Interview with Jackie Hammers

June 11, 2016

Chaturbate: jackhammervp
Chaturbate: jackhammervp

Jackie Hammers is one of the most stunning adult models I’ve ever seen on any platform.  Her voice is so sweet, I forgot to ask if she could sing during our interview. I’ll get to that in a follow-up interview with her in the future.  Jackie keeps a low key profile on Twitter, but when I followed her @JackieHammers1, she followed me back to my surprise. I’m a huge fan of her mesmerizing Chaturbate webcam shows in room jackhammervp.  Since I was able to send Jackie a DM (direct message) on Twitter, I was elated when she accepted my request for an interview.  I hope you’ll enjoy it and that you’ll follow her on Chaturbate.


Caramel: It must be a rush for you to see your profile on Chaturbate rise so fast when you go online. When did you first begin broadcasting on Chaturbate? How did you find out about it?

Jackie: I have been involved in cam work for quite a while (about six years). I used to own a company for adult models and I would draft girls from Chaturbate which is how I got introduced to it. After a while of working with some girls from the site, I decided to try it myself (back when I was still a male). I got quickly known then as Jack Hammers for the size of my dick and the name stuck. Once I made my transition, I changed my username to Jackie Hammers.

Caramel: That’s a great marketing technique and congratulations for your transition. Have you done any major studio modeling too? If not, do you intend to?

Jackie: I have stayed with cam work, but have been approached by several producers that have wanted to work with me. It’s just that timing hasn’t been the best. However, I certainly intend to release some videos in the future.

Caramel: I originally thought you were from Dallas, Texas. Have you relocated to Denver, Colorado?

Jackie: I love the cam work because it allows me to work from anywhere. I am currently in Dallas, Texas, but resided in the past in Colorado for a few months because my fiancé lived there. Although I am originally from Alabama. After joining the military it took me all over the world and now I am here.

Caramel: Ah, I get it. Another congratulations is in order for your engagement. I can’t seem to figure out what your ethnic background is. Am I correct about you being mixed race?

Jackie: In cam, I get asked many times where I am from because I have a weird accent that slips sometimes. The majority of my family is from Madagascar, but you are right to assume I am mixed for it’s correct.

Caramel: We might be distant cousins because my mother tells me a lot of her ancestry are from Madagascar. How old were you when it dawned on you that you might be trans?

Jackie: When I was around age four. I didn’t really understand what I was or how I fit in, but I knew deep down I didn’t fit in. Before you know it, I was trying out my mother’s clothes lol. I didn’t really have a name for it until I found one of my dad’s old magazines with an article on transgender. After that it was just careful planning to make my transition.

Caramel: When did you share your desire to transition with your friends and family and how did they react initially?

Jackie: Growing up in Alabama, it was a small town full of very kind and conservative folk; so I didn’t really share with them of my plans until I had several surgeries. My wife at the time knew and was very supportive, but nobody else did. Once I came back home, I was completely different and well, they were shocked to say the least. I remember coming back to my little girl and she was confused, didn’t really know who I was. To be honest some of my family still refers to me as a “he”.

Caramel: Old habits die hard, even when the truth is staring someone right in the face. Are they more accepting now? Did you lose anyone because of your journey?

Jackie: After so many years my family and friends became very accepting. My mother was the very first one, loved me the same. When it came to my friends, everybody was pretty understanding. Having a military background they didn’t judge. Some of them actually hit on me afterwards. They were very disappointed to find out I was a lesbian.

Caramel: Thank you for your service and those poor guys! What’s the one thing that your webcam fans don’t know about you that would surprise them?

Jackie: The online community really embraced me and made me feel sexy everyday. I constantly surprise them. Most of them don’t really know I am very much a lesbian with 3 degrees. The few that find out either find it a turn off because I can’t be obtained, or just keep watching me jerk off.

Caramel: Whether they’re trans or cis female performers, I always hope there’s a little bit of lesbian inside, whether I have a chance or not. Brains are always a plus. How has cam modeling has positively influenced your life?

Jackie: The best thing I have taken out of cam is how it has opened up my mind to new people and when I first started, they gave me the confidence. They are all so nice. The process takes time and they understand that.

Caramel: Do you both have a style or type of music you like to listen to while doing cam shows?

Jackie: I really don’t listen to any music while doing shows. It distracts me from the people I have in the room. If it were up to my fiancé, it would be Regeton because she is Puerto Rican.

Caramel: What’s the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam?

Jackie: On cam with all these people, sometimes I get strange requests. The number one to date is a user that wanted to watch me pee.

Caramel: What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the most sexy on cam?

Jackie: While doing the shows, I have several accessories some of which where bought for me by fans. One of my favorites being a zebra bikini. If I really want to feel my sexiest I’m just naked, no clothes on me looks great.

Caramel: Right. Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future?

Jackie: I am currently working on things to make my show more interesting including some toys but I am really planning a show where my fiancé joins me and hopefully we get to use an S&M kit we have on cam.

Caramel: Ah, I love my work. What is your best advice for new patrons on the Chaturbate?

Jackie: Chaturbate being such a random site for those that are new. I would just keep an open mind. There is something in there for everyone.

Caramel: You can say that again. What is your favorite post show activity?

Jackie: After every show I am just drained and the best is just to relax with my fiancé watching our favorite shows.

Caramel: What has been your favorite show you’ve done?

Jackie: My shows are pretty straight forward so I cant say I have a favorite because they are all my favorites. Although if I get to cum, it’s way better.

Caramel: Absolutely! Do you have an signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to?

Jackie: I don’t really have any talents besides making my titties bounce and bringing out the hammers. That makes everyone happy.

Caramel: Agreed. What are your favorite fetishes/requests you both cater to on webcam?

Jackie: I haven’t gotten into any specialty fetishes yet ,but anytime someone asks to have my nipples sucked, I get to my fiancé suck them and I absolutely love that.

Caramel: What are you favorite sex toys?

Jackie: When it comes to sex toys, I only have a few. I love a whip I have. Spanking is fantastic and of course a nice dildo and butt plug. I really like the plug. I can walk around the house with it and it’s, also a great tool for stretching. Pretty soon my favorite will be a strap-on. I look forward to getting fucked by my fiancé on cam with it.

Caramel: You’re not the only one. Are you more of a top, bottom or verse?

Jackie: I am blessed to have versatility. While I really enjoy being a top, especially hitting it from the back. From time to time, my fiancé basically makes me her bitch and it really turns me on, especially cock torture, the more sensitive, the better it feels for me.

Caramel: Your Chaturbate profile categorizes your interests in men, women, trans and couples. Can you elaborate on the description to clarify?

Jackie: The my interests section I use more as a way to tell everyone welcome. I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t watch my show. My personal interests however is in women, whether they are genetic, transgender or lesbian couples.


Caramel: Got it. Moving in another direction, I know that you like to draw and that you’re quite good at it. Please list some other hobbies you enjoy in your free time when you’re not modeling or playing music.

Jackie: If I’m not on Chaturbate or online, I tend to build things with my fiancé. Together we have created furniture, clothes and soon to be added a sex toy. I have always had an interest in engineering and so putting things together is very satisfying for me.

Caramel: If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?

Jackie: After being in the Marines from a young age, I got to travel basically all over the world with my contracts. Right now I am not looking to travel anywhere special, but to see the world through my fiancés eyes.

Caramel: That’s something beautiful to look forward to. Do you have any pets?

Jackie: Traveling right now could pose a bit of problem though since we just got a beautiful corgi girl named Moxxi. A little puppy with so much energy we might get another dog for her to play with.

Caramel: So cute! I had a mixed corgi/miniature collie named after Oscar The Grouch. So who would you like to meet in the webcam or studio porn industry, that you haven’t already?

Jackie: My absolute dream when it comes to meeting a star is Skin Diamond. My fiancé gave me the go, so I would really love to do a shoot with her even.


Caramel: You certainly do have great taste in girls. Do you have any goals in the remainder of 2016?

Jackie: For the rest of 2016 I just hope to get the family together and to be able to call my wonderful partner my wife. Maybe travel to Thailand too, been dying to go there, again.

Caramel: What is your favorite wish list gift you’ve received?

Jackie: Of the things I have received from my wish list my favorite so far has been a lovely black fishnet dress.

Caramel: What is the one item on your wishlist you’ve been dying to receive?

Jackie: Overall, I secretly hope someone surprises me and buys some anal beads I have on my list. I would love to use them in a show.


The link for Jackie’s wish list is here. *hint* Hit that follow button her when you head on over to If you’re on Twitter, @Jackiehammers1. Thank you for reading our interview!