Caramel’s YouTube Interview with Skylar Adams:

YouTube Interview

When my UK friend Scott told me he nailed a text interview with the Seattle-based alternative trans feminine model and performer, Skylar Adams, I couldn’t wait to post it on here (in October 2018). He had no idea that I was a huge fan girl of the 2019 TEA nominee, so that was a great surprise.

I requested a video interview with the hostess of  (from across the country in Florida) hoping she’d send me something. She did and here it is! It doesn’t hurt when the model/performer you’re working with is also a producer who regularly creates her own content. I’m now proud to present the video follow-up to the TS Dreamland website to TS Dreamland on YouTube!

Bailey Love – Cum with a Dildo

Gorgeous Bailey love sits on the bed with her legs open wide when this Bobs Tgirls scene begins. She’s wearing a lacy brassiere and there’s a big bulge in her panties. She wordless exposes her bloated ball sack and stiff cock, curls her fingers around the shaft and begins stroking it. The first sound she makes is a deep moan.

As Bob’s camera zooms out, we see that her legs are bare and on her feet are a pair of clear lucite platform sandals. “I’m fucking horny today!” she exclaims while staring at the big boner she’s jerking off. The bulbous head is pointing straight up toward the ceiling when she releases her hardon to squeeze her big, all-natural tits. After lowering her bra around her waist, Bailey continues with her fap session.

She rubs a favored sensitive nipple where jacking her raging hardon and there was never any need to completely remove her bra and label panties, at least not yet. Everything she’s got is framed perfectly by the sexy garments.

“I’m leaking,” she purrs sweetly and Bob’s camera zooms in on her pre-cum oozing cock head. Next, Bailey removes her skyscraper platforms and wiggles her toes and flexes her arches. She continues masturbating while kneeling, then turns around to present her magnificent bottom.

Soon she’s completely naked and her firm ass reminds us why we sometimes call buttocks moons. Her butt is so perfectly rounded! Bailey penetrated her bottom digitally and really gets into fucking herself. But those fingers just aren’t doing the job and she needs something bigger inside her needy derriere.

Her fingers are replaced by a huge blue sex toy. She moans deeply and more frequently now, ramming the vibe in and out of herself and stroking her turgid cock. After a dazzling display of rear views from head to toe, she’s filmed banging herself while laying on her back.

The only time she slows the pace of her toy fucking down is when her climax hits and streams of cum blast out of her swollen cock! She tastes some of her own nectar before squeezing every last drop out of her erection.

For more information on this incredible model, check out my exclusive TS Dreamland Interview with Bailey Love.

Beautiful Mia B!

“Beautiful Mia B Shakes Her Sexy Booty!” is actually the full title of her long awaited return. The absolutely ravishing Mia B of Texas made her debut in March of 2016 in an explosive hardcore set with TEA nominee Soldier Boi who was interviewed by PornOCD exclusively for As it turns out, her first solo set went up after her hardcore scene getting railed. Mia also earned the fully deserved title of Model of the Month award for April of 2016. While watching Mia in her latest photo and video shoot presented by Omar Wax, I remembered what she looked like back in April. She’s just as stunning, yet a bit more voluptuous and busty. I’m not sure if it’s just me but the fullness of her thighs makes me think she’s been hitting the gym hard. Mia moves through her striptease elegantly and quietly and a thought crosses my mind. This chick is so mysterious! If she has a social media presence, I’m not aware of it. And I’ve heard her sweet voice before, but she doesn’t say a thing while removing all of her clothing, hefting her large breasts and stroking her big cock. Mia’s new scene hits the fever pitch when she’s beating off about three quarters in. Omar captures magnificent angles of her body and doesn’t forget to focus on her pretty doe eyes and cute button nose. Mia B is the type of model whose quiet delivery and ravishing beauty makes fans keep coming back for more and wanting to know more about her.

You can Watch Mia B's Free Trailer on

You can Watch Mia B’s Free Trailer on

TS Dreamland Interview with Natassia Dreams


I’ve recently teamed up with a UK-based Adult DVD Talk reviewer who has interviewed several adult entertainment stars. We’ve been adding his interviews to TS Dreamland and one of them is with one of the most downloaded trans women on the Net, Natassia Dreams. I’m a big fan and I must admit that when my friend nailed an interview with Natassia, I was more than a little bit envious. What made up for it was learning more about what makes this trans adult entertainment star tick. I would love for you to check out his TS Dreamland Interview with Natassia Dreams.