Mandy Mitchell Review: Suck Me Off Before Bed

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This update begins with our gorgeous hostess writhing in bed in lacy blue lingerie that leaves little to the imagination. Her erect pink nipples are clearly visible as is the outline of her big, swollen cock! “I’m so horny right now,” is the first thing she says. “and there’s no way I’ll be able to go to bed, unless you suck my cock,” she adds.

Surely you’ve been in the situation where you know you won’t get a sound rest until you’ve cum. Mandy proceeds to show of her magnificent bottom as if she wants to get fucked. But she’s not going there verbally. She makes her clear with her posing that she wants oral. The focus is on the big hardon mashed between her thighs. When she turns around to face you, her bare cock is finally exposed completely. The tapered tip is arcing up toward the ceiling. Mandy tells you to wrap your lips around it, as if you’d need to be told to. Actually, considering her abilities as a dominatrix, she knows you like being to to suck it. Many’s hard prong is well-lubricated and she proceeds to stroke her erection firmly. Close-ups expose the beads of tasty looking pre-cum oozing from the engorged head. She then slips into total domme mode, telling you to worship her cock and to beg for her orgasm. What about you orgasm, though? That’s for you to worry about. For now, it’s all about making Mandy explode so she can get a good night’s sleep. Check out “Suck Me Off Before Bed“on Mandy Mitchell’s official website or on

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