Ladyboy-Ladyboy: Hung And Hot Noni!

Watch Noni’s Scene Trailer Biography: Noni also known as Nunny and Nony, is fantastic little ladyboy from Bangkok. She is 21 y/o, beautiful face, long natural hair, all natural body with a flawless skin, tiny ass with welcoming asshole and a thick uncut cock.

Noni’s first shoot for this site was a trans lesbian hardcore production with a hot thang named Nina, produced by Frank. Terry filmed her next shoot, ” Noni, A Stunning Lady In Fishnets!” Noni was also featured on Ladyboy.XXX and

“Hung And Hot Noni!” begins with the gorgeous model standing on the bed barefoot looking wholesome and innocent. Within under a minute, she’s looking naughty and horny, grabbing her cock through her tartan plaid mini skirt. After about a minute and a half, Noni exposes the bulbous and shiny head of her cock and the thick shaft. She’s not saying a word, but exposing more and more by the minute. We see that her tight tummy is pierced and Terry gives us amazing views of her gorgeous legs.

It doesn’t take long before Noni’s cock is fully erect. She strokes it slowly yet firmly and it has a downward curve to it. Her entire pubic regioun is meticulously clean-shaven and she has an adorably fuckable ass. My favorite sounds in this virtually silent video come when Noni strokes her lubricated cock about 11:30 minutes into the shoot. She begins flicking one of her pretty nipples while approaching climax. Then she announces her orgasm and thick jets of creamy white cum fly into the air above her to land in big puddles on her bronze skin.

I love that she doesn’t just disappear after she shoots her load. Noni removes her blouse and continues squeezing out her cum until she’s thoroughly spent (yet still hard) in this gem.

Sweet, Sexy And Naughty Candara!

At the tender age of 19, I don’t know if Candara from Angeles City in the Philippines would be considered “passable” in your eyes just yet. Jud provides a brief yet very informative interview with the brand new model and here’s the deal:

Candara’s voice is high-pitched and sexy. Her command of the English language is great. She also has wonderful bone structure and that will help in the future since she takes modeling seriously. I have a feeling she’d like to get into mainstream modeling too someday. But she’s currently studying at agricultural college and hopes eventually to have a career in agricultural development. So we’ll see how things turn out for her.

I think Candara’s hair is a bit too boyish perhaps and that’s not so hard of a fix. Hormones will kick in and Candara will eventually lose the pixie smiles and replace them with the more seductive looks she reveals once comfortable with the camera. She’s known she was trans since the age of 9 and openly confesses that it’s better in other cultures to be trans.

There’s a misconception that life is easier in the Philippines because there are so many trans people. It’s a very Catholic straight-laced culture however and I’m convinced that Candara would like nothing more than to get the hell out of there. As far as posing goes, and I didn’t see any walking, I think Candara is making an okay start. Am I being too hard on her? I think that not talking about her at all would be too harsh.

I’d like to see how she progresses and someday rave about her performances on I’m not sure what stage of HRT she’s at but Candara produces a big, powerful cum shot at the end of her fap session! I think she has the cutest little cock, especially when it transforms into a hard shooting spike and her legs are to die for.

I hope that Jud brings Candara back for an encore. In some ways I’m getting more of a hot gay twink vibe but I’d bet anything that this will totally change. I’m also sensing either vers or 100% bottom in spite of her erections and goodness knows I love that!

Technically her location is in Manila, Philippines and her phone number is available on

Ladyboy Ladyboy Love





Love is the name of this busty Ladyboy-Ladyboy babe with a 15:22 minute video. She strips quietly and when she starts playing with herself, she can’t seem to stop staring at her own stiff cock. You probably won’t be able to stop either whether she’s facing you or showing off her curvy bottom. Love has a slow method of stroking her shaft throughout most of her scene. Even when she sits back to concentrate on her climax, it doesn’t take a lot of fierce pumping for Love to blast a load of white spunk through her cleavage. The highest drops land just below her neck. I had a feeling we’d hear at least a soft, sexy moan at some point and that’s when it comes. I first saw Love of Pattaya, Thailand about 6 years ago on another site. But her work is on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.

Enjoy on Ladyboy-Ladyboy

I’m a couple of weeks late with this one, but better late than never. In the April 17, 2015 Ladyboy-Ladyboy update, Charade Bar dancer Enjoy tells the photographer she’s 22 years old as she lies on her back naked, setting her tablet down. She’s obviously been watching porn as her cock is standing up fully erect above a low-slung set of balls. Her nipples look like pencil erasers as she tweaks them. This is Enjoy’s first appearance on this long-running site and her sexy flight attendant lingerie outfit is more prevalent in the amazing photo set than in the video. But that’s kind of a bonus because it’s more fun watching her naked and jerking off. Her ass show is phenomenal and so is seeing Enjoy putting on her stay-up stockings nylons. The surface of Enjoy’s cockhead looks as smooth as glass when she starts beating off again. When Enjoy stood up to attach her garters to her stocking, I realized she’s one of the most striking of all the 1,900+ models on the original premier adult Kathoey website. Take a look at the video previews on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.


Ladyboy Ladyboy Update

This Ladyboy Ladyboy update is long overdue! Here are some recent sample galleries. Click on each photo to see more.










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