TwoTgirls Review: Lizbeth Kyo & Bailey Love in Horny Strippers FUCK HARD Description: Don’t miss our latest video featuring new porn girl Lizbeth Kyo and porn star veteran Bailey Love! The girls just home from a night of stripping and lap dances. After all that rubbing and grinding they’re horny as FUCK! Bailey Love wants some cock and Lizbeth Kyo is just the girl to give it to her! She doesn’t get off easy though! Watch Lizbeth Kyo fuck Bailey Love HARD in many different positions all over the bed. Don’t miss the hot massive gooey cumshot all over Bailey’s face at the end!

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Caramel’s Review: This update is especially great for lover’s of plot driven porn since it picks up where Bailey and Lizbeth left off with this site’s previous scene, “Paying Rent The Hard Way“. It’s not a sequel, however. These gorgeous performers are new characters, strippers who have never explored each other’s bodies before. Gone is the casual wear of the last scene’s introductory sequence to be replaced by authentic looking stripper outfits -lingerie and tall sandals and boots. They lose their tops and footwear first and then help each other out of their panties. Bailey’s cock is stiff from the get go and Lizbeth’s is coax into the same state by Bailey’s warm, sucking mouth.

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Lizbeth lubes up her big boner and she’s got her big dick buried within Bailey’s tight ass within 9 minutes of this 32:34 minute video! Bailey is one of the principle tops on so it’s a nice change to see someone else as the less passive partner. But true Bailey Love fans, like myself, have seen that Bailey can top incredibly well. Lizbeth’s highly skilled coital technique has Bailey’s stiff organ oozing streams of pre-cum and she’s wailing loudly. A side saddle pounding is followed by a doggy style railing where Lizbeth really digs in. Then we see Bailey’s huge hormone boobs and big boner and balls bobbing and swinging during the reverse cowgirl ride.

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Both bareback fucking hot models are completely naked just after the midway point of this update. Sometimes it’s easy for me to decide what updates are better between two performers on the same site. I’ve compared both of Lizbeth and Bailey’s scenes back to back and I honestly can’t decide which one is better. They’re both extraordinary! Download this new update in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 4.80GB, 720P (HD) 743.27MB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.52GB, or 480P (SD) 397.21MB formats!

TwoTgirls Review: Paying The Rent The Hard Way

A hot new girl and a returning star! It doesn’t get any better and this! Today we have a SPECIAL new video for you guys! Bailey Love is an actress, but unfortunately she hasn’t had much work lately. When she skips out on paying rent on time for the third month in a row though, landlady Lizbeth Kyo turns up the heat! Unable to pay and well past her deadline, Bailey Love offers one of her primary assets as payment, her ass!! Watch as new girl ts Lizbeth Kyo pounds Bailey Love’s tight ass after taking her 10″ cock deep down her throat! Don’t miss the HUGE gooey cumshot at the end all over Bailey’s face and in her mouth! Bailey Loves to play with cum and she loves showing it off even more!

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Review: I’ve raved so much about the legendary performances of Bailey Love, who gave me an amazing interview way back when, I’ll seem obviously biased if I do it again today. Besides, there’s someone new to rave about with this update. Lizbeth Kyo took me by surprise in more ways than one. This beauty is from Tampa, Florida, not too far south from where I live in north central Florida. How did I not know about her? Well, I do now and that’s all that really matters.

It’s pretty wild when you realize how fast your mind develops first impressions. In the split second between knowing the names of the stars in this episode, I asked myself how this super petty newbie would make out bottoming for gorgeous Bailey. Then I saw the preview photos and quickly realized I had the wrong idea altogether.

The Two Tgirls creator and director, Mayumi Sparkles, rolls out this update with its trademark humor at the beginning to warm us up for the hardcore trans lesbian porn. And they’re off quickly! Bailey and Lizbeth are already kissing within a minute and a half of the video. For someone like me who knows what a powerhouse Bailey is at fucking, I’m amazed at Lizbeth’s sexual prowess. She’s intimate with Bailey, taking the time to stroke her big erection and pausing to kiss her passionately. She seems to instinctively know just when Bailey is ready to have Lizbeth’s large cock driving in and out of her tight ass like a jack hammer all over again. I seriously hope to see and encore performance with these two amazing young ladies. Download this bareback hardcore update in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 4.73GB, 720P (HD) 652.56MB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.35GB, or 480P (SD) 340.30MB formats!

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