Interview with Valentina Mia

November 30, 2016

On June 1, 2016, Valentina thanked me on Twitter about my rave here on Caramel’s TGirls over the her popularity on her #Transpotting #Reddit post. I appreciated her kind comment and became even more of a devoted fan of her work. Valentina is a phenomenal major adult industry studio and live webcam performer you can find on Registration is free and webcam is fun for everyone of age, but please remember to tip generously. It’s very hard work. Independent models rely on your support. She has her own blazing hot website: and Valentina is also a data analyst eager to put her Master’s degree to use. Her contact information for potential employers and fans includes Twitter: @VousValentina, Instagram: @vousvalentina and Watch and subscribe to Valentina on YouTube.

Caramel: How has your website been going since September?

Valentina: I’m considering moving my site to one I have more control over. I’ve made three sites from the ground-up before, so I have the know-how.

Caramel: Do a lot of guys on Grindr recognize you from adult entertainment or YouTube?

Valentina: Yes. This happens at least once a week, and I’m flattered when people recognize me, especially my fans.

Caramel: I don’t want you to reveal your political affiliation with this next question unless you want to. Did you lose any friends as a result of the election results on November 8th? Did you feel the need to mute or block anyone on social media?

Valentina: I actually don’t care too much. I voted and things didn’t turn out my way, but I don’t think one president can really be the end of the world.

Caramel: When did you first begin to realize you might be trans?

Valentina: I was in denial for about a year, but came to terms with me being trans around March 2016.

Caramel: Who did you first share this revelation with and how did the take the news?

Valentina: I sent a group text to my mom, dad, and sister. They had a few questions about pronouns and my new name. My sister, who’s a year older than me, said she “always knew”.


Caramel: How did your friends and family take your decision to start HRT or did they find out afterward?

Valentina: They were supportive. I choose my friends wisely, and my family loves me unconditionally.

Caramel: What do you get more compliments on? Your eyes?

Valentina: Yes, my eyes are my most complimented physical aspect, and my kindness is my most complimented personality trait.


Caramel: Do you plan to undergo sex reassignment surgery someday?

Valentina: At first I was a definite no, but every month I move closer to a certain yes. For now, I’m around 75% yes.

Caramel: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to become a webcam broadcaster?


Valentina: Be patient. It takes time to gain followers and attract the sort of paycheck you desire. Also, have fun! If you’re not having fun, you’re not getting paid because people can sense your attitude. Another thing is broadcast as often as you can. That’s the only certain pathway to success.

Caramel: You have a great YouTube channel vlogging HRT updates and makeup tutorials. Do a lot of your subscribers know about your adult entertainment career? If so, do the two worlds ever meet and lead to any problems?

Valentina: I’d imagine if I keep growing on YouTube that eventually the word will get out, however I don’t mind because I am not ashamed of my adult entertainment career.

Caramel: What’s more fun for you between YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter? What helps you more when it comes to getting your name out there?

Valentina: YouTube is fun because I’m able to inform people about transgender topics, and I’ve been told that I’m an inspiration for others. And I will admit, my posts on Tumblr and Reddit get a lot of love. However, when it comes to getting my name out there, nothing beats good ole Twitter – which I find to be an excellent tool for those in the webcam business.

Caramel: I think there are many differences between trans webcam performers and studio performers and I mean those who either do one or the other. It seems to me that live broadcasters have more of a no fucks attitude about their social media presence. Is that just me or are they just more picky about who they follow and who they want following them?

Valentina: I think they have more control over their paycheck, so with that comes a love me or hate me attitude since their used to being their own gatekeeper. Studio performers are more political positions.

Caramel: Are you a big gamer?

Valentina: I love Call of Duty. I just got an Xbox One S. For my fans, my Xbox Live name is: VousValentina.


Caramel: What sorts of music do you listen to mostly? What did you grow up listening to?

Valentina: I grew up in music studios because my family was in the music business. They mostly had Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop artists, so naturally I love those genres, but I also enjoy EDM, Pop, and the occasional Rock music. I have my phases.

Caramel: iPhone or Android?

Valentina: iPhone. No doubt.

Caramel: Are you more of a clubber or a homebody?

Valentina: I’m a dangerous combination of both. Depends on my proximity to a club, and my urge to dance.

Caramel: You had a male roommate. Were you able to function as just friends while living together?

Valentina: Yes, that was easy because he is gay.

Caramel: That answers that! Were you a big crier before HRT?

Valentina: Nope, but I could cry when I wanted to.

Caramel: 420?

Valentina: Yes please.

Caramel: You began learning HTML this summer and got your SQL certificate. Congratulations from a terrible techie. Is self teaching easy for you? Is that part of the reason you’re Chaturbate profile is so sharp?

Valentina: It was easy because I’m determined and I just followed the steps and stuck to it. My Chaturbate profile had some help from someone who was rather generous and shared useful codes to me.

Caramel: Are you great at math? I suppose that would help to succeed with Sololearn Inc.

Valentina: I’m actually a math wiz and have always been since elementary school. I graduated with a math minor as well.

Caramel: Are you an Economics major?

Valentina: I sure was. I graduated with a Master’s (MA) in Applied Economics back in September.

Caramel: Did you start HRT in May? What Tranniversary will you celebrate next?

Valentina: I started HRT in April, and my next Tranniversary will be my eighth month.

aramel: It seems like you and your father are close.

Valentina: We are and at the same time we aren’t. He loves me and I know that, but he does make my life difficult. It’s complicated between us and has been since I began transitioning, but we’ve been through a lot together.

Caramel: Did you really start calling your dad “mom” when he persisted in calling you “son”?

Valentina: Nope, but thanks for reminding me.

Caramel: I’m sorry. My relationship with my father was awful because of my gender orientation so I’m curious about the dynamics of other parents and their trans offspring. Do you mind when people shorten your name to “Val”?

Valentina: Of course not, I think that’s a cute nickname.

Caramel: Me too. In August, you asked your Twitter friends and followers if they’d like to see you do a scene with another trans girl. It got a lot of likes and most of them came most likely from fans of your Femout.XXX performances. Did you know back then that this was in the works?

Valentina: I actually did, but that wasn’t confirmed yet.

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Caramel: That first ever transbian scene was with the phenomenal Bailey Love on TGirls.Porn and I absolutely loved it. My review on TS Dreamland shows that and your words about the scene answered my questions about how it all went.

Caramel: Back to webcam, is hard finding a guy to do shows with?

Valentina: Yes. That’s an impossible process.

Caramel: If some asked me what your ethnic background was, I’d guess multi-racial, but that’s about the extent of what I could determine. What is your ethnicity?

Valentina: My dad side is black-creole, and my mom’s side is Latina, she’s Brazilian, Italian, and Spanish.

Caramel: What’s the best way to get you into a romantic mood? Are you a romantic?

Valentina: Of course I’m a romantic. Romance fuels me. Romance is about emotions and authentic expressions of one’s self; I believe I live my life is a romance novel in the works.

Caramel: When it comes to sex, What’s the quickest way to make you cum?

Valentina: Making love to me. I’m a very passionate person, so passionate, intense love-making with eye contact and plenty of foreplay really gets me going. My favorite position is missionary.

Caramel: Are you into the BDSM lifestyle?

Valentina: I’ve never ventured too deep into those woods, however I’ve played around with some neat toys before that I’d like to experiment with in the bedroom.


Caramel: Describe yourself in five words.

Valentina: Determined, confident, intelligent, sexual deviant.

Caramel: What other social media platforms do you use? Where else can we find you?

Valentina: I use Tumblr and Instagram under the same handle as my Twitter: VousValentina.

Caramel: What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Valentina: I’d love to find my place in the adult entertainment industry. As a performer and a business woman — I want to build an empire.

There’s not a doubt in my mind about Valentina achieving her goals and that’s on of the main reasons I requested this interview. She has the drive, ambition and the know how to get it done. Thank you for reading our interview.