TransAngels Review: Meet My Folks: Part 2

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Kayleigh Coxx’s visit to meet her boyfriend’s family is turning out nothing like she expected. She’s already been fucked by her boyfriend’s dad, and she’s noticed the looks that her boyfriend’s brother keeps giving her. The tall blonde temptress decides to take a shower to set her mind at ease, but she’s in for a surprise when her boyfriend’s step-mother walks in! Dee Williams won’t let her son settle for anything but the best, and she needs to make sure that Kayleigh is up to snuff. It’ll take some teaching, but with a MILF’s experienced pussy and Kayleigh’s willing cock, Dee will make sure that this new girl is good enough to join the family.

Review: On January 5, 2019, I raved about the stunning hostess of and her hunk co-star, Dale Savage in Meet My Folks: Part 1. Since veteran star Dee Williams made a cameo appearance in that scene, I’m not at all surprised that she’s co-starring with Kayleigh in the sequel. Dee is a huge supporter of trans porn and her enthusiasm about it definitely shows.

This update opens with a bonerizing view of naked, wet Kayleigh in the shower. While we get to see all of her goodies, Dale can’t quite make out everything Kayleigh is working with. The horny housewife of Dale encircles Kayleigh who’s quickly covered herself up with a towel and stepped out of the shower.

Insisting that she drop her towel with, “My house, my rules,” Dee yanks Kayleigh’s towel clean off, leaving her shocked and naked with her boobs, cock and balls jiggling. Dee is intrigued by this delightful surprise, as she calls it, and the sexy, fully dressed MILF devours Kayleigh’s breasts orally.
She also fondles Kayleigh’s penis and allows the now horny trans girl to help her get undressed. Once naked as Kayleigh, the busty fox follows her back inside the shower and helps lather up her firm body.

Returning the favor of getting her partner sudsy, Kayleigh does some pussy rubbing and boob fondling. Then Kayleigh sinks down to level her pretty face with Dee’s pretty pussy! After a delicious looking round of cunnilingus, Kayleigh gets her cock sucked to hardness.

A loud and tumultuous fucking ensues and it’s gloriously bareback! It begins at the midway point of the video and there’s a bit of voyeurism injected into this already taboo update! Not only that. The highlights of this scene are the stunning good looks of both ladies and the unleashed animalism with which Kayleigh Coxx fucks Dee Williams!