TGirls.Porn: River Enza & Shiri

In her interview about this TGirls.Porn shoot, River Enza apologizes to producer Radius Dark for getting totally into sex with Shiri right away. I can’t blame either model for getting turned on so fast. River joins Shiri in the bedroom just before she sits on the bed. River sinks to her knees, rubbing the bulge in her panties and then leaning upward for a kiss. She licks Shiri’s rapidly swelling cock head and shaft, then takes the first few inches inside her mouth. Shiri gasps and moans out her pleasure as River tea bags her smoothly shaven ball sack and proceed to give her a deep blowjob.

River pauses to lower her dress, exposing her lovely breasts. Shiri runs circles around her puffy nipples with her tongue and her cock is raging hard at this point. River resumes sucking Shiri’s rod and when River hops on the bed, she gets some help getting her tall platforms off. Her oral is then filmed in POV footage that almost looks like Shiri is holding the camera as she gets sucked off.

There’s a rimjob followed by more passionate kissing and frottage until Shiri gives River a blowjob while glancing at us occasionally. River’s legs are spread widely and raised high in the air as if she’s ready to receive a missionary position railing. After squeezing and sliding both hardons together, River doesn’t have to change positions to get fucked. Shiri eases her bare organ inside River’s tight ass for a powerful fucking.

Shiri manages to stroke River’s turgid erection rampantly while pumping her hard schlong in and out of her. After kissing again, Shiri braces her arms around River to give her a tremendous pounding! Man this babe can fuck! River takes this ramming in the doggy style position next and I’m going to end this recap here to let you read what they had to say about what went down.

River: “Kissing Shiri was a dream. It got me really turned and, sorry to the producer and his vision, but I totally skipped the long drawn out foreplay and pulled her panties down as it was just natural for me. I’m totally submissive, so I waited for her to give me permission to kiss it, and I quickly filled my mouth with her cock. Her cock and balls tasted amazing, but she really made me squirm when she gave me her beautiful head. In between my legs, her head bobbing up and down. I could barely contain myself. I hit the camera a few times if I recall correctly. She teased me with that perfect, pink cock as we played with each other for a bit and then she slid it in. That moment was so golden. I winced a little bit as her head went in, because I’m so tight. She fucked me in all kinds of positions, but I loved it when she told me “that ass looks amazing” before putting it in my tight asshole for the last time. Sticking my tongue out and licking all that cum up in my mouth was pure pleasure.”

Shiri: “When I found out River was in town and looking for a partner to fuck her on camera, I signed up right away. She is a super tall girl and we had a little fun with that in the intro pictures. I made her get right to giving me head and I got hard right away. It felt good to have a tall, submissive girl ravishing my body. It didn’t take long before she was both sucking my titties and running her long, sexy fingers up and down my cock, before diving back in “head” first on my cock. The girl knows what she’s doing. Once we were both rock hard, I really started feeling it. We rubbed our cocks together and then I put it in her. She was nice and tight. Her ass felt amazing, tightening around my cock. She’s tall, but light, so it was easy to have her bouncing up and down on my dick. Watching her cock banging on my stomach was so erotic. After fucking that amazing ass, I made her lick up all my delicious cum. When she came, I did the same for her. Yummy.”

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Femout.XXX – Welcome River Enza


Usually when a trans model makes their major studio debut, and I know at least a few things about them before that happens, I usually don’t know much or anything about their partners. In this case, I may have known about gorgeous River Enza’s stunning cis (genetically born) female partner before learning about River. Since I follow BDSM porn as much as I get into trans porn, I knew that before this Femout.XXX debut, there was no way that River was going to be interviewed without mentioning Goddess Kyaa. If not, she’d have hell to pay after the shoot with Radius Dark.


I love how Radius gets models to open up in preliminary interviews before, during or after all the naughty things happen. With River’s background fresh in my mind and this style of filming, this is much more than just a strip and stroke set. As erotic as it is on a purely visual level, it’s also brain food. I’m no BDSM expert, but rather a lifestyler who’s been into the scene for well over a decade. I continuously learn a lot from different types of relationship dynamics to consider in my own real life situations. I’m really happy for River and Enza for making this Femout.XXX major studio debut and congratulate her on her recent marriage to Goddess Kyaa.


She reveals this Domination/submission event looking radiant while sitting in bed and gives us her physical stats. River tells us about her hobbies and lifestyle. Shibari is the Japanese art of rope work if you’re not into the scene and River talks about how she indulges in it with her Master. Yes, it’s a Master/slave relationship.


The last time I was in a D/s relationship with a cis woman, it lasted for five years, but we were both tops, so I think it may have been destined for failure from the beginning. I envy this relationship dynamic and find it rare and special. If you’d like to see how this couple gets down in a variety of deliciously naughty ways, check out Kyaa’s Empire on Clips4Sale. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen River on webcam, but she’s at in case she fires it up again live there. Registration is free, but please tip generously.


River has a beautiful voice and I find myself wondering if she can sing while she describes a sexual experience. It was a threesome and both of her partners were extremely dominant with her. I’m particularly interested and aroused by River’s recollection of what the Dominant male partner made her do since I’m already quite familiar with the way Goddess Kyaa puts her through the paces.


River begins playing with her cock while speaking and it grows stiff as she relives the threesome. Sub space details like how she has things done that she likes and doesn’t like at the same time is a thrill I know other kinksters will get a big kick out of. In closing, what you’ll see here is the result of a consummate web cam broadcaster who’s mastered the art of sexy dialogue to enhance her stripping and hard cock stroking. It’s a lot more than just another hot looking scene to cum to.


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