TwoTgirls: Banging for a Boat Bargain


Down in Florida, you gotta have a boat! Kami Kartel is in the market for one and she stumbles across an ad for Janelle Fennec’s. Kami Kartel calls her up and heads over to check it out. Upon arrival, Kami Kartel informs Janelle Fennec that she’s really looking for a deal. Janelle Fennec, having been divorced recently and really needing to unload her boat decides to cut Kami Kartel a deal. In exchange for some hot sex, she’ll give her that discount!

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Kami and Janelle are directed by Mayumi Sparkles and Banging for a Boat Bargain is produced by a young trans woman named Eva. I love that comes from the porn perspective of real trans women. I can always see and feel the difference. Wait until you watch the preview, but beyond that, the way the full video plays out. The first what I’d call ‘boner moment’ comes when Janelle greets Kami at her home to show her the boat for sale.

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Janelle’s flirtation is bold and fiery and the full length views of their bodies is a so scintillating. They’re clothes are even close to being off yet. This update doesn’t really come with Mayumi’s typical humor, but the come on is strong., especially when the action moves indoors and into the bedroom. Janelle is the seducer and Kami eagerly goes along with the moves being put on her. The kisses are passionate and the foreplay is almost unbearably delicious to watch.

Unlike the Fancy Fucking update I’ve raved about on TS Dreamland with Kami and Janelle, it’s pretty clear who is going to take the lead in this outrageously sexy bareback video. It’s impossible to not notice the way Kami’s cock is standing at attention during the foreplay sequences. And it’s a good thing that Janelle can ease right into a good hard fucking because Kami’s thrusts are relentless in this torrid update! Wait until you see Kami’s deposit for that boat. The 40:22 min update Banging for a Boat Bargain is available on for download in 1080P (Full HD) 1.56GB, 720P (HD) 781.62MB, 480P (SD) 410.17MB, and 4K (Ultra HD) 5.18GB formats!

Transational Fantasies: Janelle Fennec

Blonde bombshell Janelle Fennec looks absolutely stunning in her periwinkle lingerie and gladiator heels. Her rosy cheeks, blue eyes, and ivory skin remind you of a beautiful heroine in a fairy tale. She might look innocent, but the truth is that since she’s transitioned, she’s become quite the nymphomaniac!

She’s surprised too! But when you spy her pretty cock head poking out the top of her panties, you start to believe her. She starts telling you how much she likes taboo and pain–like testing the limits of how much she can take up her butt. She loves clamps on her nipples, electro-play, and sensory deprivation.

Fantasies, too. Like being taken captive, or being an abducted celebrity. Would you like to play with her? You can start by worshiping her feet. They are good enough to lick. Suddenly, your Queen is handcuffed and blindfolded. She could stay in this submissive pose forever, but she really wants to touch herself.

Then, you’ve got her face down and practically hog-tied. She submits to a good spanking and plays wither pierced nipples. “Now, get on your knees, crawl over, and wrap your mouth around my lady dick,” she commands you. “Worship this dick. Treat it like the princess it is.” She’s so horny she is dripping precum, and she treats herself to a taste. Do you want to taste it too? Eat her trans girl pussy out deeply too. “That’s how it’s supposed to taste,” she tells you. Then, cum back up and give her a kiss.

She bends over so you can lick even deeper. If you do a good job, maybe she will let you stick it in. Her feet and ass up in the air, show you how you’d take her. She pulls out a dildo and fucks herself, and then she gives you a sloppy blowjob. You shoot your load all over her face, and then she has her turn.

She jerks herself off and rides the dildo until she squeezes out a little puddle of trans girl jizz all over her stomach. Janelle is presented walking in a Las Vegas, Nevada apartment complex and inside one of the units. She waists no time unzipping her dress for her debut. She looks exquisite in bra and panties once taking the denim frock off. Then she takes her “poor, tired feet,” out of her heels. There’s so much foot fetish content in this update I can’t imagine an admirer of the peds being disappointed. There’s also a BDSM sequence with Janelle getting flogged while in bondage!

You might fine yourself cumming before you even see Janelle’s raging hard cock protruding from her panties which happens before the midway point! Don’t miss stunning Janelle Fennec debut!