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24 thoughts on “Links

  1. I love you world too hon and I have a few questions to ask you about following in your erotic literature footsteps. I’ll send you an email if you don’t mind. Muah!

  2. I’m going to check out the latest at your hot blog. I wrote all weekend and can’t wait to send you the latest. I wish I could join all those sites too. I hope you had a great weekend. xoxo Caramel

  3. Hey hon. I found two stock photo sites, but I’m not loving the images so far. The story is good to go. I hope you had a great weekend and I’ll PM you with more details. xoxo Cara

  4. Hey, babe. It’s always a special pleasure to hear from you. I haven’t given up on that special project and will try it again this weekend. xoxo

  5. How sweet are you?!!!!! It was wonderful and thanks for remembering. I had a wonderful day out with the girls and we went to see Lee Daniels’ The Butler. The funny thing about it was I recently caught Oprah on David Letterman. When she encouraged his audience to see the movie, you could have heard a pin drop. The crowd we saw the movie with was about 98% white. The acting is generating lots of Oscar buzz and Oprah was amazing in it, but I think she was preaching to the choir with her promo that night. EVERYONE should see it and the British-born Nigerian actor I’ve seen a few times before David Oyelowo is THE BOMB dot com. xoxo

  6. Franklin says:

    Hi Caramel! Are you an affiliate with Devil’s Films? Is there any way you can ask them to put Transsexual Babysitters # 16 & Transsexual Prostitutes # 66 on their sites? They missed/skipped both titles.

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