Lianna Lawson Gets A Happy Ending

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Lianna Lawson gets a nice happy ending by Summer Hart in this one! Watch Summer give milky white Lianna a super sensual deep tissue, and I mean DEEP and finish her off with a swift handy until Lianna blasts all over the place!

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Review: 32DD-27-39 ginger Summer Hart is a masseuse visited by business woman Lianna Lawson who needs the tightness in her muscles relieved. Aside from Summer being sexy as hell, there’s nothing unprofessional about the way she helps Lianna shed some of her work clothing to prepare for her massage. She even leaves the room while Lianna gets completely naked.

Lianna has properly arranges a towel atop her rear end for Summer’s return. For some reason, Summer removes her dress, leaving her in just a bra and panties, but she keeps the massage on the up and up, for awhile at least. But Summer eventually removes her brassiere for a Nuru massage, you know, the kind where the masseuse uses their naked body instead of just their hands. Summer removes her panties and Lianna’s towel also for an oily, slippery ride up and down Lianna’s back. She’s careful to replace the towel across Lianna’s middle as she get her to flip over on her back. Lianna gets an oily breast massage next, and in just over twelve minutes from the start, Summer straddles the massage table and reaches beneath the towel. What she comes up wit his a nice big cock to jack off until it let’s loose a torrent of warm cum! Lianna is invited to come back be looking for new updates on and frequently.

Mandy Mitchell – 5 Girl TS/Lesbian Superstar Orgy

There’s a lot of horny information to unpack here. I looked up what Mandy Mitchell had to say about her 5 Girl TS/Lesbian Superstar Orgy first because she sums it up best. “I just don’t know if there is any shoot I have ever enjoyed myself more then this one. Natalie Mars, Kimberly Kane, Summer Hart, and wifey Bianca Stone all jump on my bed and have sex with me in every way imaginable. This was my heaven.” With a description like that I just had to explore further and here’s what I found. Mandy and Kimberly are laying in bed naked together after sex. Mandy just had two orgasms and Kimberly has been fucking all day. After an invitation from Kimberly, Natalie, Summer and Bianca arrive in the bedroom ready to play. As the remove their dresses, Kimberly explains that Mandy has been over-fucking her and needs a little rejuvenation. Redhead Summer and Kimberly kiss as Bianca and Natalie tend to Mandy’s situation. But then, there are no particular teams pairing up and one girl moves to another fluidly. It seems like Summers’ heart-shaped ass is the center of attention one moment and then Natalie’s curvy bottom becomes the focus. Everyone is either completely nude or in stay-up stocking, but Bianca is sporting special equipment – a hug strap on dildo. Since she’s poised behind Natalie while lubricating the phallus, I know exactly where the head is going. Kimberly helps Natalie ride Bianca’s big toy and Summer helps Kimberly spank her butt. When Bianca allows Kimberly to take over with a deep and rapid finger banging, and tea bagging of her smoothly shaven balls, Natalie begins sucking Mandy’s cock that’s come back to life. Natalie receives a gang bang fingering from her four partners and Mandy prepares to mount Bianca. Her wife is still wearing her harness and dildo when Mandy sinks her bare erection deep inside her pussy. But there’s something missing. No one is riding the strap on dildo so Natalie decides to do the honors while Mandy continues fucking Bianca! Summer doesn’t want to be left out so she rides Bianca’s face with her pussy and Kimberly jumps back into the action spanking and kneading Summer’s bottom. I’ve only described just over half of this torrid orgy available on,, and!