seen successfully sexualizing it.  “Giving Myself A Facial” makes me think of an amateur porn shoot shot in with remarkably higher resolution than I usually see in amateur porn.  The first time I saw it I thought to myself it’s not very often that I see a gorgeous trans woman shooting cum across her own face in pro porn.  I guess I don’t really have a question here but thanks for adding that one.

Caramel: Next comes “Sissy Toilet Maid” which I do have questions about.  First, the action is directed by Mistress Murmer with a humiliating yet obviously satisfying realistic looking black dildo ride and CBT training.  There’s lots of verbal degradation I find absolutely wonderful yet rarely seen.  I think you’re one of the few trans women who’s not afraid to delve into the “sissy” niche.

Caramel: There’s what I’d call an overstepping of boundaries between sissies and trans women prevalent in today’s social media, but sissy behavior turns me on as a predominantly dominant pansexual trans woman online and in real life.  Have you ever had anyone witness your exploration of the genre and warn you not to present it on your website?

Sasha: I think it’s fair to consider “Giving Myself a Facial” amateur porn – that was filmed before I’d done any pro work and we were still very-much figuring things out.  We’re going to film another self-facial video soon now that we’re shooting in 4K 🙂  My exploration of the sissy niche is probably the fetish I was most hesitant about portraying, as I’m fully aware of the arguments for it being problematic and transmisogynistic etc.  I’ve spoken with more established and popular models about it in private, and they’ve been fully supportive;  I think most people who have dedicated themselves to the mainstream trans porn industry have accepted that some of their work won’t be politically correct, and that we prioritise turning people on above being cautious about that kind of thing.  I also think a lot of trans girls are into sissy porn behind closed doors but reluctant to admit it openly in fear of being ostracised and accused of being trans for fetishistic reasons etc.  I find it helps to consider how problematic and arguably-invalidating a lot of cis-girls’ fantasies tend to be:  degradation, rape, and breeding/milking fetishes often reduce, objectify, and distort common female experiences/characteristics but having them doesn’t make cis women less female;  I think a trans girl’s affinity for fetishes that similarly play on trans experiences comes from the same place.

Caramel: Like you’ve said, and I dance around this issue constantly, the irresponsibility of blending these two different worlds together most often causes anger and resentment and the LGBTQ community is quick to call out homophobic and transphobic attitudes and words that they regard as demeaning.  Many find memes with transgenders with sissy captions highly offensive because there is a line between acceptable and unacceptable usage that you’d think would be easy to decipher.  Have you ever gotten into heated debates and/or discussions about the sissy niche with anyone?

Sasha: I think it’s only a matter of time until someone openly takes issues with my sissy content, but so far that hasn’t happened – I have wondered if making such niche and arguably problematic fetish porn might put some mainstream girls off working together, and I hope that won’t be an issue.  I think the biggest problem with this kind of content is when it’s produced without girls’ consent usually by cis men and part-time crossdressers.  For anyone who’s been through the hardship of a gender transition, or who’s still in the early stages of transitioning, being labelled a ‘sissy’ or invalidated/reduced in other ways by someone who’s never had to endure trans issues is obviously insulting and demeaning.  I think because the sissy identity in my porn is self-imposed, there’s a degree of agency that makes it less offensive than the cis-male-produced variety.  I’d like to think it’s obvious, but I should also stress that although I present a sissy image in my content, this isn’t how I view myself outside outside of work and my content should be taken with a grain of salt just like any entertainment media.  Most porn entails a degree of exaggeration and acting, and mine is no different.  In my day-to-day life I believe strongly in female empowerment and have been involved in both feminist and LGBT advocacy work, but that won’t pay for my transition and bills.

Caramel: I couldn’t have hoped for a more sensible reply and I’m not offended. I love it in fact.  “Hentai” is based on animated pornography and this shoot of yours features sailor cosplay with you in progress reading a magazine and stroking your big erection.  Mistress Murmer catches you reading and demands to know what turns you on about the pictures.  What I love about this scene is a common adoration of Hentai but there’s a deeper element.  She mentions that your friends and family have no idea that you’re were into this kind of kinky stuff.  Then she adds elements of exposure that I won’t spoil for future viewers but if I couldn’t explain a BDSM scenario better than the way this scene plays out.  It’s sort of like a Domination/submission 101 course.  Did you make a conscious decision to educate subscribers of about BDSM?

Sasha: I don’t think educating subscribers about BDSM was really an intention for me or Mistress Murmur – ‘Hentai’ is an example of us making the kind of fetish porn we consume in private that we want to see more of, especially since this type of content usually only involves cis models.  If it helps to educate people about BDSM, that’s a welcome bonus. 🙂  We’re planning on filming some more detailed fetish scenes like ‘Hentai’ soon!

Caramel: “A Sandy Surprise” was the first scene I reviewed.  I don’t know why I chose this one over so many others but I guess I was particularly turned on by public exposure that day.  Is public sex a major turn on for you and have you ever been caught?

Sasha: I’ve been caught a couple of times, once in a Chinese monastery (awks), but I’ve gotten away with it so far. ;D  But yeah I love public play, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get in trouble with it at some point…  Thanks for your review by the way, it’s cool seeing an indie video Mistress Murmur and I filmed on a random island being featured on your website!

Caramel: I love reviewing your work and you’re very welcome.  You pushed boundaries again with “You Want My Shemale Cock” and lots of people abhor the term.  Yet it’s one of the most recognized keywords for trans porn if not the biggest one.  I’m aware that this question begs the same reply you offered about the “sissy” term, by the way.  At any rate, when I viewed the scene the first thing I noticed was that you flipped the script as a dominatrix.  If anyone is the victim it’s the man you’re tormenting and verbally humiliating. The male you’re masturbating in front of must consider watching you with alpha males but he’s not allowed to touch you. Was there ever a point in your career where you thought to yourself, “The term ‘shemale’ hmmm. I’d better stay away from that one.”?

Sasha: I realised early on if I were to mix porn and politics I wouldn’t make much money.  Since I live and move around in lots of remote places, all outside of the US and mostly outside of the West, I haven’t had many opportunities to do mainstream porn or mainstream sex work in general, so I really have to make a decent profit from my indie content for the adult industry to be a viable career choice.  This means setting politics aside and going with what I know consumers are going to find appealing, which sometimes means utilising language and images that I otherwise would not.  That said, I personally don’t find the term shemale offensive; realistically, as a pre-op transsexual on hormone therapy I still have some male biological characteristics despite my female identity and altered body, and I don’t intend to shy away from that fact.  I’m not sure whether “shemale” has some historic use as a slur outside of porn that I’m not aware of, but that hasn’t affected me either way so for me personally the label isn’t loaded with negative connotations.

Caramel: When I first became aware of the term “shemale” decades ago, I saw no negative connotations or chose to ignore it when I decided to make a living covering trans porn.  Back to your amazing work, I wondered if “Getting Dirty In The Bath” would be similar to your “Get Wet With Me” shower scene, yet the only similarity really is water.  It’s much different.  Then “Pussy” delivers furry content I also didn’t see coming.  Mistress Murmer is featured again in mysterious form enforcing orgasm denial and playing with her pet in a variety of ways.  This type of video might have been attempted, or something close to it, in mainstream porn.  But I’m quite familiar with that arena also and I haven’t seen it.  With this one I thought to myself if the social media BDSM and Fetish community FetLife introduced a porn site, this is the kind of content that they must archive.

Caramel: Then I had to see what “Sissy Hucow” was all about.  I discovered at this point that your knowledge of sex goes way beyond advanced with milking, more CBT training and toy inflation.  It was also the most possibly painful situations I’ve ever seen you in.  How do you feel about pain regarding receiving it and administering it?

Sasha: Thank you for the compliment!  I’m excited to make extreme fetish content like ‘Pussy’ and ‘Sissy Hucow’ with our new 4k set-up. 🙂  I don’t like pain as much as I enjoy being humiliated, controlled, restrained and generally being submissive. One of my worst kink experiences was being caned on my ass and thighs while partially suspended in a dungeon – impact play doesn’t do much for me, and I’m definitely more of a sadist than a masochist when it comes to that type of kink.  I’m more of a submissive than a domme, but when I do take the lead in a scene I can be cruel. 😉

Caramel: I’ve always thought the best dommes have at least experimented with submission and vice versa.  “Hungry For Cum” make me consider something new about sucking cock.  The first time I sucked a cock what turned me on about it mostly was the way I felt about doing it – like a total slut, especially at the point of climax.  Later I realized how much I actually loved cock, the feel, taste, texture, etc. What’s your favorite part of the sequence of a cock sucking session.  Is it the build-up? The climax?

Sasha: Feeling like a slut is a huge turn-on, but feeling degraded while being face-fucked is my fav. 🙂  Giving head to a guy can be sensual and not at all degrading, but there’s a type of oral that is totally about his pleasure at my expense and that does a lot more for me.

Caramel: “Sissy Sasha Gets Sucked and Facefucked” co-stars @NatalieGothtv. I absolutely adore Natalie and the most intriguing part of this scene to me is that Mistress Murmer directs the action between both of her submissives, one a transsexual and the other a part-time girl.  Where did you come up with this idea?! I hardly ever see two genres presented so seamlessly and erotically together.  Come to think of it, I never do.

Sasha: I adore Natalie, too! We had fun shooting together and at times felt more like we were enjoying a regular kink scene than performing for a camera. 🙂  Since a big part of Mistress Murmur’s domination is about feminisation, we thought it would make sense for her to own submissives at various stages in their transformation, from early-stage TVs to fully-transitioned tgirls.  This is one of the themes we plan on expanding on in future videos, so it’s encouraging to hear how much you liked it. 🙂

Caramel: is the perhaps closest representation by an individual adult website of what I want out of my own personal sex life.  It’s mysterious and dangerous. The glamorous elements are not “manufactured” and as I move from one scene to the next, I’m so impressed by the originality of each one.  Some of the things you’re doing are still on my sexual bucket list and “Eating Out” is one of them.  Although I’ve enjoyed public sex, I’ve never done it as daringly as you’ve done in this scene.  Without revealing to many of your secrets, what can you tell me about how this scene was developed?

Sasha: ‘It’s mysterious and dangerous’ – love it!  We’re trying to be as original as possible as we don’t want to feel unchallenged by our work, and we enjoy the way it’s become a creative outlet.  Mistress Murmur and I are extremely close and have basically the exact same kinks and fetishes, so it’s been easy for us to devise scenes together without feeling the need to hold back. 🙂  There weren’t really any secrets behind filming “Eating Out” – we definitely took a risk filming so openly in a restaurant.  Although we sat in the outdoor area, guests sitting indoors could see us through the huge glass windows and there were a couple of other groups sitting nearby outside.  Our table also overlooked a major shopping street with lots of traffic, so we could easily have been caught, but we were confident enough in our ability to get away with it to give it a try and luckily finished filming without arousing too much suspicion. 🙂  I think it helps a lot that I pass and we’re perceived as two cis-girls; no one suspects we might be up to no good…

Caramel: “Sissy Factory” goes back to a familiar niche as we move along, yet it’s so unlike that last Sissification scene.  Enter the fucking machine and petticoating is also introduced – a type of fantasy role play you’ve explored brilliantly. Petticoating is sometimes referred to as pinaforing, pinafore eroticism, or pinafore.  Where do you get some of your most hard-to-find outfits?

Sasha: I love that fetish!  The petticoat cost around $200 USD, and the accompanying dress also wasn’t cheap, but I don’t know where you could find either cheaper.  I bought both from Birchplace’s aptly-named ‘Sissy Store’, which has such unique fetish clothing.  Most of my stuff I find either in random sex stores or on Amazon – I try not to use the same outfit more than once where possible (although you’ll be seeing more of that sissy outfit!), so I mostly go for trashy cheap lingerie that looks great but falls apart after a couple of wears and occasionally a more elaborate costume.

Caramel: Who is your co-star in “Sasha Trained By A Pimp” and where did you find him?

Sasha: That’s Max, he’s made cis straight porn for years but that was his first time fucking a transsexual!  He has a website coming soon (‘PerversionParlour’) and he recently started a new Clips4Sale page, I think under the same name.  We met on FetLife after Mistress Murmur posted in the UK Casting Calls group – that’s how we found Natalie Goth (although I’ve seen her photos around Fetlife for years). 🙂

Caramel: I’ll be sure to look out for that work from Max.  The first time I saw you with gorgeous Nikki Vidic was on TGirls.Porn and I couldn’t help doing a write-up about it (review here) because I loved it so much.  The moment I saw you had a hardcore scene together on I thought it might be the same video. But nope, it’s a totally different one!  You can fuck like nobody’s business, Sasha. It’s mesmerizing to watch.  How did you and Nikki first meet?

Sasha: I reached out to Nikki when I saw her debut – she has such a beautiful and natural feminine look that I wanted to chat regardless of whether we were going to collaborate, and fortunately we were eventually both able to visit London at the same time to film together.  We actually filmed that video on the morning of our shoot for TGirls.Porn (Sasha De Sade & Nikki Vidic), but we were both horny enough to perform for both scenes. 😉

Caramel: Last week you presented your Shemale.XXX debut (Profile) which introduced me to me to what you were capable of guest starring on a major website. How did coming to be featured on that site develop?

Sasha: I first shot for a Grooby website after their marketing director Michael (@GroobyMike) spotted me on Twitter and introduced me to Kalin (@Ineedescort), their UK photographer. When my first two sets for UK-Tgirls got a good reception they invited me back to shoot again and my next solos went straight to Shemale.XXX (Profile), which I took as a massive compliment. 🙂  

Sasha: I’ve now shot eight scenes for Grooby (one still unreleased) and I’ve got to credit them for a large part of my success; they’ve been so supportive and given me a ton of advice, exposure and opportunities (including my new website, which is co-managed and promoted by them).  I know Grooby gets a lot of criticism for their use of language, but the exposure they offer has huge value, and they’ve helped so many trans girls to provide for themselves and fund their transitions.

Caramel: It’s funny how people dismiss that and specifically the fact that black trans and male stars have not been featured as often on any other website by a long shot.  There’s plenty of foot lovers content in so many of your scene but “Footjob Girlfriend Experience” is what I’d describe as specifically designed with foot fans in mind.  You must get tons of compliments on your sexy feet and a lot of gratitude for adding this genre of content.  I feel that whether a model has a foot fetish, gets nothing out of foot play or is turned off by it, to make the decision not to have at least some form of feet fetish content is ignoring a big market.  Not only that but they’re letting down more fans than they’re aware of.  Is this an aspect of production that you keep in mind often when going into a shoot?

Sasha: I’m lucky to have such petite feet!  Even though I’m quite tall they’re only size 7-8 UK, so I’d definitely be missing an opportunity if I didn’t make the most of them. 🙂  I am trying to produce content that caters to as wide a range of fetishes as possible, as well as more vanilla normal-sex type stuff for people who just want to see me looking cute without all the other elements.

Caramel: Going back to the beginning of your transition journey, how old where you when you realized that you might be trans and when did you first realize it was indeed a fact?

Sasha: I had that common trans girl experience of knowing something was wrong at a young age and acting a lot more femininely than boys my age, but also lacking any awareness of transgenderism or medical transition or trans as a phenomenon in general.  I remember around age 11-13 I really struggled to hold back from telling my parents ‘I think I’m supposed to be a girl’ but ultimately I was too scared of disappointing them to come out and say it.  Through my teen years I kind of hinted at it by growing my hair long, wearing eye makeup and buying androgynous clothes, but I think people just assumed I was alternative or goth or something.  It wasn’t till my mid-late teens that I first saw successful trans people in the media and realised what was possible, but since I lived in an extremely conservative/homophobic area I didn’t express it any more openly than appearing genderqueer (which was bad enough) until I was able to move away from home.

Caramel: Where were you living at the time and where are you originally from?

Sasha: Although I was living in the UK when I first learned about trans stuff, I didn’t go ahead with my medical transition till I was living independently in Hong Kong, which is where I got my psychiatrist diagnosis and began HRT.  I’m originally from London, but not one of the glamorous parts.

Caramel: When you first began to learn about other trans girls, were there any inspiration moments for you or inspirational people?

Sasha: Absolutely, people like Andreja Pejic (even before she transitioned), Paris Lees, Sarina Valentina, and Synestra de Courcy (AKA Sphirex) were a huge inspiration to me, especially Synestra.  I used to repeat-watch her YouTube videos and felt inspired by everything she posted on Tumblr/Facebook, and although I didn’t know her personally I still think about her regularly.  She was only 23, roughly the same age as me, when she died of a cocaine overdose in 2015, and it was sobering to see where my life could be heading given all the other parallels in our lives.  Hard drugs have lost a lot of their appeal for me since her death.  If you haven’t already seen Synestra, I really recommend checking out her sites; she had such a unique aesthetic, beauty and intelligence, and I’m sure her content will continue to inspire young trans girls.

Caramel: I was a huge fan of Synestra and may she rest in peace.  I was so upset when I learned of her passing through online messages from her mom and friends. Who did you confide in at first and what was the turnout?

Sasha: I had a couple of close friends who I lived with for a while who I told I ‘might be trans’ but I’m not sure they really understood what that meant (I was still learning myself).  I’ve always surrounded myself with friends who are open-minded and fairly alternative themselves, so it went down fine with most of them. I’ve mostly made new friends since then, though, since I prefer to spend time with people who didn’t know me pre-transition.

Caramel: How soon did you share what was going on with you with family members?

Sasha: Not till quite late, compared to when I told my friends.  I was worried they wouldn’t take me seriously if I hadn’t already taken steps in my transition, so I waited till I’d already been on HRT for almost a year before telling them.  I’d already been living alone abroad for a couple of years by that point, so although it wasn’t a huge surprise given my previous genderqueer-ness they didn’t really see it coming.  It’s been difficult for them, but they’re supportive. 🙂

Caramel: How did you meet the first person who educated you about BDSM? Was it on the Internet or in person?

Sasha: I’d had kinky fantasies since I was very young, but I didn’t come across the BDSM community until I stumbled across a now-defunct UK kink forum called Informed Consent.  Shortly after I found FetLife and went to my first munch (technically while underage, shhh) and it all developed from there. 🙂

Caramel: How quickly did you say to yourself, “This is it. This lifestyle is for me,” and knew there was no turning back?

Sasha: Pretty much as soon as I found Informed Consent; until then I thought my kinky fantasies were unacceptable and something I’d have to keep secret, so it was a huge relief to discover an entire community of people into the same types of things. 🙂  Since I move around a lot I’ve become familiar with a few major cities’ scenes, and I always love how welcoming and family-like they are.

Caramel: When did the idea of modeling happen for you?

Sasha: I’ve always been an exhibitionist, and was a Shibari model a while before I began more mainstream sex work, and I also nude modelled for a while before transitioning. Since I enjoyed that and have always been turned on by being sexual for others, it seemed like a natural career choice. ;D

Caramel: As if transition is not enough to go through, some also have to deal with jealousy.  We’re not all fortunate with marketable looks.  Did you ever experience jealousy from other trans girls about how good looking you were when your journey began?  Has anyone told you how much “easier” it must have been for you than for them?

Sasha: I’m extremely fortunate to both pass and look attractive, but the way I look is the result of years of hormones and cosmetic surgery; when I first began I basically just looked like a feminine boy and didn’t pass well until my second round of cosmetic surgery (FFS) more than a year into transition.  Since I live abroad, I’ve gotten to where I am by self-funding everything, including hormones and over 100 hours of electrolysis, which has required serious dedication to making money.  I can see how someone might look at me now and think I’ve had an easy ride, and compared to trans people from less accepting family backgrounds, people additionally stigmatised because of their race and late transitioners that’s probably true, but I’ve had to deal with the same isolation, medical issues, harassment, desperation, depression and dysphoria that comes with being trans for so many of us. I’m glad to say I’ve only experienced love and a sense of community from trans people I’ve met in real life. <3

Caramel: Are there any acts of role play do you enjoy that your website hasn’t introduced yet?

Sasha: For sure 🙂 For example I love ‘public use’ roleplay (usually seen in hentai) and would love to do a scene where I’m just going about my day and have to stop to be used in various ways by random strangers, and act grateful or unfazed. Since I’m living in Tokyo I’m currently having to be a little more careful about public play, since the authorities here can be far less forgiving than in other places I’ve lived. Like obviously Japan has a reputation for public humiliation porn, but it’s a different set of rules when the content is produced by Yakuza-backed local porn studios.

Caramel: What sort of music do you like?

Sasha: I love Grimes, Burial, Aes Dana, Die Antwoord, and random edgy electronic and ambient stuff. I used to go to lots of Drum&Bass, Trance and Dubstep events when I lived in London, and I’m listening to loads of trap and happy hardcore mixes at the moment. 🙂

Caramel: Do you have any favorite books or movies?  Television programs?

Sasha: I love the book Into the Whirlwind by Eugenia Ginzburg – it’s the memoir of a GULAG survivor and really captures the strength and perseverance of the human spirit and the camaraderie people have shown in the face of oppression.  Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi is inspiring for similar reasons, and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials is also a favourite since childhood, and the only good children’s fiction book I’ve read that features a strong female protagonist.  LOTR is easily my favourite film series (Boromir’s death scene is the saddest thing ever) and I watch a lot of UK comedy shows as well as the occasional HBO drama.

Caramel: What can you tell us about what’s coming up next?

Sasha: Now that we’re filming in 4K and have some experience making videos, we’re going to be making some more complex fetish content and filming higher-quality sequels to our popular early videos like Sissy Factory 🙂 I’m planning to spend a few months in the US around September-December, and I’m looking forward to doing some more mainstream work with studios there – as much as I love travelling and living in interesting places I’ve felt limited by not being having many opportunities to work with major studios aside from Grooby, although I did recently film my first video for another major studio out here in Asia (probably shouldn’t say who yet…) and I have more shoots with them coming up soon 🙂 Mandy Mitchell (of saw I was out here at the same time as their photographer, so she put us in touch and helped me out a lot – I have so much love for her right now. ;D”

Caramel: I’m already reviewing Mistress Murmer’s work and it’s so good!  As for Mandy, she might be the subject of my most frequently reviewed individual websites to date.  Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Sasha.

Sasha: Thanks for interviewing me – I really enjoyed thinking about answers to your questions!

Thank you for reading my interview with Sasha. You can keep up with her on Twitter at @sasha_de_sade,, Facebook: ts.sashadesade, Instagram: sashadesade,, and LIVE on