Femout.XXX: Meet Pretty Kerri!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Today, we are very happy to introduce another gorgeous Femout.XXX newbie. Meet Kerri! This beautiful girl was just discovered by Ellis and she has an amazing body and a smashing ass! Watch her posing and stroking her cock for you in her first scene ever!

Aside from Kerri’s “pretty” looks, the ways Kerri poses, masturbates and even breathes are incredibly sexy. I was trying to figure out how she performed so well on set in Manhattan for producer, Ellis. Did he simply direct this new model to deliver her best in a beginner’s luck production or did she have experience. I attribute it both to his direction and filming style combined with her experience as a producer.

After seeing Kerri’s Femout.XXX debut, I discovered her ManyVids.com/KerriLaBouche profile. She’s 21, from the Garden State, pansexual and polyamourous. Producer Ellis rolls out Kerri’s opening interview with the gorgeous model wearing a black fishnet top, matching fence net pantyhose and a collar around her neck. Her legs are crossed but her nipples are on full blast.

Kerri tells of how she’s a switch and adds a bit about her previous independent work behind the camera and in front of it. In under two minutes, she’s jerking off a pretty big dick that keeps expanding. Lawda mercy she’s hung!

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a girl jacking off and found it boring, but there’s never a dull moment with Kerri. She’s vocal and animated throughout this riveting fap session.

It’s not all about Kerri’s large schlong though. Her entire body is sweet and she has a killer ass and several enticing methods of displaying it. She talks dirty while making her rosebud wink and those legs of hers seem to go on forever.

Eventually, Kerri renders herself completely nude. Her breathing becomes more labored the more she gets into her masturbation. This beautiful new Femout.XXX babe works herself into a frenzy and I encourage you to do the same while watching her.