TGirls.Porn Review: Kerri LaBouche & Scarlet Rose

MP4 Scene Trailer

Official Description: It’s hung Tuesday here on the world’s premiere home of all things TGirl and Porn as we bring together two up and cummers, both packing heat in the panty department and watch the fireworks happen! Kerri LaBouche and Scarlet Rose, at it like horny bunnies, right here, right now – on TGirls.Porn!

Caramel’s Review: If I had the chance to ask one of the stars of the “Kerri LaBouche & Scarlet Rose” killer update, I might have a better chance contacting Kerri about it. I published my Caramel’s Interview with Kerri LaBouche last Fall on so the ice has already been broken. I haven’t “bumped into” Scarlet Rose on the Internet but that would most likely turn out well.

Allow me to simply describe this update so you can get the full impact on TGirls.Porn. To break down what you may have already seen, the preview photos reveal intimate kissing and Scarlet is fucking Kerri in the four images. The scene trailer shows mutual oral sex and Scarlet fucking Kerri’s tight ass fast and hard. That’s pretty much all I’d need to know to make this a must see video and photo set in full. But let’s dig into what makes it extra special.

Kerri of northern New Jersey has been on Femout.XXX , Buddy Wood’s TS-Casting and on T.Porn for tgirls producing their own content. Scarlet of Las Vegas, Nevada made her debut onthe academy website Femout and graduated to That’s a hell of a lot of growth for each model in a short amount of time.

Radius Dark rolls out this video as if hearing someone say, “If I could be a fly on the wall during a hot trans lesbian lovemaking session…” and set out to grant their wish. The girls are already sitting across from each other on a bed kissing in their bras and panties. I don’t know how long this has been going on but Kerri already has a big boner in her panties when at the start!They get each other topless, fondle and suck each other’s breasts and the elephant in the room is the erection that has escaped Kerri’s undies. It’s straining to be touched, but it has to wait until Scarlet’s hardon comes out to play. Scarlet gives Kerri head and they trade places. Both seriously hung models are gloriously nude by the end of the first quarter of this scene!

Both girls are seriously hung! Kerri’s huge cock flopping around as she gets railed is mesmerizing to watch in this amazing TGirls.Porn update. A good, hard fucking by Scarlet leads to a break to play with a penis pump. After that, there’s even more ass pounding from Kerri whose erection just does not want to deflate. Speaking of which, these babes get close to shooting their copious loads of cum at the same time!

Femout.XXX: Meet Pretty Kerri!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Today, we are very happy to introduce another gorgeous Femout.XXX newbie. Meet Kerri! This beautiful girl was just discovered by Ellis and she has an amazing body and a smashing ass! Watch her posing and stroking her cock for you in her first scene ever!

Aside from Kerri’s “pretty” looks, the ways Kerri poses, masturbates and even breathes are incredibly sexy. I was trying to figure out how she performed so well on set in Manhattan for producer, Ellis. Did he simply direct this new model to deliver her best in a beginner’s luck production or did she have experience. I attribute it both to his direction and filming style combined with her experience as a producer.

After seeing Kerri’s Femout.XXX debut, I discovered her profile. She’s 21, from the Garden State, pansexual and polyamourous. Producer Ellis rolls out Kerri’s opening interview with the gorgeous model wearing a black fishnet top, matching fence net pantyhose and a collar around her neck. Her legs are crossed but her nipples are on full blast.

Kerri tells of how she’s a switch and adds a bit about her previous independent work behind the camera and in front of it. In under two minutes, she’s jerking off a pretty big dick that keeps expanding. Lawda mercy she’s hung!

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a girl jacking off and found it boring, but there’s never a dull moment with Kerri. She’s vocal and animated throughout this riveting fap session.

It’s not all about Kerri’s large schlong though. Her entire body is sweet and she has a killer ass and several enticing methods of displaying it. She talks dirty while making her rosebud wink and those legs of hers seem to go on forever.

Eventually, Kerri renders herself completely nude. Her breathing becomes more labored the more she gets into her masturbation. This beautiful new Femout.XXX babe works herself into a frenzy and I encourage you to do the same while watching her.