Femout.XXX Review: Rose Martinez Shoots A Load

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Sexy Rose Martinez returns with her second Femout.XXX solo! Discovered by Jack Flash, this pretty Tampa girl has a hot body, long legs and a perfect ass! Watch her stripping, posing and stroking her cock until she cums just for you!

Review: Introducing Rose Martinez is where you’ll find my first raves and more details about this smoking hot, petite Tampa, Florida native. To tell you a little about what leads up to Rose jerking off until her huge cock shoots its load, she enters the room re-introducing herself. Rose is wearing a white dress and her thighs part when she sits down.

Rose isn’t wearing panties so we get a flash of her flaccid member. As she continues talking, she unfastens the straps of her sandals. Rose kicks off her wedges and then pulls the straps of her dress down.

I love the way her tan lines enhance her small breasts. I also love that Rose strips completely nude and begins jerking off within the first two minutes of this Femout.XXX update!

Once her big dick is hard, Rose raises one leg and delivers some bare foot fetish content. She then reaches under her large erection and big balls to play with her ass. Just when you think she couldn’t look more ready to get fucked, Rose stands up and presents her sexy little ass. She jerks off from behind and finger bangs her bottom before resuming her seat. Then her fap session continues. Rose enjoys tweaking one of her tiny nipples while jacking off.

Then she does it standing, pumping her massive meat with Mr. Flash getting an aerial view. But Rose is seated again when she pumps the cum out of her big, lovely cock!

Femout.XXX Review: Introducing Rose Martinez

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Let us introduce on sexy Femout.XXX Newbie to you today! Just discovered by Jack Flash, Rose Martinez is a cute young model from Tampa and this is her first scene ever. She has a pretty face, long legs and a big cock. This being her first shoot she was somewhat shy, but eager to show you what she got!

I’d guess that Rose stands at about 5’9″ and weighs about 130 lbs. This petite minx has bright blue eyes, a sweet smile and sexy, high-pitched voice. I think of her as absolutely doll-like, especially with her cute hairdo with baby-fine edges.

I see why her profile says she was a bit shy for her debut shoot. But there’s clearly a fierce sexuality beneath the surface anxious to get out once Rose relaxes. I often say that I don’t have a type, but perhaps that’s incorrect. There’s a fragile beauty to Rose that makes my she-cock swell immediately! Maybe it’s that Florida girl thing. Or maybe it’s her slim form and sweet smile.

I don’t know what I’d want to do more with a cutie pie like Rose – to suck her big dick or to fuck her silly. I’m sure she could turn the tables on anyone she’s attracted to, so that thought is a wondrous one. Rose says she gives a mean foot job. But one of the things she loves most is getting her big dick sucked. At about the time she removes her tall sandals and becomes completely naked, Rose develops a big, juicy erection. She says she’s a grower and she’s 100% correct. She can top or bottom.

Rose is a dancer in Tampa at a nightclub I’m anxious to visit when I’m downstate. I haven’t seen a trans strip show in years. I wonder how much they can get away with in a place like that. Or, for that matter, what I can get away with!But back to pretty Rose, she can’t decide if she likes getting pounded from the front or doggy style. I’d absolutely be honored to help her come to a final decision on that. Check her out on Femout.XXX and you might feel the same way I do. I’m at the end of her video and damn, this little girl is hung!