TS-CastingCouch Review: A Doll For Buddy

MP4 Scene Trailer

TS-CastingCouch.com producer Buddy Wood says, “I had been talking to The Doll online for a few weeks and finally got her in on the couch. She’s super cute! Very feminine. Extremely early in her transition at the time of audition but you can tell she will certainly blossom nicely. Huge cock! Delicious ass! Great smile. A bubbly black teen dream!”

This 20 year old cutie pie from Inglewood, California likes masculinity, particularly black guys with big dicks. One of her fantasies is to be in a threesome. Her jeans are pretty tight; tight enough to see that she has lovely curves. But they’re more obvious of course once she’s stripped down to her panties.

She rubs herself through her boy shorts and her topless figure is trim, with a firm set of budding hormone boobs. Her hardening cock springs out of her panties anxiously and wow, this girl is hung!

She strokes it confidently as if to say, “I know how badly you want this big dick. But she offers her ass submissively at the same time. Her masturbation includes ass play and when she stretches out on the leather sofa, her erection can’t seem to stop oozing pre-cum across the couch. Buddy reaches forward to give her massive hardon a few strokes. I’m sure if anyone is jealous, they’ll get over it.

There’s an extraordinary sequence with The Doll stroking her huge boner while it’s fully lubricated. I’m not a bottom but it puts even me in the mind of getting fucked by that monster cock. I’d love to suck it however, especially now that I’ve seen one of The Doll’s creamy white cum shots on TS-CastingCouch.com!

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