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If you’re not yet familiar with my TS Dreamland Channel YouTube Interview with Skylar Adams published at Christmastime, I have a naughty little 10 minute trailer of one of the videos on her official website. I’ve done a complete write-up on her entire website after subscribing. I’ve seen Skylar transform from a virtually unknown webcam hostess, to a major studio model, to producer and porn star in a short amount of time. I hope you’ll read and enjoy my full TS Dreamland Review of

Caramel’s YouTube Interview with Skylar Adams:

YouTube Interview

When my UK friend Scott told me he nailed a text interview with the Seattle-based alternative trans feminine model and performer, Skylar Adams, I couldn’t wait to post it on here (in October 2018). He had no idea that I was a huge fan girl of the 2019 TEA nominee, so that was a great surprise.

I requested a video interview with the hostess of  (from across the country in Florida) hoping she’d send me something. She did and here it is! It doesn’t hurt when the model/performer you’re working with is also a producer who regularly creates her own content. I’m now proud to present the video follow-up to the TS Dreamland website to TS Dreamland on YouTube!