Cherry Mavrik and Matt on Shemale Strokers

I remember the first Shemale Strokers video with gorgeous Cherry Mavrik in which she introduced herself as a nasty little bisexual who just can’t get enough of men or women. She said that she lives to eat pussy, suck cock and fuck, loves rough sex and naughty role play. She went on to stroke her 7″ cock until she shot a load of cum that went right between her tits. You can preview the Shemale Strokers 65 DVD on the Eros Transgender Theater. In another scene, Cherry told us about the time a hot guy took her home, tied her up and was preparing for a kinky time. She told us and showed us in graphic detail about how he inspected her member closely, then sucked it. Cherry’s dirty little exploit resulted in her cramming a dildo into her tight fun spot and another one of those explosive cumshots of hers blasted all the way up to her boobs. In her new video, Cherry orders a cappuccino next to Matt who overhears her phone conversation and offers to give her a massage. Matt looks like a male version of actress Famke Janssen and this is a plus for those who have a thing for androgynous young men. Cherry is 100% bottom to Matt in this Shemale Strokers scene and both stars are heavy cummers.





Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02

Aubrey Kate and Giovanni Francisco star in Scene #01 the second DVD from GoodFellas Productions series Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02. One of the first things I noticed watching this scene is the competitive production values. I could tell from a mile away that this was a Devil’s Film joint, but sharper than ever. But the very first thing I noticed was how amazing Aubrey Kate Winter looks with Giovanni aka Jeovanni Francisco. There’s really no need for a plot for this scene. Aubrey thanks Gio for the sexy outfit he’s purchased for her and she shows him how grateful she is. There’s no music to drown out the sound of their sex which is great when considering how sexy Aubrey Kate’s voice is. Not to mention the sounds she makes while sucking Giovanni’s big cock. The site of Gio’s girl rapidly developing an erection in her fishnet stockings while he attends to her needs orally is absolutely exquisite. This is why the scene needed no plot; the director never forgets the title of the DVD while filming. The hose get torn strategically and then the fucking begins. Aubrey Kate’s bare breasts look incredible and you can tell that she practically lives in the gym. As a side note, I’ve had a peek at the photos of this Las Vegas stunner that will be featured along with our interview in the next issue of Transformation Magazine. Aubrey Kate will be at the Headquarters Gentleman’s Club in New York City this Sunday April 26th! Follow @AUBREYKATEXXX on Twitter for details. Here are some video trailers and a sample photo set from Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02:






J on Ladyboy.XXX

It looks like J is sleeping when her latest Ladyboy.XXX video starts running. But she’s just teasing while laying face down with an erection pressed against the mattress, preparing to gve you a tantalizing leg and butt show. I can see why this solo scene featured J from behind in the beginning. Her most tempting body part might be her curvy bottom. But when she turns around, I’m thinking maybe that’s not it. Perhaps that’s because an uncut boner with a swollen red head is staring me in the face. J has a flat femboy chest that makes me wonder if she’s on hormones at all. But I’m pansexual and that doesn’t matter to me. I think J’s tight nipples and abs are sexy and so are her impossibly long legs. She also has a permanent bad ass resting face. She jerks off rapidly and after stripping out of her fence-net stockings, it looks like she’s playing with her photographer’s cock while masturbating. Whatever J is doing, aside from masturbating her big dick, obviously did the job. She releases a big, creamy white cumshot before waving goodbye and cleaning up with some handy tissues. The cutie pie named Pai who was right before J also has a nice solo scene. She has a lovely set of budding breasts and a massive cock. You should check out all of the four video previews currently on the homepage of Ladyboy.XXX.


Krissy4u Transparent Floral Dress

I love the way Krissy Kyung puts things, so here’s how she describes the “Transparent Floral Dress” set in her own words: “It sure does feel like Summer here in the Pacific Northwest right now! The sun has been shining all day long, which is really beautiful but makes me yearn for those cool days of rain and wind. The nice thing about summer weather though is that it is time to start putting together a light, gauzy wardrobe for sets on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. Of course, being one of those girls that always is wearing stockings or pantyhose, I need some lightweight dresses to wear during these warm days. This dress is a homemade number that I cut the liner out of, and the result was pretty good I think, what do you think? Come check out this full gallery today at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl and see more of me in my stockings and heels!”



A Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl Picture

TS Madison Presents Trap Qween on Big Dick Bitch

TS Madison makes the sexiest moans and whimpers when she sucks dick, I almost unconsciously take mental notes. That’s a lot of writing considering this is the action of the first few minutes of “Trap Qween” on Big Dick Bitch. Then she says, “I want you to fuck me, Daddy,” and a furious doggie-style railing begins. The stud in this scene jacks Madison’s cock off to get it nice and hard before fucking her in the missionary position and the mirror behind the bed adds more dimension to the footage. Madison gets one of her billowing breasts sucked on while she churns up a fresh load of cum. She wants Chico of Miami, Florida to bust a big nut with her, so we get two huge simultaneous cumshots. In closing, this is another fantastic Big Dick Bitch and I love the way Madison broke in her first time porn performer, Chico Black. Take the Big Dick Bitch tour for trailers: