TGirls.XXX: Khloe Kay Fucked Hard!

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Description: Today is a very special day here on TGirls.XXX: gorgeous Khloe Kay makes her Grooby debut with a smashing hardcore scene produced by Omar Wax! Without a doubt, Khloe is one of the hottest new models we’ve had a pleasure to present to you this year! A beautiful face and a smoking hot body – Khloe is absolutely stunning! We just can’t wait to see this hottie getting her sexy ass pounded hard and that’s just what’s about to happen in her TGirls.XXX debut! Watch beautiful Khloe as she enjoys Tony Top’s big hard cock in this amazing scene!

Khloe’s partner looks like a porn star from the 70’s and he’s be perfect for the HBO series The Deuce on the subject. I’m not sure if that’s the look Tony Top was going for but like the old saying goes, “Everything is everything, baby.”

The video beings as a showcase for sexy ingenue Khloe Kay who poses on a bed like she’s been in the game for years. Tony looks on from the side so we know the real action is soon to follow. Tony bares and devours Khloe’s precious little nipples and begins going down on her quickly. He deep throats her to a raging hardon and she jumps up and sheds her short shorts for a rim job.

He strokes her cock from behind while eating her ass and next, they pause to get more clothing off – and here we have Khloe gloriously and completely naked! And soon she’s nude with a big cock in her mouth. Tony decides he needs a new home for his schlong and finds it in Khloe’s tight ass in the missionary position.

Khloe is a vision to view stroking her big boner while getting laid. It bounces and spins when she’s not touching it and the reverse cowgirl footage is divine! Tony wears that ass out in the side saddle position and straight down into the mattress. I’ll let you see how this torrid update ends on TGirls.XXX!

Two TGirls – Chelsea Marie & Khloe Kay in Bareback Bed and Breakfast

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This week on, Khloe Kay has found the perfect room for rent. It’s quiet, great location, and the the reviews said the host was extra hospitable. How hospitable you might ask? Let’s just say host Chelsea Marie goes the extra mile to make sure all her guests have a pleasurable time! It’s so nice of Chelsea who runs the bed and breakfast too check in on her guests. She pays Khloe sweet compliments, gets some back in return, and they’re making out soon afterwards. Both ladies look stunning in slinky long dresses and tall sandals kissing passionately! 

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Hot and horny Khloe is all over Chelsea’s big tits at the beginning of the “Bareback Bed and Breakfast” update. But she doesn’t linger up there long before leaning downward to get the veteran porn star’s big dick inside her mouth. It looks like the dream blowjob, too! Chelsea returns the favor in a 69 with Khloe on top by giving her guest a rim job peppered with some ass spanking.

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Khloe is down to just her heels as she lays back on the bed to let Chelsea suck her cock. A side-by-side 69 ensues until Chelsea can no longer resist fucking Khloe. She poises herself behind the porn ingenue and guides her big, swollen cock inside Khloe’s tight ass in the doggie style position. Then she gives Khloe a tremendous missionary position railing, side saddle banging and then she hits it from below in a tumultuous reverse cowgirl ride! Khloe opens her mouth wide for Chelsea’s big cum shot at the end of this torrid update!

Bareback Bed and Breakfast” runs 32:35 minutes. Downloads are available in 480P (SD) 535.32MB, 4K (Ultra HD) 8.14GB, 720P (HD) 1.05GB and 1080P (Full HD) 2.16GB formats!

Two TGirls – Chelsea Marie & Khloe Kay! Cheerleaders Love Multiple Cumshots

Scene Trailer Description: Please welcome brand new girl Khloe Kay! The hottest new addition to Two Tgirls! This week, Coach Chelsea Marie is reading a report she received about how new cheerleader Khloe Kay was caught sucking dick in the boy’s locker room. Before the news gets out though, Coach Chelsea Marie gives her the opportunity to keep this incident on the down low, but only for the right price!

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Poor little Khloe. If she doesn’t want the Principle to find out she was giving head in school, she’s going to have to suck Chelsea’s cock. She’s never sucked a coach’s cock before she admits between kisses, but there’s a first time for everything the teaching trans woman says. Coach Chelsea is already developing an erection by the time Khloe wraps her lips around its head.

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Coach Chelsea has a full hardon in time. It’s amazing that it can defy gravity since it’s so big. Once Coach Chelsea strips almost nude, she has the cheerleader hover above her for a 69. Well, almost. The coach is giving a rimjob and the cheerleader is sucking dick. Close enough for me. By the time this sequence of foreplay is over and on to the next with Chelsea standing on the floor and Khloe kneeling before her, I’m hit with a horny realization. Imagine you’re Chelsea with a stunning new star about to suck your stiff cock. It’s so hard it almost looks painful! And put yourself in Khloe’s shoes (even though she’s not wearing any at the moment). You’re on your knees with a huge trans superstar’s prick in your face. Where else would you rather be?!

I love the way Chelsea dominantly flips Khloe onto the sofa to give her a missionary position bareback fucking. Khloe squeezes her own erection as she gets powerfully railed! Then she takes it doggy style screaming obscenities like, “Oh, you’re cock is so big!” I’ve never seen Chelsea fuck anyone faster or harder than this! The reverse cowgirl banging is outrageous also. But it’s not over yet. Chelsea busts out her pile driver pounding moves with Khloe laying back jerking off as she gets fucked. Top that off with passionate kissing and two big cumshots and you’ve got one of the best bareback hardcore scenes of all time! Cheerleaders Love Multiple Cumshots is available in 4K (Ultra HD) 8.57GB, 480P (SD) 482.30MB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.93GB, and 720P (HD) 939.31MB download formats!

PureTS: Khloe Kay in Bubble Butt Bikini Babe Gets Railed

This is the encore performance of stunning ingenue Khoe Kay on so it’s necessary to unpack her debut for a moment, “The New Superstar Has Arrived”. That’s a bold statement from creator Christian XXX, but I’m in 100% agreement with it. I’ve publicly stated that I believe Khloe Kay is the next big thing in the trans adult industry worldwide. She is the Number 1 IT girl of today. I don’t know where she came from or what makes her tick, but I’m sure all of will learn more details as her star rises. She’s incredible to watch fully clothed, let alone naked and getting fucked!

Khloe played a new model/actress who had a casting couch experience on Pure-TS in her magnificent debut. In her encore performance, “Bubble Butt Bikini Babe Gets Railed,” Khloe is Christian’s girlfriend. She’s shown completely naked when we first see her this time, encouraging her boyfriend to go for a swim at the hotel’s pool.

Christian is busy with his cell phone when Khloe hops on the bed and sees how cloudy it is when peeping out the window. Khloe’s man could care less about going to the pool. The only thing he likes about going is looking at her ass anyway. He gets to do that in the privacy of their room. He also gets to oil it up, smack it, and fuck it with his huge cock!

The oiled beauty gives her man a deep throating and Christian moves beneath her, arranging them into a 69. Then we get a view from the rear of Khloe’s amazing ass settling down on his erection. After a tumultuous cowgirl ride, the next position is reverse cowgirl, followed by missionary and doggy style, if you can call it that. It’s more like Khloe is going to being pounded straight through the mattress!

It’s tough to say whether I like Khloe’s encore more than her debut. There’s more of her dazzling body, oiled to perfection on top of that, in her encore scene. But her cumshot in her debut is still etched in my mind from her debut scene. This is a tough one and I hope you’ll tell me your thoughts.

Pure-TS: Khole Kay – The New Superstar Has Arrived

MP4 Scene Trailer

Christian XXX says, “Sometimes you just know when a girl has IT. I met Khloe Kay and asked her if she wanted to be a model and if she has what it takes. Well, her actions definitely spoke louder than any words she could have possibly said. This petite firecracker sucks a dick with gusto and rides it with passion and energy. I think we can all agree after watching her in action that a star is definitely born.”

I agree with the creator and male star of about Khloe Kay. She’s definitely the “Next Big Thing” and if you’re a man who’s never fantasized about being in Christian’s shoes, this could be your first time. The dude behind the infamous phrase, “Christian Does Them All” has thoroughly fucked yet another stunning new trans model.

In a niche where great acting is not always necessary, Khloe plays her role like a skilled actress in the opening casting couch scenario. A moment after this video sample runs, Khloe decides to go along with Christian’s advances.

She allows him to see her cock and balls and she removes her bra while standing in her skyscraper sandals. She sits down to remove her panties and she’s totally naked except for her sandals within the first three minutes!

Then she straddles the sofa to give the big man a good look at her curvaceous ass. He captures it with his camera and fondles it also. It’s not long before Khloe is sucking the first few inches of Christian’s massive member.

She gives him head while on her knees until he picks her up like she weighs nothing for a standing 69 while she’s upside down! He lowers her onto her back next on the couch to give her a rimjob. She’s also in the perfect position to take his huge cock inside her tight ass. Her lovely legs are up and her cock is stiffening as Christian fucks her out of her shoes.

There are multiple position changes and you might not love the same ones I do the most. But I’m most impressed by Khloe riding Christian’s monster cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Her sweet dick is bouncing up and down wildly when she’s not jerking off. Khloe is jerking off and getting railed side saddle when Christian gives her a big creampie at the end of this astounding update!