GroobyGirls Review: Kallie Koxxx Gets Wet!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Following a four years long hiatus, sexy Kallie Koxxx made an amazing return two weeks ago! We were excited to have this hottie back with us again! Today, she is back for more and she is ready for some kinky fun! Watch her getting naughty in the bathroom and fucking her tight ass with a dildo!

Bio: Kallie Koxxx is a great southern girl that has an awesome personality and loves music, dancing and enjoying life. She was a little nervous being in front of the camera initially, but her overriding desire to please shows through. Kallie loves having sex and isn’t too picky as to whether it’s with a guy or girl so long as everyone has been pleasured in the end. Kallie Koxxx is one to keep an eye on as she comes into her own. Producer Remy shot Kaille’s debut in October 2014 and encore shoot in December and I remember those sets well. This gorgeous model has changed a lot over the last few years, but she’s still as fine as frog’s hair.

Before I jump into my description and review of “Kallie Gets Wet!”, let me briefly let you know about her comeback set, ” Kallie Koxxx Returns!” from the end of January. She re-introduces herself at the age of 29 in the Omar Wax opening interview. Kaille has now been transitioning for six years and she looks amazing. She then gives her social media contact information for members only like us. Then she blows us a kiss for the sexy sequence to begin rolling.

Kallie is a reclinig vision in red lingerie and nylons getting hornier by the minute. Then she sits up and gazes at you seductively as she removes her brassiere. Some of us will notice the contrast between her boobs from just starting out to today’s fullness. Leg admirers and foot fetishist will remember her gorgeous stems and sexy peds and fans new and old will adore the close-ups featuring her pretty face and eyes.

What gets my she-cock fully engorged is Kallie stripping to her garter and beyond. I can’t help but think about what she’s like with my erection in her mouth as she sucks on a black vibrator. She rubs the buzzing toy across her nipples and then down to her cock and balls. Then she lubes up and fucks her tight ass with it!

Her new encore presentation “Kallie Koxxx Gets Wet!” also shot by Mr. Wax is totally different. The new one is a black fishnet lingerie one piece in bathroom bondage. The wet sex pot is wearing a ball gag and has her wrists tied to a wall fixture.

This sort of thing drives a Domme like me absolutely crazy! Our sexy slave gets loose and then decides it’s time for a bath in the old-fashioned tub beside her. She has a vibrator to fuck herself with and a suction schlong to suck on! Kallie strips to full nudity which is an exquisite sight in itself. It’s time for you to catch up with foxy Kaillie on!