SashaDeSade Review: Latex Threesome Hardcore with Liza and Natalie

Description: There’s plenty of hard cock to go around in my new video ;D I went back to my friend Fetish Liza’s apartment to break in our latex kitty slave Natalie Goth 🙂 Liza got out her big black strap-on and I decided to get my hard transsexual dick wet! After making Natalie worship my ass I gave her the pleasure of putting her cock up inside me, and I shot cum hard while she pounded my trans butthole…. there’s so much cum and fun in my new threesome fuckfest <3 xxx

Review: I love it when this group of top talents get together, especially when they’re in a full-out hardcore presentation! It begins with beautiful Sasha rubbing the outline of her cock through her leather panties and she gazes at us. Next, you can hear some very loud footsteps, but it’s more complicated than that if somewhat confusing. It’s the sound of Dominatrix Fetish Liza leading latex kitty Natalie into the living room on her hands and knees. She purrs as she’s petted and she’s forced to give Sasha a rimjob. Liza prepares the kitty’s ass manually and soon, Sasha flips over from her hands and knees to sit up on the sofa with a huge, raging hardon! Sasha’s pens remains in this state until it blasts it’s cum at the end. But there are other highlights in between, such as Liza fucking the latex sub’s ass deeply and Natalie fucking dominant Sasha’s ass relentlessly! Rarely do I someone maintaining her dominance this way while getting fucked so hard. Natalie is forced to cum in her latex and is humiliated deliciously until the final moments of this remarkable update.

TGirls.Porn Review: Aubrie Scarlett & Jenna Creed

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Filmed by – Radius Dark
Added to TGirls.Porn on Apr 23, 2019

“Let cocks and cum collide! Aubrie Scarlett and Jenna Creed take the stage for this week’s girl on girl XXX as they invite us to the sheets for yet another ball-draining production brought to us with love, from award winning shooter Radius Dark. Enjoy!”

Review: The first thing that came to my mind about this TGirls.Porn update was, which gorgeous model was going to top since it could go either way. So I checked out the trailer and first saw Aubrie fucking Jenna and then trading places. I would have been satisfied seeing just one of them in the more aggressive role, but their switching is the icing on the cake!

But what I love most is the warm-up sequence between two of my all-time favorite performers that leads to the main event. These are two performers who never fail to bring passion to their shoots. If you’re a true fan of authenticity in trans lesbian porn, or actually engage in it yourself, you’re gonna love this one.

Mr. Dark, who saves model interviews for mainly solo productions, skips that process and brings us directly into the bedroom with Aubrie and Jenna already making out on a bed. They’re both wearing tall heels and pause from kissing to remove them. Jenna is wearing cute knee socks and Aubrie’s curvy legs and sexy feet are bare.

Both girls are wearing lingerie, but Aubrie bares her large breasts first and Jenna orally devours them. Then they kiss again. Ya know I think that several TGirls.Porn models who are primarily into men can make amazingly convincing trans lesbian porn even if they’re not really into other girls in their private lives.

With Aubrie and Jenna, I get 100% realism when they kiss and move through a long period of foreplay. They’re clearly enjoying this and that’s why you will, too! Watch the way they raw fuck each other silly on TGirls.Porn and the way they make each other cum! Or better yet, stream or download the 28:17 TGirls.Porn minute video!

DevilsFilm Review: Kellie Shaw & Soldier Boi

Synopsis: Kellie Shaw has been a godsend for Soldier Boi. He was having a hard time making the mortgage on his house after splitting with his wife and turned to the world of room rental to help with the payment. Kellie has been a quiet girl who is always on time with the cash – a real homebody who only works and never goes out. But somehow Soldier sees something about her that could be a little different. One fateful evening, Soldier has to come home early to pick up his wallet and he finds Kellie performing live sex online camming. And not only that; she is translicious! Wow, he did not see that coming. And you know what? Soldier Boi likes what he sees. Realizing she has found another appreciative audience member, she keeps her show going. Soldier pulls out his cock and the real show starts as he is soon pounding her sweet little love canal like the 4th army hitting the beaches of Normandy.

Review: The only thing I’m not going to rave about is the cringe-worthy title of this series. In fact, it’s a wonder that I’m reviewing this scene at all because I’m not okay with the “Trannylicious #03” title. I’m not one to care about politically correct terms, but I avoid praising content with words like “Shemale”, “Tranny” and “Ladyboy” attached. That said, I don’t think were going out of their way to be disrespectful, other wise, the three sets of cast members from each three films would have been offended by it, right?

With that said, the beautiful trans star of this scene is a frequent webcam performer you ought to follow on My UK friend Scott presented an Interview with Soldier Boi before he became a TEA (Transgender Erotica Award) winner for “Best Male Performer on my TS Dreamland website here. I love the way art mimics real life with Kellie portraying a webcam star. She looks absolutely lost in rapture, stroking her big, hard cock and deeply finger banging her tight ass when Soldier Boi accidentally catches her self-producing. Kellie is interacting with her fans, unaware that she has a new one only a few feet away.

The main event for us to focus on goes hardcore once Kellie has seduced Soldier Boi to jerk off and she leans across the bed to suck on his big, black cock. Everything that happens after Kellie signs off of her cam show is mesmerizing to watch!

I totally understand why some porn fans get tired of seeing “Interracial” and “BBC Guy Fucks White Girl” but there’s no escaping that there is something to be said for the high contrast of these outstanding looking stars. Sure, they probably have more in common as real people than two folks from different walks of life who look much more alike. Taking all that into account, forget about the titles and just enjoy the extremely satisfying vision of Kellie Shaw and Soldier Boi going at it!

Also check out the Trannylicious and Trannylicious #02 trailers!

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Black-TGirls Review: Joslyn Returns!

I’m back and I’ve missed you here! It’s been a week of fixing broken links and updating interviews. For a look at the less boring part of this process, you might want to take a fresh look at my 2011 interview with Steven Grooby. I didn’t change any of the text (or would I ever with any interview aside from website name changes.

As you may no, Grooby Productions has made major brand changes in order to be more respectful to the trans models and performers it showcases. Aside from all the back of house work, I’ve re-branded Caramel’s Girls from its original cisgender blog format to trans reviews (inclusive of cisgender women and men, of course). It finally dawned on me that, as much as I adore mainstream porn, I make more of an impact when I stick to trans adult entertainment reviews and interviews. With that, I truly feel glad to be back where I belong, a promosexual trans blogger with three domains including and! And now, let’s get down to the new update: Description: We are very happy to have gorgeous Joslyn back with us today! This girl is really something else! She returns looking hot and flaunting her tall slim body with style and grace. And her silky smooth skin is just amazing! Watch her stripping, posing, stroking her cock and having a lot of fun in a brand new solo scene brought to you by Jack Flash!

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Review: I’m so excited about Joslyn’s return! As soon as I saw that Mr. Flash recaptured her again, I knew she’d kill it. I’m absolutely in awe of this relatively new model. She says she’s back by popular demand and she knows that a lot of people have been asking for her.

While standing in clear stripper platforms, a silk robe and bra and panty set of white and pink, Joslyn promises to do something new. She’s freshly do’ed up and mani-pedi’d, commenting that she bet’s you’d love to rub her silky soft skin while teasing to shed her robe.

After carelessly tossing it to the floor, Joslyn begins feeling herself up for a few minutes. The first exposure of nudity is the baring of her steadily growing hormone breasts. The progress since her debut is crystal clear, especially when she begins fondling her boobs. Joslyn then does a tortuous striptease with her panties just barely still on.

If you think he complexion is beautiful, wait until you see her naked form in motion. Once we get to about 11:30 minutes in, Joslyn has simulated getting fucked. By this point, her glistening cock is rock hard as she slowly strokes it. I implore you to not miss Joslyn’s 4 blazing hot performances on!

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