Interview With Willow Puppy Rawr Pt.2

Monday November 20, 2017

Twitter: @WolfModeling

    This second conversation with Willow Wolf is one of two of the most personal and entertaining interviews I’ve conducted so far (first interview link here).

    Willow shares details about her personal life which viewers will find very interesting in addition to some interesting and exciting lifestyle choices. I am a loyal fan of Willow and I guarantee that after reading our interviews, you’ll be one too.

Caramel: Congratulations on making two big dreams of yours come true! You’ve moved to Canada and you’ve gotten married. How are you settling in there and how is married life treating you?

Willow: Thank you so much! Canada is great, I love everything about this country, the people, Toronto, the weather and so on. I really love living here, it’s definitely better than where I used to live in the US. Being married is great actually, I couldn’t have picked a better husband. He’s done wonders for my mental and physical health. And he’s brought me into a loving family that accepts me for who I am and has shown me more love in the time I’ve known them then my own immediate family has ever shown me. He and I now live a very open relationship/marriage, and I couldn’t be happier. I really only see things getting better from here on out.

Caramel: You discovered the furry lifestyle at 13 and developed your “sona” as a wolf yet with leanings as a puppy also. Has your Fursona taken any unexpected turns since then? I do remember a pretty wild time we had online shopping for pony play props and gear.

Willow: People have asked me this a lot actually. My sona, yes, is a wolf and always will be, however I enjoy puppy play quite a bit, and really it’s more just a way of showing that. I find puppy play sounds better than wolf play, that way people won’t get confused. And yes, that was so much fun haha. I’m still very much into pony play. I actually haven’t had the chance to experience it! Maybe one day though, one can only hope.

Caramel: I have yet to fully live out pony play myself but someday I hope. Has the perception of the furry community changed at all about being sexualized? I still see it mainly as playful escapism but others get a perverts in animal costumes misconception.

Willow: Honestly I think it’s gotten better, but not to much. As time goes on, and furries become more known, I believe the perception of them will slowly change. You’re right, it’s an amazing escape for most furries, and that’s all it really is. I find it amazing that a once shy and closed off person can throw on a sona of theirs and break out of their shells, and experience things they wouldn’t normally get to experience. There’s a dark side to any fandom, however, most furries are very friendly and approachable. Most of them just want hugs!

Caramel: Yes, I love that there’s a warm and friendly side for many and a sexual for some .Have you acquired any new toys (leashes, collars, paws, ears, etc?)

Willow: No, sadly, all of my funds have been going towards the immigration and other necessities. However, I’ve had my eye on a bunch of things that I’ve been wanting. For example, the thing at the top of my list is a nice Bad Dragon dildo. I have always wanted one, and I can’t wait to take some lovely pictures of me using some of them hehe.

Caramel: That sounds enticing. You were a slave before you were a pet. Does the natural order of those roles ever change or is it slave first and foremost?

Willow: As much as I love pet play, yes, my slave role is always first. I have various tasks and chores I must do everyday for my owner. Being a good slave is all I have ever wanted to be, and it makes me proud to say that I have had my collar locked on for almost two years now.

Caramel: Moving to a sensitive subject, you’ve had some serious bouts with depression. What do you do to cope with them?

Willow: Honestly, my husband is the reason I’ve been able to deal with it mostly. Being in a new family that loves me, and also being safe in a new home with him, my depression has been getting a lot better since I’ve moved here. And I’ve also been finding better ways to help deal with my schizophrenia. Though it poses its challenges everyday, I have been getting all the help I’ve been needing, and I hope one day I can get past everything and never have to go back on meds again.

Caramel: You’re always so even keel with me I may have never suspected any of this if you hadn’t told me. But getting to a subject I know a lot about, did your immediate family ever find out the details of your transition?

Willow: Sadly no. I still fear the day I will come out to them and show them the choices I’ve made to be a happier woman. The only thing I can really hope for is that they are open minded enough to see this is who I am, and that I’m really happy. If all goes well there could be a chance that I have them back in my life, it’s definitely a long shot but, but one can only hope.

Caramel: Absolutely and I’m glad you didn’t rush into it. There’s no timetable for this. I miss your adult industry work. I loved knowing that you were profiting from it. Will you ever return to doing webcam shows?

Willow: Honestly, yes I will return when I am able to afford better equipment, and actual toys to use. I’ve been camming with some pretty low grade technology and it’s been affecting my viewer count, so I’ve just been taking some time off it, working more towards getting my body into shape, which I have been doing very well with. So far I’ve been losing weight and getting into the female body I’ve always wanted, bikinis here I come!

Caramel: We’re our own toughest critics. I’d say your bikini body is back already. I didn’t even know it went anywhere. Would you ever consider major website modeling?

Willow: Yes! I would love to be one if I ever got offered the chance. I could see myself doing something like that. Modeling has always been something I’ve been interested in ever since I started my transition. It’s definitely one of those dream jobs I’ve always thought about. Who knows, maybe someday an opportunity will come along for me!

Caramel: Self-producing is another great option and I know of some groundbreaking trans women producers I’d love to put you in touch with. Thanks again, Willow.

You can follow Willow Wolf on Twitter at @WolfModeling and I’m at @tscaramel. Thank you so much for reading.

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