Pure-TS: Amanda Bell Oiled Up For Summer

MP4 Scene Trailer

If Amanda Bell has the ability to develop a big raging hardon and spurt a torrent of cum, I’m not seeing it in this Pure-TS.com update. But is she too pretty for that to even matter? For me, I could care less because she’s so captivating to watch in action.

She does a great job in this scene overall. I know I certainly can’t take a huge cock like Christian’s and almost make it look like a walk through the part at times the way Amanda does!

The official description of Amanda’s encore performance on this site reads: Amanda Bell is a stunning TS beauty that is just begging to get her ass oiled up and fucked hard. Christian loses himself in the moment as he is mesmerized by her beauty. Her anal skills are unbelievable and he deep dicks her and loves every second of it.

What I love about this ingenue off the bat is that you get a hint of how bright she is as soon as she begins speaking. This is an intelligent trans woman, not some bimbo flash in the pan. I’d be willing to bet that she’s got a promising adult industry career ahead of her.

Thanks to Christian for displaying Amanda completely nude. That’s so important, especially when a model is as finely built as this one. I’m not a huge fan of rimjob footage, but I don’t mind it at all as foreplay here. I absolutely love watching Amanda suck down as much of Christian’s huge cock as she can. I also love seeing Amanda jerk off. She’s hung and it may be hard to fathom this when comparing it to her partner’s massive endowment.

When Amanda initially slides down Christian’s stiff rod in the cowgirl position, her curvy little ass is displayed to perfection! Her hardbody also looks exquisite in the reverse position. After this bareback, dick swinging railing, Amanda takes a doggy style pounding. She gets drilled into the mattress and then side saddle fucked hard until we get a Pure-TS.com creampie ending!

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