Kelli Lox on Interracial TGirl Sex

Kelli Lox is originally from Idaho, and she’s been living in California for about eight years. She traveled a lot when she was a kid, mostly to Europe, and speaks Spanish and German fluently. Kelli also has a full-time office job, so her porn career sometimes goes on the back burner because of her job that pays most of her bills. She’s also quite active and plays soccer on Sundays with a group of friends, gardens, cooks, enjoys dancing, exercising and admiring art. In her spare time, Kelli also makes music, draws comics and obviously works out. She also reads a lot, but she doesn’t watch TV. Perhaps that’s how she found the time to make another magnificent performance on Interracial TGirl Sex! Here are samples of the 170 images in the photo set. The gallery is named “Playing Around,” but in the video, foxy Lox means business. She’s horny as hell and has to get her big cock hard and get off before her friends arrive. See if she can get off before the doorbell rings. Interracial TGirl Sex which was conceived by the transsexual icon hostess Wendy Williams is part of the SMC Network of websites.




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