TS Pussy Hunters: Lorelei Lee, Kelli Lox, and Cherry Torn


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Although they haven’t all worked together before, all three of these talented actresses have been on TS Pussy Hunters on Kink.com before. The action heats up quickly after the opening interview where the limits are established, which are minor, and the safe words are set in everyone’s minds. Bound, captive Kelli struggling against her ropes with a big hardon betraying her protests is exciting as seeing Lorelei licking it and then sucking it. Cherry captures this act and Lorelei stroking Kelli’s stiff cock with her sexy stocking and bare feet. Then Cherry, with her big tits exposed, joins in to help Lorelei with her tongue and talented mouth on Kelli’s turgid member.


When Lorelei takes over recording the action, Kelli orally worships her bare feet while Cherry gives her head. The hot, hung trans captive is then “forced” to devour Lorelei’s pretty pussy while getting her large cock sucked and sucked. After Lorelei has a tremendous orgasm, Cherry is first to ride Kelli’s sweet dick with her pussy.


The official TS Pussy Hunters synopsis on Kink.com reads: Cherry Torn and Lorelei Lee are entrepreneur billionaire moguls who have found a sustainable way to feed the world forever. They have contacted the tech expert for the Bounty Babes to help them get the good news out to the world. TS Kelli Lox develops an app that will stream a message to everyone’s electronic device to tell them about the news that the evil illuminati are trying to keep from us all….or so that’s what Kelli thinks. Soon after making the app, the tables are turned on Kelli.


The bounty babe has been hunted and trapped by the beautiful Blonde evil ladies. Cherry and Lorelei capture Kelli, tie her up, suck her cock foot job her cock, slap her around and fuck her with a strap on all the mean while streaming the entire thing to everyone using the app that Kelli Developed. Cherry and Lorelei call out the other bounty babes to try to come help their friend….but is it another trap?One thing is for sure, After you watch this video, you will be Under Lorelei Lee’s Spell…. stay tuned for upcoming Bounty Babe shows featuring, bondage, anal strap on, food jobs, blow jobs, and pussy fucking. I strongly urge you to take advantage of my Kink Unlimited 30% off Limited Time offer. Take the Kink.com tour.


TS Pussy Hunters – Kelli Lox, Jessica Fox, Angel Allwood


My Kink.com Special Join $34.99 Monthly For Life offer is still available! I requested this offer for my readers because I can’t live without so many of the sites that Kink Unlimited has in the network including TS Seduction. “Angel Allwood is the gift that keeps on giving and receiving head,” sums up the TS Pussy Hunters double penetration and reciprocal transbian penetration scene that just blew my mind! Jessica Fox and Kelli Lox are celebrating their anniversary. Jessica has a nice surprise for Kelli; Angel Allwood tied up in a dungeon and eager to have these two hot TS ladies do what ever they want with her. Jessica and Kelli fuck Angel’s mouth while she is bound and helpless. Then they take her to the bed where Jessica fucks her ass and Kelli joins in for hard core DP action. Every girl gets an anal fucking today. Angel sits on Kelli’s face while Jessica fucks Kelli’s Ass and Angel sucks Kelli’s cock then they swap places so Jessica can get her ass fucked. I can never seem to get enough transbian porn and when a cisgender female is in the mix, nothing is hotter to me. My biggest wish was that Kelli and Jessica would be convincing as lovers. From their first French kiss, I was convinced. Watching Jessica suck on bound Angel’s big nipples while Kelli eats her pretty pussy is just exquisite. The sight of Angel sucking both of her Domme’s big dicks is almost too much for me to take. I could have been fine with just seeing Kelli and Jessica double penetrating Angel. But seeing Angel helping Kelli and Jessica fuck each other makes this the best threesome scene with no men for me of 2016! Watch the trailer on Kink.com.

TS Pussy Hunters – Kelli Lox & Siouxsie Q

Siouxsie Q is a private dick taking on the case of TS Kelli Lox’s missing husband. The dick does some snooping and gets what she wants. This is the official synopsis of Dick for a Dick on TS Pussy Hunters.

Kelli Lox does the honors of introducing herself and Siouxsie in the opening interview before the action begins. Safe words are confirmed and Siouxsie answers Kelli’s questions about what she’s hoping will happen today listing having her mind stimulated as well as her clit and she states that she loves anal and some pretty rough sex. She loves sucking cock and Kelli loves the responses naturally. Dislikes are discussed also and watching these gorgeous young ladies in the brief interview is the perfect setup for the retro sex video.

I actually like to think of this as erotic film noir, especially because of the black & white filming and soliloquy that it opens with. When The detective sits on her desk before her seated new client, Kelli removes one of her shoes and starts rubbing her stockinged legs with a pretty bare foot and this is when things really kick into high gear. If you happen to have a foot fetish, brace yourself. We have a long way to go yet.

Siouxsie is so turned on by the foot rubbing, she pulls Kelli from her seat and kisses her passionately and her sexy narration continues. The film changes from black & white to color as Kelli undresses Siouxsie and begins finger banging her sexy ass. Siouxsie fondles Kelli’s bulge through her dress and pink panties. Kelli’s dress comes off and Siouxsie releases her client’s big, stiff cock. She makes such an amazing show of cock sucking and licking and looking up for signs of approval. But you can hear from the way Kelli moans that she absolutely loves it. This film doesn’t have all the props and gear of a straight up BDSM scene, but I’m not missing any of that. I’m loving the way this blowjob evolves into forceful skull fucking with Siouxsie’s hands behind her back. The film reaches a fever pitch by the time both foxes are gloriously naked and Siouxsie eases her pretty pussy down Kelli’s turgid shaft bareback. Kelli also drills Siouxsie in the doggy style position and does it like there’s no tomorrow. Then Kelli takes a short break to work a silver buttplug into Siouxsie’s tight ass and licks her lovely pussy! After banging her quim for a few more moments, she lubes up her big dick and begins penetrating Siouxsie’s tight ass. Alright, I’m done! I’m too turned on to continue. Just stream or download this amazing TS Pussy Hunters presentation for yourself.

Sunshyne Monroe and Kelli Lox

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery



The TGirl Network

The TGirl Network

Sunshyne Monroe of Sunshyneland says it’s a beautiful day in L.A. right before another beautiful trans girl joins her in the living area of a tastefully decorated home. Sunshyne is wearing a pretty pink dress as Kelli sits beside her in a bra, panties, stay-up stockings and tall heels. With a little petting, Kelli discovers that Sunshyne isn’t wearing panties beneath her dress. Sunshyne finds out what one of Kelli’s nipples tastes like. The other one, too. In this hardcore transbian scene, these two foxes don’t pretend like no one is watching. Their gazes into the camera are mesmerizing, especially when Sunshyne begins sucking on Kelli’s raging hard cock. The view is full frontal until the camera pans across Sunshyne’s ass, which is gloriously nude even though she has her dress on. Kelli finger bangs her while getting what looks like an amazing blowjob. A now topless Kelli arranges herself on the sofa to suck on Sunshyne. Her deft manipulation and deep throat skills make Sunshyne’s prick as hard as her own is. Eventually, Sunshyne loses her dress which makes it easy for Kelli to sink her erection inside her from behind on the couch. The sight of these gorgeous bodies gyrating and undulating with two succulent sets of breasts jiggling as they fuck is monumentally erotic. The intimacy is electrifying right down to the final cummy kiss. Don’t miss this top notch scorcher on Sunshyneland or on the TGirl Network.

Kelli Lox on Interracial TGirl Sex

Kelli Lox is originally from Idaho, and she’s been living in California for about eight years. She traveled a lot when she was a kid, mostly to Europe, and speaks Spanish and German fluently. Kelli also has a full-time office job, so her porn career sometimes goes on the back burner because of her job that pays most of her bills. She’s also quite active and plays soccer on Sundays with a group of friends, gardens, cooks, enjoys dancing, exercising and admiring art. In her spare time, Kelli also makes music, draws comics and obviously works out. She also reads a lot, but she doesn’t watch TV. Perhaps that’s how she found the time to make another magnificent performance on Interracial TGirl Sex! Here are samples of the 170 images in the photo set. The gallery is named “Playing Around,” but in the video, foxy Lox means business. She’s horny as hell and has to get her big cock hard and get off before her friends arrive. See if she can get off before the doorbell rings. Interracial TGirl Sex which was conceived by the transsexual icon hostess Wendy Williams is part of the SMC Network of websites.