TheEnglishMansion Review of Room For Improvement Part 4 of 5

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MP4 Scene Trailer of Room For Improvement Pt 4 from TheEnglishMansion

Room For Improvement Part 4 Starring Miss Vivienne Hardy Description: The beautiful and cruel Miss Vivienne Hardy is training her tgirl charge Summer, making her a better, more feminine and improved version. She examines her outfit and nails, taking note of any imperfections so that she can punish Summer. It doesn’t take long before she is over he knee, Vivienne giving a long, stinging spanking, as a reminder of her sub’s place, the leather slipper reinforcing her total dominance. Mistress decides to put her in some bondage, the serving gag, spreader bars and tight nipple clamps making her chastity device strain. The training has gone so well, that Vivienne decides to release the straining dick and edge it over and over until she allows it to empty, maybe for the last time ever.

Submissive Summer kneels before Mistress Vivienne Hardy.

In Part 1 of “Room For Improvement” ravishing Miss Vivienne Hardy stands scantily clad before a tgirl named Summer seated devotedly on the floor. She’s one of the cutest part-time girls on But she hasn’t had a manicure and she’s an overall disappointment to the strict Domme. Miss Vivienne graciously decides to help the pathetic submissive with her lipstick and you’ll notice her feminization is already improving markedly.

Sissy Summer has spreader bars on her wrists and ankles enhancing her tight, round ass.

Garters hold sheer black stockings on Summer’s curvy legs and her panty bulge is on display before she bent over her Domme’s knee for a spanking. By the time Part 4 opens, Summer has endured a lot of emotional torment and physical pain. That thing about no manicure has really upset Miss Vivienne! After a round of nipple torture, Summer is stood up with a spreader bar affixed to her wrists. She’s wearing a CBT device on her goodies downstairs. Another spreader bar goes behind her back, making it difficult for her to move naturally. In fact, she can barely walk with the spreader bar attached to each trim ankle.

Poor sissy Summer's cock and balls are restrained in CBT training!

Alas, the pretty sub doesn’t have far to go. She perches herself on the nearby sofa as ordered. Her smooth round ass is bared and deeply penetrated by her gloved Mistress. Summer is spanked hard and finger banged with multiple fingers as her punishment proceeds. Then she’s fucked hard and deep by something bigger than a set of fingers. Oh my goodness!


“I do this as a hobby so it’d be awesome if some of you helped me afford new clothes, toys, makeup or whatever,” says this smoking hot crossdresser. On her verified profile, Sissy Aimee keeps it simple aside from her email address, , Reddit, PayPal and Amazon links. But on video and in her photos, she really puts it out there! When you search “sissy aimee” and find her profile, this ravishing amateur performer with four photo sets and eight sizzling videos to date! She’s quite a hung submissive with a pert ass, great legs and a slim figure.

Her eyes are bright blue and I never see her as anything other than a blonde. Sissy Aimee has mastered the “Sissy Maid theme to perfection and other than that, she’s mostly in casual clothing one might find in a Forever 21 or Hot Topic store. Her most recent photo set seems to be her favorite and it’s also the fave of her fanbase.

It’s definitely mine in spite of the fact that it’s not quite as explicit as her earlier galleries exposing deep insertion, gaping, etc. She’s managed to capture a shot of her big, stiff cock shooting a fresh load of cum in her latest photo shoot!

As far as my favorite of the eight videos go, it’s hard for me to say which I like best. What you’ll see is Sissy Aimee riding a dildo, cumming on her face, sometimes more than once and gaping her tight ass. Sometimes she wears a chastity device on her cock and balls. The best thing about her newest ones is that they’re nice and long. Stay tuned for more updates on super sexy part-time girls reviews here. I used to post them on a regular bases but there is so little crossdresser content these days of optimal quality. I may be preaching to the choir.

TheEnglishMansion Review: Suspended In High Heels

Official Synopsis: Princess Aurora, wearing beautiful lingerie and fuily fashioned stockings, is training her special maid Jade in the art of total control, setting up the cruel bondage treadmill and locking extreme ballet heels. She is encouraged to walk in this uncomfortable fashion, struggling for speed as Mistress uses the crop to improve performance and dedication. Once she is pleased with the effort, Jade is suspended high, filled by an anal hook – her sissy clit exposed for Aurora to tease, edge and finally allow to shoot her load.

Review: “You’re awful at walking in high heels,” is one of the first humiliating comments beautiful Princess Aurora makes addressing submissive Miss Jade Jones. I’d almost feel sorry for super cute Miss Jade Jones if I didn’t know how much she loved being humiliated. It gets much worse as things progress. Watching the sissy maid trying to walk on a treadmill while in bondage captures the ultimate diabolical method of dominance. And what’s cuter than a plump, round ass? One that’s getting swatted with a riding crop! And it’s very deeply reddened in the process. Seeing the pretty sub suspended in a swing and getting her hide tanned is quite an erotic thrill as well. So is the anal hook penetration! But I love cock and in this case, sissy cock will do nicely, especially the stiff one of Miss Jade. I love the way Princess Aurora handles the raging hard rod. She has it oozing pre-cum as she strokes it firmly. Buzzing the magic wand vibrator across the underside of Miss Jade’s boner must be unbearable! The sub surely trembles and groans like it is! And watch her pretty pink nipples receive torture. You won’t hear a lot of verbal complaints, however. A ball gag prevents the pretty sissy from speaking! Do you think that Princess Aurora will jerk off her poor sissy until her swollen cock shoots a creamy load of cum? Find out by joining!

Femboy Sex Slave Review

Sample Video Gallery

I’ve decided that no review is necessary for this update. The producer aptly describes his union with the gorgeous femboy named Iceland in Femboy Sex Slave: “I went out to a beer garden to hopefully meet up with some ladyboy acquaintances and put in a sneaky peek to find fresh ones. I seemingly was the only guy to go drinking beers in a bar around lunch time, instead of soaking up the sun somewhere outside or better yet, plug some holes. I knew I shouldn’t expect to find much and I didn’t, but lo and behold, there were three ladyboys cackling and having drinks at a little table in the corner. I sat myself at the bar and had a beer and hoped that maybe somehow they would get me involved.

“After a little while, I suddenly realized they were calling out for me, I mean, they called “Hey sexy man!” So who else could it be? I turned around and two of them had their dicks out and were blowing air kisses. I couldn’t believe it, they told me to come over and bring some bottles of Smirnoff Ice. That was a small price to pay to join them I figured. I came over and wanted to give them each one bottle, but they said it wasn’t for them. They explained I lost the game because I was the last one to get an erection. “

“Although they were right, I tried to tell them I had one but I just didn’t feel the need to flash it in public, they changed the sexy man into old man and I just went along. They told me as punishment I had to get down on one knee and drink all three bottles in one go. I did, and they said I was now Iced for some reason. Then they introduced themselves, they were all new to me, the tallest one was named Iceland. Then they told me I lost again because I introduced myself after everyone else. So there I was a minute later on one knee going for the next three, I managed to get to the second but then I had to barf. They laughed in my face but then Iceland told me that if I paid the bill, she would make sure I got to my room and she would look after me once we were there, she then gave me the naughtiest of winks.”