TheEnglishMansion: Her Little Cutie (Complete)

Featuring Governess Elizabeth, Natalie Goth TV & Tiffany Real Doll

Description: Governess Elizabeth is playing with her cute sissy whore, Natalie, who is dressed in pretty pink and looks so cute. She is spanked and scolded before being rewarded with a big lollipop, followed by the big cock of Maid Tiffany, which she sucks with enthusiasm. She is then given her bottle to feed on which is then poured down her panties, where she is left in the big wet puddle.

“Her Little Cutie” on takes a bit of time heating up for me. But after some humiliation and spanking from gorgeous Governess Elizabeth, we finally get to see Natalie’s bare ass just before the third minute. Her balls, too and the spanking that follows ought to cause the engorgement of your cock. With her wrists restrained by a spreader bar, Natalie’s torment is deliciously employed with lots of ordinary household and fetish devices. About 3 or 4 minutes later, Natalie id shown in profile with her swelling sissy dick hanging before her thighs. This is another sign of misbehavior and the sub is going to have to get over the knee of her Domme for yet another hard spanking! After care is administered next and this shows that the stern Governess has a heart after all. Natalie is given a lollipop and her licking abilities cause the Domme to consider the idea of Natalie sucking a live, throbbing cock.

That’s when it’s time for the Governess to call in Maid Tiffany Real Doll! You know, the beautiful blonde submissive with the huge cock. After being forced to her knees before Tiffany, Natalie squeezes Tiffany’s member through her apron and skirt. Then she exposes it. She gets to pump it in her hand and is told to lick the shaft and head and not to miss the balls! Since Natalie is in deep throating training, the Governess guides her head while she’s sucking. Tiffany Real Doll’s long, thick prick is now throbbing and fully swollen. This doesn’t end here, though. Find out how it all plays out on!

DirtyTransDolls: TransDoll Cockbox Shoejob

Description: Princess Nikki loves playing with feminized dolls and she is keeping Natalie’s clitty fixed in her cockbox. Teasing it with her high heels and getting it harder and oozing pre-cum. But the doll needs to be a good slut and wait for Nikki’s cum countdown! It will be very hard not to cum prematurely as Nikki is an expert at giving sexy shoejobs! The killer part about this 7:08 min update is that it’s just Part 1. It leaves me hanging for a sissy cum shot, but this is just the perfect way for a website to treat submissives. Make them horny and leave them waiting for sexual satisfaction. It always works for me! It’s kind of funny to see Natalie Goth TV’s big dick described as a clitty, but I love the humiliation of it all. The hung, masked transvestite is bound on the floor on her back with her swollen cock protruding from a hole in the table. Beautiful Princess Nikki wears a matching bra and panty set with tall platform heels as she towers above her sex slave. Natalie’s imprisoned erection is in clear view as the Domme makes her sub lick and suck her sexy shoes. Princess Nikki’s high arched feet are bare within her platforms and perfectly pedicured red. Natalie’s uncut hardon is literally throbbing through the hole in the table. Being forced to suck each talon-like heel must remind Natalie of sucking cock. I can’t help but notice beads of pre-cum forming on the table. More drops of sex cream pour from the sissy’s big sex organ when the Princess begins with the real torture. She crushes her sissy’s erection with her high-heeled feet! But she’s charitable enough to masturbate her too. If she makes Natalie cum in the next update, I’ll be there on to see that creamy white sissy jizz spurting!