Interview With Willow Puppy Rawr

September 28, 2016

21 year old Willow from Kansas City, Missouri is a fresh and exciting trans girl who leads a lifestyle that not many people in the mainstream world aren’t very familiar with. She’s a furry and a also a live webcam broadcaster on Over the years, I’ve watched the Internet evolve trans porn with webcam performances and amateur porn that rivals some of the best of the former mediums I’ve ever seen. This development has heightened my interest in learning more and more about extraordinary webcam performers and sharing what I’ve been learning. There’s a burgeoning presence of talent rising with live broadcasters performers who crossover into major studio work and others who have no interest in going in that direction. Some live webcam performers are so successful in this platform, making the crossover to making studio performances is not even necessary for them. Others find a way to balance doing both mediums and then we have new performers testing the waters and considering their options about juggling both. Willow is one of those brilliant new performers and I hope you’ll enjoy our discussion.

Caramel: Hi, Willow. Thanks for accepting my interview request. About five years ago, my best friend who is also a trans girl, and another close friend threw a little party in Jacksonville, Florida. They’re both younger than me and catch new things quicker than I do. Both were wearing furry items and hit it off quickly. I stared at them dumbfounded not knowing what the hell they were talking about. My newer friend was and still is deeply involved in the furry lifestyle and gave me a full explanation about it. We’re all into the BDSM and fetish scene on different lifestyle, but from that point on, I began to learn a lot of what being a pet meant in real life from my new friend’s perspective. But I want to find out about your POV. How did you first discover the furry lifestyle?

Willow: First off I would like to take the time to thank you for interviewing me. I know there are a bunch of people I’m sure you would like to get the chance to speak with haha. But how I first discovered the furry lifestyle was when I was about 13 years old. I have always had this fascination with wolves growing up and I wanted to learn more and more about them to the point you could say I was obsessed a little haha. So I started putting wolf pictures as my profile picture on my Facebook, and over time I got a message from a furry asking me if I was one, and of course I had no clue what the hell that even was haha. So I did some research and I immediately fell in love with the fandom and everything it has to offer. It took me a while to learn the ropes, but once I got the hang of it, my love for the furry fandom has skyrocketed and still to this day I’m a furry, and proud to be one. I eventually developed my own Fursona and I was able to bring my character to life after I had my Sona commissioned from a girl with the name of @GradieShawnty on Twitter. I hope sometime in the future I will be able to purchase my own fursuit and wiggle my tail like all the other fluff butts out there haha.

Caramel: There are as many different ways of being a furry as there are furries. What was it that made you identify as a puppy?

Willow: Indeed there is, but I actually identify as a wolf myself, but I have a puppy heart because I still love my leashes and collars, and pet play and other things of the sort. I think being pet is one of my all-time favorite things, or having my belly rubbed, and that leans more towards puppies and dogs more so than wolves, so that pretty much explains why I have puppy in my name.


Caramel: Ironically I have also have a friend who strongly identifies as a wolf who’s going to flip when she reads this interview! But I digress. Being a furry it’s not all about the sex. Although the popular perception of the furry lifestyle is a totally sexualized lifestyle, that’s not really what the scene is about. Is there a backlash from furries who do not want the lifestyle sexualized? I know there are many who just see it as anthropomorphism – a fascination with the admixture of human and animal. As young children we’re all exposed to this idea of talking animals with human characteristics. Some folks want nothing but innocence and purity with everything that relates to Fursuiting.

Willow: No, that is all rumors and a myth in my opinion. The furry community is not all about sex in any way at all. It’s so much more then that. I mean of course there’s always that dark side to every fandom that involves a very sexual nature, and it can be repulsive to someone who just gets introduced to that first before they see what furry community is actually all about. But yes, there are many furries who also agree that being a fur is not about sex, and furries tend to get a bad rap as perverse fetishists when in reality, the subculture is about playful escapism and a fascination with what links humans to animals. It’s more so about identity, not about sex. I’ve seen some people who use the fandom to break out of their shell and be with a crowd that wants nothing more then just be what they want, and accept others for who and what they are, and I find that to be a very beautiful thing. I’ve seen some people who have been able to overcome their shyness or social anxiety by just being a furry because of how accepting and loving the community is. Also, for the fursuiters those suits cost a lot of money, and having sex in them would do more harm then any good in the long run, although it does happen it’s very rare.


Caramel: One of the trans friends of mine I mentioned has absolutely no shame where her being a puppy is concerned. She’s submissive and wants to be on all fours – a beautiful creature for pleasure. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but how closely would you say you can identify with that?

Willow: Haha well me and your friend would get along very well then, I have no shame in being a pup whatsoever. I’m usually on all fours all the time where I belong, and I’ll always be ready to serve like a good puppers. I have a tail I like to wear as well, although I want to purchase a tail plug SO BADLY. but money is tight lol ^,..,^ I also have a collar that never comes off that you can see in all of my pictures, it locks in the back so I will forever be in service to my owner like a good girl. <3


Caramel: Do you currently have an owner as a pet? Are you involved in a community of pet players in real time?

Willow: Yes I am owned, but I actually am a slave more so then a pet, as much as I love love love pet play i’m a sex slave first. And I must complete my day to day slave duties before play time. I honestly don’t know any one else who is into pet play as much as me, and no sadly i’m not in any community of the sort, but i would like to be. ^.^


Caramel: I think it’s actually more exciting that you’re living the life than being part of a community. Sometimes communities fall apart and meanwhile you can continue to enjoy the real thing intimately with someone. One’s fursona can be actuated in any number of ways: costuming, cartooning, drawing, animation, or fiction. How do you express yourself as a furry in ways that one might not know upon seeing you on social media and webcam?

Willow: Well, one of the ways I express myself as a furry is by my name and some of the things I wear, such as my collar, leash, tail, paws, ears, so on. I also have my sona drawn up so people can see what I look like as a wolf. ^.^


Caramel: Tell me a little about some of your favorite comics that focus on furries.

Willow: Well, one of my fav comics is made by one of the artists I follow. His name is Inoby and his comic is Lucid – cause I’m a kinky fuck haha.


Caramel: While developing interview questions for you, I discovered that the furry scene has been around since the ‘80s. The Internet has really helped popularize the lifestyle. As in most things off the mainstream, what was once the realm of a few zines and get togethers is now a huge movement with message boards and a giant deviantart following (ex. There’s also a subreddit about it I learned But why do you think it’s taking such a long time to become more mainstream?

Willow: I think it has to do with the times really. The world has been more, should I say, accepting of things on a more progressive level, and I think that’s why the furry community exploded when it was starting to be accepted more then it used to be in the 80’s and 90’s. However, I’m sure for most furries it’s nerve racking to come out as one and be open about it because of how people’s reaction are now a days.


Caramel: Do you think that the sexualization is pushing furry lifestyles toward greater visibility?

Willow: I would say yes, but it’s definitely not a good thing because that’s not what the culture is about. I mean if you were the search “furry” on Google the first thing you’re gonna get is all the negative and bad things about the fandom. I would say that if someone truly wants to know what being a furry is, just ask one. Furry’s are the most approachable and accepting people I have ever met, and they love hugs! And they should not be feared, that’s why I get upset when I see people who comment “furry’s are just perverts in animal costumes.”


Caramel: Have you even worn a collar or a tail and had someone disrespect it, by yanking for instance?

Willow: Yes a bunch of times, I have worn a collar and leash and a tail, and had them pulled more then I would have liked. The tails are expensive and personal it’s almost the same as just grabbing someones ass without permission, because if the tail gets damaged in any way it would make me feel like shit. Same with the leash, now as hot as it is to get pulled around on a leash there still is no reason to do so with out permission. All you have to do is ask! I’m not against people pulling me around or petting my tail, I encourage that, but all I’m asking like most furry’s is to just ask first haha.


Caramel: There’s no confusion between puppy play and bestiality is there? I’ve seen some Twitter accounts the crossover, but that’s as irresponsible to me as confusing sissies with most trans women who want to distance themselves from sissification.

Willow: Honestly no I don’t think there is a confusion, there’s a very distinct line between having sex with animals and acting and being treated like one. I personally don’t agree with bestiality, but hey if you like it more to ya, you like what you like. Oh, I hate being called a sissy, I can’t fucking stand it, there is a huge difference between a sis boy and a trans female.


Caramel: The online blending of trans lives and sissification one explosive issue I intend to tackle someday. The rage over it is quite intense. My sissy friends stay in their own lane. What I like most about puppy play as a Domme is that there’s a pretty distinctive role for me. When I get into the head space of it all , it’s not totally foreign from what I’m used to. There strays/uncollared puppies, slaves, Devil Dogs who have been in the military, service dogs, Alphas, Omegas, Betas, etc. There can be a pecking order which I can thoroughly relate to in the BDSM world I know. Do you think that more people in the BDSM and Fetish worlds are becoming increasingly aware of pet play? If so, where are they being led to it from and educated about the community on a whole?

Willow: Yes, I do think the awareness of pet play is increasing in the kink community, and honestly I couldn’t answer why it’s becoming more popular. I think it has to do with the nurturing aspect of it, and being called a good girl or boy, in my opinion. If that makes sense…

Caramel: It definitely makes sense to me. Have you ever been to an Anthrocon convention? The next one will be held on the weekend of June 29-July 2, 2017 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Is it an event that you’d like to attend?

Willow: It’s been my dream to go honestly. It breaks my heart knowing that I wont be able to attend because of finances. It’s the largest convention in the world for fur folk, and I’ve been missing it every year, ughhhh lol. It’s the one place that furries can go to to just be free of judgment, and with other people who have the same values and interests as you. It would be absolutely the greatest thing ever if I could go, and I encourage everyone, even if you’re not a furry, to come out of your comfort zone and attend it as well, and see what being furry is all about.

Caramel: I’l do my part in driving new fans and supporters your way to get those coins up. I’m glad that you’ve been able to do a bit of traveling however. How was your recent trip to Toronto, Canada? What inspired the trip?

Willow: It was great! I love Canada with all my heart, and I will be living here one day. I won’t get into it too much but my partner/owner lives in Canada and we have been planning on living together for a while. But I became homeless and I lost my family due to their views against transgenders and furries and I didn’t have anywhere to go. But I was able to move in and stay here with my owner. I’m very blessed to have such a great master that takes care of me.


Caramel: Being homeless and losing contact with family member over gender or sexuality and lifestyle choices – I’ve been there and it’s awful. You also identify as emo. When did that begin to develop?

Willow: Oh gosh haha, well it started in my freshman year of High School. I was fascinated with the look and the music, so I decided to join in on the fun, and poof I was emo. Still to this day I am.

Caramel: How old were you when you first began to realize you might be trans?

Willow: I was actually very young when I began to realize I was trans, although I didn’t know what transgender was at the time, I just new I was a girl. When I was little I always had this fascination with girls and how they walked and talked, and I always tried to be like them, and as I got older I started wearing girl clothes and makeup behind my parents back, and it just felt right. Looking in the mirror made me sick to my stomach to the point where I would puke knowing that I was a female stuck in a male body. I developed severe depression and started self-harming sadly, but once I was able to get away from my family and started taking hormones I’ve been so much happier, and I started feeling more comfortable with my body and who I am. I know deep down that I’m a female. I just wish the same for my family and friends.

Caramel: Did you tell anyone early on? Who did you finally tell?

Willow: I told absolutely no one when I was younger, I was scared to death of my parents finding out, but eventually in my senior year, I told a friend of mine when he told me he was FTM (Female-to-Male), because right then and there I knew he was accepting of it haha. And he hates my parents as much as I do.


Caramel: We’ve touched on what will be part of your next reply, but how were the reactions from family and friends?

Willow: My family still doesn’t know. Me and them had a falling out when they decided to disown me. I know for a fact they would not be accepting of it in any way, so it’s just not worth coming out to them as female if they already have an issue with it in the first place. As far as my friends go I’ve lost a lot of friends from coming out to them, and right now the only friends I have are other trans girls on Twitter haha.

Caramel: Is there pet play in porn with real people I might be missing out on?

Willow: Um, I don’t watch much porn to begin with, but I know of a girl named Dawn @DawnWillow_ who is well known for pet play on

Caramel: When did you decide to do webcam shows and how did you get started?

Willow: Well, I decided to start camming when I first came to Canada. Since I’m an American, it’s a way I can keep making money while I’m up here since I can’t work here legally yet. Plus, I’m a kinky girl and I find it hot to be naked in front off people. But I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now if it wasn’t for @keelin_nyx. She is such a sweetheart and she has helped me so so much with camming, and what to do and not do when it comes to being a cam girl.

Caramel: I adore Keelin and had the honor of interviewing her here recently. She’s getting married soon and her gofundme account with June is here for the wedding and honeymoon! Would you like to do major studio porn as well?

Willow: I always though it would be cool to model bdsm gear and to model rope work as a rope bunny, that is something I would totally do. The only adult site I go to really is FetLife.

Caramel: How do you balance your personal life with your webcam life?

Willow: Well, I cam mostly at night when everyone is doing their own thing or sleeping, but I never let camming interfere with my slave duties or my owner, he comes first.


Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to mostly?

Willow: I’m a huge metal girl haha, that’s mostly all I listen to from Amity Affliction, my favorite band of all time, to Chelsea Grin, but I love all different types of music. My second fave would probably have to be 20’s and 40’s style music.

Caramel: What games do you like most?

Willow: I mostly play League of Legends and Neverwinter, but I would like to play OverWatch. It seems like a lot of fun.

Caramel: Any favorite books or movies?

Willow: Yes, I love to read. My favorite books of all time have to me the Shiver Trioligy by Maggie Stiefvater, and as far as movies go Avatar is probably my favorite.

Caramel: Describe yourself in five words.

Willow: Caring, Accepting, Kinky, Creative, Submissive.


Thank you for reading our interview. Please follow Willow on Twitter @WillowPuppyRawr and on Willow’s live webcam room is and registration is free, but please tip generously. Camming is fun for everyone but for broadcasters, it’s hard work.